AES New York New York
AES New York

Oct 16th - 19th
Meet the Arturia team at AES showing the new AudioFuse audio interface range. Meet the designers and see what makes these interfaces the next generation. Listen, Learn, and Connect at the AES New York 147th International Pro Audio Convention.

New V Collection Sound Packs
Floyd Tribute II

A follow-up to one of our most popular sound banks! In this tribute to rock legends Pink Floyd, you’ll find 32 iconic, incredibly accurate synth, key, and organ patches from Animals, The Wall, and Dark Side of the Moon!

Trance Delight

Straight from the heart of pioneering 90s Trance, this pack of 32 sounds gives you all the biting tone you’d expect from razor-sharp digital and FM synths. Strings, polyphonic keys, bass patches, cool effects and atmospheres, and even a few percussive elements.

Larry Hopkins meets V Collection
"V Collection just works on everything."

For 4 decades, sound engineer, layback mixer, synth programmer, musician, and all-around awesome dude Larry Hopkins has been involved in some of the biggest films and TV series ever made. Lost, Breaking Bad, Ratatouille, Finding Nemo, he even helped spec the synth chip for the Sega Saturn! We met up with Larry to chat about his work, and his new signature sound bank.