Learn all of the tips, tricks, and features that make Arturia's debut interface your perfect partner in crime. We take you through everything you need to know about AudioFuse in this careful guided tour to make sure you won't miss anything!

Ep. 1: Power Modes
Get Busy, get moving

In the first episode of our tutorial series on the AudioFuse, Guy Perchard runs us through the differences between the 4 unique power modes that this compact, powerful interface has to offer.

Ep. 2: Guitar Re-Amp
Give your sound some crunch

In the 2nd episode of AudioFuse tutorial series, Guy Perchard shows us how simple it is to take advantage of the re-amping feature found in this versatile little interface. Watch the video and find out how to transform your guitar parts with the sound of real amps.

Ep. 3: Working with Vinyls
Enjoy your vinyl collection

In episode 3, Guy covers the simple process of setting up AudioFuse for archiving or listening to vinyl records, and shows you how to sample vinyl in your DAW.

Ep. 4: A/B Speaker Switching
Mix with confidence

In just a few easy steps, Guy shows us how to quickly set up A/B speaker switching with AudioFuse so you can check how your mix sounds across different systems.

Ep. 5: Using Insert Effects
Experiment with the input stage

Want to use all your lovely outboard, but your current interface doesn’t have the connectivity? AudioFuse is the answer! In this tutorial, Guy shows us how simple it is to integrate audio hardware using AudioFuse’s channel inserts.

Ep. 6: Using ADAT inputs
Maximum inputs, minimum fuss

Want to multitrack drums, or maybe a whole band, but your current interface won’t let you? AudioFuse to the rescue! In the final episode of our AudioFuse tutorial series, Guy shows you how to use AudioFuse’s ADAT connectivity to track up to 8 more channels.