A Brute with a sensitive side

Perhaps you have been impressed by the pure sonic power contained in the MatrixBrute. Maybe you have been amazed by the outstanding potential of its modulation Matrix and vast connectivity. Now you can bring your sounds to life with a creative controller that’s all about sensitivity.

Our friends at Expressive E, inventors of the Touché, have designed a sound bank of 16 presets for the MatrixBrute that show you what’s possible when these two worlds collide.

Each preset of this bank is available in two versions. One to be used with MatrixBrute and Touché and one only with MatrixBrute.

The Touched by Grace sound preset bank include all type of sound from basses to bells and pads to leads.

Based on several presets of the “Touched By Grace” bank, this demo highlights various modulations you can naturally get from the duo MatrixBrute/Touché. It includes subtle animations of the arpeggio to enrich the background, variations on the bass to emphasize its presence and on the lead sound to superimpose a second rhythmic layer.

Download the
Sound Pack

Check the included Read Me file for the instructions on how to load these presets in your MatrixBrute.

Classic Pad

Classic analog brass-like pad with rhythmical cutoff modulation to give the feeling of playing an actual ensemble.

Club Pluck

This lead has two parts : oscillator 1 is playing a typical MatrixBrute key sound taking advantage of the famous Arturia triangle Metalizer, while oscillator 2 adds a more classical flavour.

Bell Arp

A soft arpeggiated bell sound which gradually morphs into a full blown 3 oscillators lead.

Unisson Bass

Harsh driven bass sounds brought to life by multiple LFO modulation and live tweaking, letting you sway between different oscillators levels.

Martenot Lead

A tribute to one of the ancestors of modern synthesizers. Haunting and expressive lead sound drowned in the built-in delay.


Starting as a classic mallet-like plucked patch, this sounds ends up as something way more modern and bright. Bring out the drums!

Touché en plein Coeur

With the Touché, Expressive E have imagined and invented a new breed of controller that allows you to have a totally new approach to your sound.

A soft sweep on its wooden surface to naturally control your filter cutoff frequency, an instinctive hit to trig a percussive envelope, Touché is all about intuition and feeling. It can be a marvelous interface to take the control of the many parameters of the MatrixBrute, multiplying the hands-on character that is already at its core.

Aside from the drums, all the sounds and melodies from the video were made exclusively with a Matrixbrute and Touché

talks about MatrixBrute

“This is what we loved with the MatrixBrute.”

“When designing presets for Touché, you’re always looking for richness in the sound. Parameters which offer a great dynamic of control and a great range of modulation are ideal.”

“MatrixBrute has tons of great and inspiring options to shape your sound, combined with a simple workflow - all the parameters accessible with knobs - and a powerful routing system.
The combination of MatrixBrute and Touché opens up a world of possibilities, both in performance style and in precision control.”