Half a century of hit-making tone, right in your DAW

Get ready to start using the iconic sound of analog studio gear and synth filters in your digital studio. Shaping the sound of popular music for decades, this amazing hardware is now available as 6 exciting plugins, and 2 essential bundles.

There are so many plugins available to the modern music maker. Some you’ll love, some you’ll use occasionally, and others you’ll simply forget. By combining the sound of the finest vintage gear with creative contemporary features, we have not only brought you plugins you’ll love, but plugins you’ll actually use.

Load up these plugins, and start exploring the sound-shaping power and tonal character that defined music for generations.

Fully Compatible with Native Instruments' NKS

Our award-winning software effects are now NKS-compatible, meaning producers using Native Instruments’ Kontrol keyboards will now be able to enjoy smart auto-mapping of all the key features.

How do they sound?

There are so many ways to use each of these exciting plugins, you’ll be spoiled for choice.

The preamps can do everything from recreating the classic tonal atmosphere of classic tracks from the 60s and 70s, to glorious soft-clipping analog drive. The filters are immensely powerful creative tools that not only give you full control of the frequency spectrum, but also let you create tempo-synced, modulated patterns. Able to create both the subtle and the insane, providing practical utility with creative inspiration, these plugins are destined to become your go-to choice.

Take a listen to some audio demos, each featuring a dry/wet toggle, so you can hear what our filters and preamps can do to your sounds. Some of these demos - particularly the subtle harmonic enhancement of the preamps - require high quality playback on studio monitors or headphones to experience the full benefit.


Filter SEM

Modulation of both the cutoff frequency and the noise level, creating a hi-hat track on top of some heavy cutoff modulation.
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Mangling the original source, LFO modulating the Filter Out at audio rate and a set of various modulations.
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Filter M12

Resonant filtering on a guitar riff, emulating a wah effect. The audio signal triggers an envelope controlling both the filter cutoff and rate of the modulation.
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This preset responds to the incoming audio signal and adds a satisfying "zap" to the transients.
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Filter MINI

A 6 step sequence and a very fast LFO, completely transforming this techno mix into a weird FM-like sequence.
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Classic pumping effect that really transforms these lush EDM chords. Perfect for adding a sidechained kick and starting a dance track.
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Pre 1973

The Pre 1973 characteristic tone, combined with the power of M/S processing, add strong character to this live drum track.
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The Pre 1973 presence mid bell EQ adds fine tone edge for a crunchier feel in this vocal example with less mud.
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Pre TridA

Adding mid frequency presence to this elaborate drum loop, easy! Just push the low mid frequency gain fader…
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Pre TridA is a winner for pop-rock vocals, enhancing breath and air from this female singer.
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Pre V76

The Pre V76 is used here in Mid-Side mode to slightly widen the stereo while adding nice subtle and warm presence.
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The Pre V76 creates subtle distortion and a slightly warmer tone than the original sound.
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Creating the best virtual effects was only a part of the mission. We wanted to make sure you would use them.

The first step was to choose the right iconic gear to model. Our journey for perfect vintage tone led us to London, Paris, and Copenhagen, where we discovered, analyzed, and studied some of the world’s most famous preamps and synth filters. Using our exclusive True Analog Emulation® technology and the same dedicated team that brought you our award-winning V Collection, we were not only able to perfectly recreate this classic audio equipment, but also update it with exciting new features.

These filters and preamps have made their mark on music history. Now it’s your turn.

3 Filters You’ll Actually Use

An inspiring compilation of historic synth filters, turbo-charged as software plugins, and ready to meet the demands of the modern producer.

Taken from the core of our award-winning synthesizer recreations and electrified with unprecedented mind-blowing potential, 3 Filters You’ll Actually Use opens up exciting new ways to explore your sound. Based on our coveted TAE® modeling technology, they replicate the unique sonic characteristics that allowed the original analog instruments to become the legends they are today.

Filter MINI

Dr Moog’s iconic, smooth ladder filter, accurately recreated and updated with modern features.

See more info on Filter MINI

Filter SEM

Simple, great-sounding state-variable filter with mode blending, analog soft-clipping and mod matrix.

See more info on Filter SEM

Filter M12

The master of complexity and depth, Tom Oberheim’s legendary 80s filter on steroids.

See more info on Filter M12

Main features


State-of-the-art TAE® modeling of the linear and non-linear behaviors ensures perfect emulation of the cutoff and resonance characteristics for each filter mode.

modulation sources

Complex LFOs, step sequencer, envelope follower. Each filter comes with an unparalleled set of modulation sources expanding its creative potential to an astounding level.

& performance-ready

Totally latency-free and synchronizable with a DAW master clock, the Arturia filters are totally adapted for real-time use. The MIDI learn feature also lets you conveniently map hardware controls.

3 Preamps You’ll Actually Use

A perfectly curated collection of the finest vintage preamps ever made, reborn as software plugins. Use legends of yesteryear to create classics of the future.

Stretching the limits of our award-winning analog modeling technology, TAE®, 3 Preamps You’ll Actually Use is a virtual collection of the most coveted studio preamps in the history of music. Iconic, distinctive, complementary and boosted with new exclusive features they will reveal the radiance of your tracks and infuse your records with the same color and tone as greatest hits and albums ever made.

Pre 1973

Based on the pioneering work of audio engineering visionary Rupert Neve, the Arturia Pre 1973 is the key to getting that harmonically exciting, solid-state 70s tone.

See more info on Pre 1973

Pre TridA

Music industry gold-dust, Trident® Studios’ ultra-rare preamp and musical EQ added flavor to countless best-selling hits for over half a century..

See more info on Pre TridA

Pre V76

Key to getting that “White Album” sound, these reinvented German engineered, tube-driven broadcast preamps were beloved by Abbey Road.

See more info on Pre V76

Main features


Discover the instinctive joy of perfectly recreated harmonic distortion thanks to our advanced emulation of analog soft-clipping behaviors.


Finely shape the frequency spectrum of your records to highlight the musicality and let them cut through the busiest mixes.

Gain Control

Enjoy a consistent volume for any setting of the input gain. Get rid of any round-trip between gain and volume controls while experimenting.

Mid-Side Mode

Take advantage of this advanced studio technique to widen your mixing possibilities while keeping a 100% balanced stereo panorama.

Discover what you can do with it

To answer the many questions that eager users may have about our new exciting effect, we have created comprehensive tutorials that covers every aspect of the new releases.

3 Filters Tutorial

3 Preamps Tutorial

Analog sound in your software studio

Push hard for that saturated, soft-clipping sound that cuts through any mix; get the tonal balance just right at the input stage; perform dramatic filter sweeps on the fly; add vintage analog warmth in your mastering chain; reinvent your track using tempo-synced modulation; use the in-built mid/side processing to enhance your whole mix.

Compatible with all major DAWs, now you too can enjoy the harmonic push, subtle overtones, and tone-shaping power of the most iconic studio gear ever made.

Pro Tools

Logic Pro X

FL Studio



Ableton Live

Digital Performer

Studio One