L.A. Synth Expo Los Angeles
L.A. Synth Expo

November 3rd-4th
Hosted at a large warehouse blocks away from Echo Park and co-organized with LA’s premier synth, pedal and pro audio store Vintage King.

V Collection 6.2 Free Update
Free update for all owners of Synclavier V, V Collections 5 & 6

The new version includes hundreds of new presets to play and personalize; a sample library of vintage New England Digital sounds; revamped timeline with host BPM sync; and extra destinations in the Modulations tab!

Tutorial 4 : Features of the 2S
Tutorial 4 : Features of the 2S

The MiniBrute 2S doesn’t just swap out the 2 octave keyboard for pads, it offers so much more! In this video, Seb shows you how the pads can be used to their full potential, and goes into detail on the expanded sequencer in clear, easy steps.