Pigments is a vibrant, intense, and modern synth that’s inspiring, hugely powerful, and great fun.

This FREE update to version 1.2, features new sounds, new abilities.

The modern producer’s secret weapon

The best creative tool for aspiring producers looking for the latest sounds, Pigments is an insanely powerful software synth that makes complex patching and modulations easy, simple, and fun.

The visual feedback helps you really understand what’s going on in your patch at a glance, and the amazing mix of razor-sharp wavetable, fat virtual analog, legendary filters, and studio quality effects make it a must-have.

What’s new in Pigments 1.2

NKS Compatible

Do you use Maschine or Komplete Kontrol? Pigments is now ready to rock with Native Instruments NKS control format.

Introducing Sound Store

Find exciting new preset sound banks from within Pigments. New themed banks are being added all the time!

Super Mode

A new unison detune voice mode lets you beef any wave up with the style of the famous “JP” supersaw.

Sequencer revamp

A new visual layout, with the added ability to set different clock divisions for each lane in the sequencer or arpeggiator.

Updated envelope

We’ve reduced the minimum value for the attack times, letting you achieve even sharper envelope modulation for super-nasty sounds.


Want to be a bit more free with your tuning? Now you can select alternative keyboard scales, as well as import your own .scl and .tun files.

Extra Combinator

We’ve added a third combinator, giving you more sound-shaping potential. We’ve also introduced a new “Map” type that lets you remap any incoming modulation source.

50 new presets

We’ve added dozens more factory preset sounds that make use of the new capabilities of the Pigments audio engine updates in version 1.2.

The little things

On top of all the big new features, we’ve made lots of small enhancements too. New Aftertouch curves, Mod source hovering displays, integrated Filter tutorials, and bug fixes to give you the best experience ever.

New soundbanks

Razor Lead and Percussive Drive are two awesome new sound banks that you can own with update 1.2. 128 massive, vibrant drums, rhythmic sequences, and slicing melodic lead patches will be yours to explore!

Sound Corner


Dark and moody arpeggio making use of the new ability to use different clock rates on each track of the sequencer.

Dotted Trance

Classic supersaw patch using our new superwave generator.


Syncopated and everchanging arpeggiated chord making use of two functions to harmonize the different oscillators in real time.

Karplus Like Seq

A soft sequence using an microtuning african scale to create a sort of ethnic percussion.

Sharp tester

An atonal percussive sequence to show the enhanced sharpness of the envelope generator.

Time To Breath

Percussive bass, using the combinate remap mode to reshape a function.

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