Synth Day & Night Rome
Synth Day & Night

May 4th and 5th
Synth fanatics all gather at Synth Day & Night in Rome, with the headliner being MicroFreak. It’s a good opportunity to see all Arturia synths in action – try make some exciting sounds on the MiniBrute 2 and MiniBrute 2S, and learn some interesting tricks you can do with sound design on the MicroFreak.

3 Compressors Tutorials
3 Compressors Tutorials

Want to get to grips with our new trio of awesome compressors? In this short series, we'll cover each compressor's history, their parameters, and unique sound-shaping abilities.

Wall Of Fame
Pigments: Wall Of Fame

We get messages and emails every day from reviewers, artists, studios, and hobbyists all around the world telling us how much they love Pigments. Like any proud parent, we thought we’d make a little “virtual trophy cabinet” to collect our favorites. Take a look!