Faster, easier, more intuitive, and loaded with exciting new sounds: meet V Collection 5.3. Bringing you the very best classic instruments through modern, cutting-edge software. Inspiring you and helping you create tracks that no one else could imagine, Arturia have created the ultimate keyboard collection.

We are proud to present the V Collection 5.3 free update.


Arturia V Collection 5.3 lets you inject exciting new sounds into your instruments without interrupting your workflow.

Whether you want to explore new soundscapes, to flesh out your composition, or to invigorate your creativity, this update gives you the tools you need. We have some awesome new preset collections on offer that you will be able to access directly from Analog Lab 2. There’s no need to take time away from your session, as everything is taken care of within the virtual instrument itself. Finding your new sound couldn’t be simpler: head for the Sound Store in Analog Lab 2, select any of the new sound banks, give them a try, and download the ones you love.

Check the Sound Banks


Find your inspiration with amazing sounds from big-name artists and underground heroes. Whether you’re looking for super-retro or cutting edge, V Collection 5.3 has you covered.

Arturia has worked closely with a diverse range of musicians, producers, and audio engineers to create some of the most usable and inspiring sounds available anywhere. Among the new collections and the hundreds of presets they bring, you’ll find homages to music legends with banks like Tangerine Tribute and Kraft Tribute, original creations from major artists like Sasha’s Signature, and iconic, contemporary sounds created by Arturia’s award-winning sound designers.






The Arturia Software Center has been revamped, and is now quicker, smarter, and easier to use than ever.

The Arturia Software Center (ASC) is the installation and license assistant software that helps keep all of Arturia’s software instruments up-to-date, running well and sounding their best. The new design simplifies updating and installing, so with a single click you can engage the new silent installation, so you can spend less time managing your files and more time creating awesome music. The updated ASC still gives advanced users a high level of control so they can customize their installations, choose destination folders, and find out more about their instruments, but makes the most frequently used functions much, much simpler.

Download the ASC


It wouldn’t be an update without some little tweaks under the hood. Arturia’s talented team of software developers are always working hard to give you the best possible experience.

The most obvious changes in V Collection 5.3 concern the Preset Browser. Once you update, you’ll notice that you have more control over the browser navigation using your Arturia controllers, which will now be automatically detected, and some of its controls will be assigned to navigate through the presets and filters.

There is also a new “variation” filter to help you find specific sounds within your instrument collection. For example, you can choose between Grand and Upright instruments within Piano V, or if you’re using the Prophet V, you can search for sounds made by its unique variations - Prophet VS, Prophet 5, and the hybrid Prophet - to get the particular, authentic sound you’re looking for.

How to update

Updating to V Collection 5.3 is quick and easy. It is also free. If you’re not sure of what to do, follow these simple steps:

1. Install the ASC

If it is not already the case, simply download and install the ASC.

Download the ASC

2. Login to the ASC

Launch the Arturia Sofrware Center and log in.
Use the same details as your MyArturia account.

It will automatically update itself to the latest version.

3. Choose the destination folder

Hit the ‘tab’ button to select your preferred destination for the software instrument files and VST folder.

4. Update your Instruments

Hit the [Update] or [Install] button to begin the silent installation process. Once completed, you’re ready to use your instruments. You can either update your software one by one or all at once.

If you’re using an offline studio computer, first visit the resource pages for the V Collection and download the latest installer files for each of the included instruments. Transfer them to your offline studio computer, and complete installation as normal.