Go beneath the
sonic surface

A new series that shows you how to unlock the hidden talents of your favorite Arturia software titles. Discover unique & enhanced features, surpass your sonic expectations, and find inspiration in the unexpected.

Go beneath the
sonic surface

A new series that shows you how to unlock the hidden talents of your favorite Arturia software titles. Discover unique & enhanced features, surpass your sonic expectations, and find inspiration in the unexpected.

Secret sonic weapons

Sometimes when you’re looking for that creative spark, or the elusive final polish for your mix, you need to go the extra mile.

There’s more than meets the eye with these enhanced tools of musical creation; with each 1-minute episode, we’ll go beneath the surface to find hidden sounds and inspiration in the unexpected.

Uncover your true sound.

Haunting lofi pad
with SQ80 V

A pulsating slow-burn pad that breathes and shivers across the stereo field, grainy and raw at the edges thanks to SQ80 V’s lo-fi character.

Industrial bass
with SQ80 V

For bass with a mechanical growl, nothing beats SQ80 V’s stacked digital architecture. Combine slap and noise waveforms for instant industrial punch.

Mix Bus EQ Control
with EQ SITRAL-295

With its broad musical curves, EQ SITRAL-295 adds analog color to any mix bus - use its flexibile Mid/Side mode to carefully tweak every frequency of your track across the stereo spread.

Kick & Bass Side-Chain
with Comp DIODE-609

Comp DIODE-609 makes sound shine in many ways, and one of its best-kept secrets is the external side-chain function. Dive into this quick guide on how to make room for your kick drum when working with a deep bass sound.

Parallel Processing
with Bus Force

Bus FORCE combines an array of mixing and mastering modules capable of shaping and transforming your sound in every direction. Check out this unique parallel processing effect and learn how it can elevate your mix.

Pitch Shift Delay Melody
with Pigments 3

More than just an ambient effect, Pigments' Pitch Shift Delay lets use pitch adjustments and timed repeats to weave whole new melodies - here's how.

Additive Strings
with Pigments 3

Fancy building a rich ultra-wide string sound from absolute scratch? Check out this slick technique using Pigments' dazzling Harmonic Engine and FX.

Multiband Compressor Bass
with Pigments 3

Pigments' Multiband Compressor can simply enhance any sound. Check out the supercharged effect it has on this driving bassline - lows, mids, and highs..

Brian Eno Ambient Origins
with DX7

Master the softer side of FM synthesis with Eno-style ambience, courtesy of careful tweaking of DX7 V's operators and FX.

PC Music Bass
with Jup-8 V

Pop to the max - PC music is the new phenomenon, from chart-toppers to the underground. Capture this infectious sound in full hyper-color with Jup-8 V.

Mid-Side Drums EQ
with Pre 1973

Want that crisp studio drum sound without unwanted harshness? Use this selective preamping trick with Pre 1973 to sharpen your kick, snare, hats, and cymbals like the pros.

King Crimson Harmony
with Mellotron V

Take your sound on a prog journey into the court of the Crimson King himself, with the symphonic tape strings of Mellotron V.

Bladerunner Thrill
with Prophet V

Futuristic soundscapes await with the rich polyphonic textures of Prophet V, perfect for adding retro sci-fi darkness to your mix.

Michael Jackson Bass
with Mini V

The 3-oscillator bass that's miniature in size, massive in sound, and inspired by some of the greatest pop production of all time. Can't beat it.

Mid-Side Bus Detection
with Comp TUBE-STA

Selective compression of the middle of your stereo field gives you a pumping mix without losing stereo richness - check out this Comp TUBE-STA trick.

Vocoded Trap Vocals
with Vocoder V

Turn any rap vocal into a topline melody with Vocoder V, for modern trap & hip-hop sounds with an analog edge.

Sky-high trance euphoria
with OB-Xa V

The unforgettable trance lead sound in all its high-definition enhanced analog glory. OB-Xa V is the perfect tool for the ultimate rave anthem.

Soulful Tins
with Stage-73 V

Kick back with '90s neo soul vibes a-la D'Angelo and Erykah Badu with this neat Rhodes sound - Stage-73 V has got you covered.

Cyberpunk digital acid
with Pigments

When you want your bass to make a statement, let Pigments lead the way. Get the perfect dark, apocalyptic, acidic sound in just a few steps.

XL pop chords
with Jun-6 V

Use Jun-6 V to craft chart-topping chord sequences, blending disco, pop, and house for an anthemtic dancefloor sound.

Mechanical drum resonance
with Delay TAPE-201

Take a drum loop and transform it into a rolling metallic juggernaut of groove with Delay TAPE-201, for perfect retro-industrial percussion.

Bouncing dub spring
with Rev SPRING-636

This classic Reggae sound wouldn't be the same without spring reverb. Turn any melodic or percussive sample into a bouncing dub soundbite with Spring Reverb 636.

Jet engine drum break
with Flanger BL-20

Give your drums extra throttle with movement with the sky-high swooshing effects of Flanger BL-20.

Floating soundscapes

Try replacing atmospheric pad sounds with frozen reverb tails with this Rev INTENSITY hack - the perfect background to your melodies and soundscapes.

New age choir
with Emulator II V

Find your inner-most sonic consciousness with this beautifully lo-fi sampling technique, courtesy of Emulator II V - immersive, classic new age ambience.

Psych-rock Guitar
with Phaser BI-TRON

Capture a classic kaleidoscope guitar sound using Phaser BI-TRON. This simple & timeless technique is guaranteed to elevate your mix in true analog fashion.

Next-dimensions 808
with Chorus DIMENSION-D

A classic 808 rhythm is always welcome, whatever your style. Make your 808 groove bigger and badder than ever with the glorious stereo saturation of Chorus DIMENSION-D.

Cinematic textures
with Analog Lab V

Composing isn't just about finding the right sound; it's about setting the right scene. Unlock the true depth of your soundtrack effortlessly with Analog Lab V's layered timbres.