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OB-Xa V Livestream

Tuesday 28th, May
Our second OB-Xa V livestream workshop will dive deep into its advanced features such as the Stereo Spread to explore and showcase some special sound design tips.

New April Preset Packs
Analog Lab, MicroFreak and Pigments sounds

This month’s sound banks include some seriously inspiring presets. From electronic trips straight from the 70s Berlin scene to noisy, intergalactic drama, you’ll be spoiled for choice with our thick basses, VHS scratches, and spooky lo-fi beats. We’re also excited to reveal our second tribute to Vangelis in honour of his inexhaustible synth heritage.

How To Record Drums (2, 4, 8 Mics)

This video shows various recording techniques from 2 microphones, 4 mics, and 8 mics, all recorded through AudioFuse 8Pre and mixed using AudioFuse Creative Suite. Brendan and Mike show their drum tuning tips, drum dampening, microphone placements, and some other handy tips too.