AudioFuse: Take your studio setup to the next level
AudioFuse: Take your studio setup to the next level

Tuesday 7nd, April
During this live workshop we will discover unique functions such as reamping or Bluetooth audio streaming, understand the benefits of the most complete monitoring section on an audio interface, check out the audio performances of Arturia's Discrete Pro preamps, and more! We will also review AudioFuse Creative Suite bundle offered with all AudioFuse interfaces.

New March Preset Packs
Granular Lead, Granular Drums, Blush Response Signature & Savage Trap

In this month’s preset pack update, we’ve got something very special in store for you. Not only will you find 2 exciting new granular sets from your favorite sound designers, but we’ve also got some menacing Trap sounds, and a signature series from industrial hero Blush Response. Let’s dive in!

How To Record Drums (2, 4, 8 Mics)

This video shows various recording techniques from 2 microphones, 4 mics, and 8 mics, all recorded through AudioFuse 8Pre and mixed using AudioFuse Creative Suite. Brendan and Mike show their drum tuning tips, drum dampening, microphone placements, and some other handy tips too.