GearFest 2019 Fort Wayne
GearFest 2019

June 21-22
With two days of the hottest new gear, mind-blowing workshops, and performances by some of the best in the business, Sweetwater's GearFest is a music-maker's paradise. Thousands of dollars of gear giveaways, camping, and GearFest-exclusive gear deals and it's all absolutely FREE! Spend the weekend with 15,000 fellow musicians and register for this year's GearFest.

Rusted Keys & Plutonic Fields
Rusted Keys & Plutonic Fields

Thanks to the power of Pigments’ wavetable hybrid synthesis, you can hear a totally fresh take on classic keyboard sounds with a gritty, relic feel. These two banks adds up to 128 imaginary instruments and audio curios guaranteed to inspire your creativity.

Analog Lab 4
Get inspired, Create, perform

Analog Lab is the ultimate “all-in-one” software instrument, combining the best keyboard and synth sounds of all time in one place, with thousands of presets, inspiring functionality, and a dedicated live mode. See it, hear it, want it.