KeyLab & Ableton Live Integration

If you’re new to Live, or just want to learn more about how KeyLab can improve your Ableton workflow, check out this handy integration guide.
Make sure to update your installation of Live Lite for the simplest, most stress-free experience. Since update 9.6, Live Lite now natively supports Arturia KeyLab; automatically synchronizing Live’s parameters to KeyLab’s controls.

Using your KeyLab to control Ableton’s playback is as simple and intuitive as you’d expect, with a couple of useful surprises added in.

Download & Install Process

This first episode is about the registration of your Arturia keyboard controller and the installation of Ableton Live Lite.

Using KeyLab with Live

This second episode will teach you in a flash how to get your KeyLab up and running with Ableton Live.

Ableton Tips & Tricks

This third episode will give you several tips and tricks to improve your workflow.


Overdub on the selected clip

Stop all clips without stopping your song

Stop your track and take it back to the beginning.

Play your song, and pause it at a particular point.

Arm the selected track for recording

Set start and end points for your loop

Having hands-on, clearly labelled access to Ableton’s most basic functions will transform your workflow in no time.


Device Control

In the control section of KeyLab, you’ll also find a bank of 10 rotary knobs.

The leftmost 8 knobs will automatically map themselves to the currently selected device. This is really useful for on-the-fly tweaking of synth parameters, and making precise adjustments of effects.
Using these controls will give you the freedom to use both hands to adjust two parameters at once: a feat that’s practically impossible using just a keyboard & mouse. For an example, try controlling the ‘resonance’ and ‘cutoff’ of a synth’s filter at the same time for a really fluid, interesting sound.
You can also use buttons 1 and 2 in the “Snapshot / Switches” area of KeyLab to navigate between the different devices on your selected track.

Track Control

KeyLab also lets you set volume levels for multiple tracks at once using its robust, high quality faders.

By selecting Bank 2 beside the fader section, you’ll be able to directly control the volume levels of up to 8 channels within Live. This will allow you to organically fade specific elements of your mix.
 controls the level of your master volume.

Scene selecting

Were you wondering what those other two knobs in the control section do? Check this out…

The rightmost rotaries let you navigate through your scenes in Ableton Live.
P5 controls the left and right movement        P10 moves your focus up and down.

This handy setup lets you stay hands-on with your KeyLab to maximize your workflow.

You can also use 8, 9, and 10 to control your scenes in Live.

Hit 8 and 9 to move your scene selection up and down

and use switch 10 to launch it.

...and we didn't forget MiniLab!

The super-compact MiniLab offers deep, intuitive control of several parameters in Ableton Live, and also comes bundled with a free copy of Ableton Live Lite. Let’s quickly cover a few of the key features that MiniLab’s knobs and pads unlock…

Knobs 1-4 and 9-12 automatically map to control your devices. This keeps all of the sound-shaping power of the device within easy reach.

Knobs 5 and 6 control the level for Send A and B respectively, giving you speedy access to global reverbs, delays, or whatever you like on your send channels.

The return level for Send A and Send B are controlled using knobs 7 and 15.

It’s easy to change the panning of your selected track using knob 13, and knob 14 controls its volume.

To navigate your scenes, you can use knob 16 to scroll up & down, and knob 8 to scroll left & right. This is a fantastic workflow tool, allowing you the freedom to quickly change scenes without using your mouse, touchpad, or keyboard.

Finally, you can use the 8 touch-sensitive pads to launch your clips. Don’t forget that by holding down the Shift button, you get access to a full 16 clips rather than just 8.

Good Luck!

The whole team at Arturia wish you the best in your musical endeavors with KeyLab and Live Lite, and we look forward to hearing your creations! Tag your new music with #KeyLabLive so we can hear it, and share it with Arturia fans all over the world.