Chicago User Group - Interview & Demonstration of Pigments with Chizzy Facebook
Interview with Producer “Chizzy” and Pigments Production

Saturday 16th, January | 02:00 UTC+1
Come join Arturia User Group - Chicago on Friday, 1/15 at 7pm CST, an interview/ Pigments demonstration livestream on utilizing Arturia’s power synth, Pigments, by producer “Chizzy”. W will provide an interview and demonstration on how to produce a track from start to finish using Pigments, to expand your productions as sound explorers!

Making music with MicroFreak firmware V3 YouTube/Facebook
Making music with MicroFreak firmware V3

Tuesday 19th, January
In the live workshop, MicroFreak product manager Sebastien will walk you through the 3 new osciillators, unisson modes and presets enhancements, showing how these features can be used to make a track.

Emulator II V - The ultimate sampling machine YouTube/Facebook
Emulator II V - The ultimate sampling machine

Thursday 7th, January
Join us to explore the '80s sampling icon that defined the state of music as we know it today. During this live workshop we'll explore the authentic architecture, creative features, and timeless sound of Emulator II V, and demonstrate building a track with it as the only device.

Jun-6 V & Jup-8 V Livestream YouTube/Facebook
Walkthrough into the Jun-6 and Jup-8 world

Tuesday 22nd, December
While exploring the audio engines and feature sets, Edouard will show some cool tips and let you discover the potential of these new instruments.

Diving into Stage 73 V with Dennis Hamm YouTube/Facebook
Diving into Stage 73 V with Dennis Hamm

Tuesday 5th, January
In this workshop, we will walk you through an iconic electric piano, show you its immense sound capacities and demonstrate it with L.A.-based artist and keyboardist Dennis Hamm.

Vocoder V first insights YouTube/Facebook
Vocoder V first insights

Thursday 17th, December
Highlighting the sound and features of the Vocoder V gives new soundscapes for vocals, instruments, and even drums! We will explain and demonstrate these possibilities to incorporate into new musical productions.

Exploring the new Analog Lab V YouTube/Facebook
Exploring the new Analog Lab V

Tuesday 15th, December
We'll go over the evolutions of Analog Lab since Analog Lab 3, explore the updated sounds and dive into organising sounds, tweaking them and even more advanced sound edition using V Collection 8 full potential within Analog Lab.

Introduction to V Collection 8 YouTube/Facebook
Introduction to V Collection 8

Thursday 10th, December
Come explore the new instruments and sounds of V Collection 8.

Online Event Facebook
Chicago User Group - Analog Lab 4 and KeyLab MkII Integration

Dec 3rd, 7PM (CST)
Come join Arturia User Group - Chicago on Thursday, 12/3 at 7pm CST, a deep dive livestream on utilizing Arturia’s V Collection power browser, Analog Lab 4, with KeyLab MkII controller integration.

Online Event Facebook
L.A. User Group - Analog Lab 4 and KeyLab MkII Integration

Nov 28th
Come join Arturia User Group - Los Angeles on Saturday, 11/28 at 1pm PST, a deep dive livestream on utilizing Arturia’s V Collection power browser, Analog Lab 4, with KeyLab MkII controller integration. Here we will provide a tutorial on how to navigate within Analog Lab 4, as you control parameters with the KeyLab MkII to expand your productions as sound explorers!

Composer meets KeyStep Pro
Random by Design

Bryan ‘Composer’ Nelson is in the business of music-making, and business is good. We caught up with him in LA to talk about how KeyStep Pro was the missing piece of his puzzle.

Weekly Polybrute Tutorial
One step closer to PolyBrute

Join us on a PolyBrute marathon and discover more about your next favorite synth each week.

Pigments Online Event Facebook
Chicago User Group - 808 creation in Pigments

Friday 13rd, November
Come join Arturia User Group - Chicago ( on Thursday, 11/12 at 7pm CST, a deep dive livestream on creating your own custom 808’s inside of PIGMENTS, Arturia’s powerful digital synth VST.

Analog Live Session (Spanish speaking) Facebook
Guadalajara User Group - Analog Live Session

Tuesday, 2 November 2020
This workshop will be completely in Spanish. The first part consists of a completely live presentation of the artist CAMC from Venezuela and lead manager of the Guadalajara / Mexico user group and in the 2nd Part he will explain some of the techniques he uses with his physical equipment and the considerations he has. When it comes to performing live, at the same time, attendees will be able to ask questions and they will be answered in real time.

Latest Sound Banks

Metallic sync harmonics to dream-like surrealism from the East. Symphonic analog pads to rumbles from a semi-modular underground. Treat yourself to some ready-made inspiration with our latest Sound Banks.

FX Collection Online Event Facebook
North East User Group - Mixing with FX Collection

Thrusday 22nd, October
Come join Arturia User Group - North East on Thursday, 10/22 at 7pm EST, a deep dive livestream on mixing with Arturia’s amazing FX Collection software plug-in suite.

FX Collection Online Event Facebook
L.A. User Group - 808 creation in Pigments

Sat 17rd, October
Come join Arturia Arturia User Group - Los Angeles on Saturday, 10/17 at 1pm PST, a deep dive livestream on creating your own custom 808’s inside of PIGMENTS, Arturia’s powerful digital synth VST.

Latest Sound Banks

Set your mix ablaze with ARP-2600 V sci-fi madness, celestial textures for sky-high ambience, delicate glassy lead tones for Pigments, and much more...

FX Collection Online EventFacebook
Chicago User Group - FX Collection

Wed 23th, September
Join the Arturia Chicago User Groupe online event on a deep dive livestream on mixing with Arturia’s amazing FX Collection software plug-in suite.

PolyBrute LIVE YouTube/Facebook
Livestream | Making the PolyBrute

Tue 22nd, September
Learn about the origin of PolyBrute, the philosophy of this instrument and the challenges in crafting this 6-voice analog morphing polysynth.

KeyStep 37 YouTube/Facebook
KeyStep 37 Livestream

Thu 10th, September
Join us and take an exclusive look at Keystep 37 to learn about its unique features!

3 Modulation FX YouTube/Facebook
3 Modulation FX Livestream

Monday 7th, September
Tune in to learn all about 3 Modulation Effects You'll actually use to level up your virtual studio!

KeyStep Pro Firmware Update 1.3
KeyStep Pro Firmware Update 1.3

KeyStep Pro continues to evolve with the needs of the contemporary music maker in mind. Discover the new features!

More Preset Packs
V Collection, MicroFreak and Pigments sounds

Discover a fresh selection of edgy, vibrant and unnerving presets for DX-7 V, Mini V, Pigments and more. Introducing this month’s soundbanks.

New July Preset Packs
V Collection, MicroFreak and Pigments sounds

Discover a fresh selection of edgy, vibrant and unnerving presets for DX-7 V, Mini V, Pigments and more. Introducing this month’s soundbanks.

Melody akadémia - workshop Žilina, Slovakia
Melody Akadémia - Workshop

July 14th - July 15th
Melody Academy will be returning with a series of workshops focused on sound and studio work. Get introduced to the new AudioFuse Studio and FX Collection bundle from Arturia!

How To Record Guitar, Vocals and Piano

This video shows various recording techniques from 2 microphones, 4 mics, and 8 mics, all recorded through AudioFuse 8Pre and mixed using AudioFuse Creative Suite. Brendan and Mike show their drum tuning tips, drum dampening, microphone placements, and some other handy tips too.

Livestreams Replay YouTube/Facebook
Livestreams Replay

Didn’t see our past streams yet? No stress. Click the link below or visit Arturia’s YouTube channel to access all our past webinars. Dig deep into what our software and hardware can offer - you might just find the treasure of knowledge you’ve been looking for. See you there!

May Preset Packs
CZ V, Synclavier V and Pigments sounds

This month’s presets will wow you with their beauty, urgency, and deep harshness. Elevate your music with plucked and dystopian soundbanks for Pigments, and dive into spacey, dynamic sonics with CZ V.

OB-Xa V Livestream YouTube/Facebook
OB-Xa V Livestream

Tuesday 28th, May
Our second OB-Xa V livestream workshop will dive deep into its advanced features such as the Stereo Spread to explore and showcase some special sound design tips.

Paul Wilson (Snow Patrol)

As the bassist and backing vocalist of Snow Patrol, Paul Wilson abounds with the musical know-how on how to complete the emotional spectrum of a song. We chatted with Paul about songwriting and experimenting with bass sounds on his go-to synths in the V Collection.

Launch Livestream YouTube/Facebook
Launch Livestream

Tuesday 19th, May
Arturia will announce the launch of a brand new product, worldwide. To be part of the release, join us for a special livestream hosted by our product experts Baptiste and Pierre and discover your new studio must-have! Hear it in its nasty action and ask our dedicated team questions during the Q&A session at the end.

Getting started with Eurorack and the MiniBrute 2 System
Getting started with Eurorack and the MiniBrute 2 System

Tuesday 12th, May
MiniBrute 2 and Eurorack module can truly benefit one another. Let's have a look at how they can operate together.

Sync your gadgets with KeyStep Pro
Sync your gadgets with KeyStep Pro

Thursday 7th, May
KeyStep Pro has all the power and outputs you need to sync all your music gadgets easily. This workshop will show you how to sync everything together from scratch to lay a foundation for seamless playing experience.

Making a beat from scratch with V Collection
Making a beat from scratch with V Collection

Tuesday 5th, May
Building a modern R&B beat from the ground up with sounds from V Collection, using the MkII's integration with Analog Lab 4.

Los Angeles Producers Battle Los Angeles
Los Angeles Producers Battle

End of April - Beginning of May
Join us for a night of networking, demonstrations, giveaways, and a producers battle presented by ARTURIA in partnership with Westlake Pro and The Los Angeles Recording School! Submit your instrumental for a chance to be one of eight finalists that will battle head-to-head at the Ivar Theater in Hollywood, CA.

Beatmaking with Hardware
Beatmaking with Hardware

Thursday 30th, April
DrumBrute Impact is an analog drum machine that packs a punch. See how easy it is to make a pattern, then add factors to make the rhythmsmore interesting and satisfying. Never made a beat on a drum machine before? Now's the time to learn how to do just that."

Building a Detroit Electro inspired track using V Collection
Building a Detroit Electro inspired track using V Collection

Tuesday 28rd, April
V Collection is an incredibly inspiring bundle of software instruments. It gives you access to the most famous keyboards of music history that have evolved to sonic excellence over decades. By using these legendary tools, we will dive into how a Detroit Electro inspired track was made. This livestream will make you understand why these instruments are more relevant in music production more than ever before.

Modern analog synthesis with MiniBrute 2S
Modern analog synthesis with MiniBrute 2S

Thursday 23rd, April
During this workshop we will learn how to create big and powerful sounds using MiniBrute 2S in a small live setup. You'll truly understand why analog is the element all producers long for.

New April Preset Packs
Analog Lab, MicroFreak and Pigments sounds

This month’s sound banks include some seriously inspiring presets. From electronic trips straight from the 70s Berlin scene to noisy, intergalactic drama, you’ll be spoiled for choice with our thick basses, VHS scratches, and spooky lo-fi beats. We’re also excited to reveal our second tribute to Vangelis in honour of his inexhaustible synth heritage.

A Parisian Love Story

We visited melodic house and techno visionary Rodriguez Jr. in his Paris studio to find out what the crucial elements of his music-making process are and the ways KeyLab 88 MKII allows him to unleash his creativity and performance potential.

MatrixBrute: Update walkthrough and rhythmic preset break down
MatrixBrute: Update walkthrough and rythmic preset break down

Tuesday 21st, April
During this session, we will first go through the new features brought by the update. Then we will break down a rythmic preset made by Victor Morello to understand how it has been desgined and tweak it to make it sound more personnal.

Sound Design using MicroFreak
Sound Design using MicroFreak

Tuesday 21st, April
We will look at the new features of the version 2 firmware, and learn how to make our own presets. MicroFreak is a versatile and slightly unusual digital synthesizer. It's capable of producing classic synth, lead, pad, and keys sounds, however it's when you get under to hood that the surprises are revealed.

Using V-Collection for Modern Production
Using V-Collection for Modern Production

Tuesday 14th, April
In this workshop we will look at the vintage analog synthesizers, digital synthesizers, pianos, and other keys to discuss possible applications for music production. We will discuss the sonic qualities of some of the instruments and possible use cases, such as which instruments are good for bass, leads, or pads.

Get the most out of Analog Lab 4
Get the most out of Analog Lab 4

Thursday 9nd, April
Going through the history of V Collection instruments and Analog Lab, we will show you tips and tricks on how to use all the instruments that come with Analog Lab in a professional track. Using the powerful browser to filter quickly through a vast library of sounds, we will demonstrate how finding the right sound for your track has become easier than ever.

AudioFuse: Take your studio setup to the next level
AudioFuse: Take your studio setup to the next level

Tuesday 7nd, April
During this live workshop we will discover unique functions such as reamping or Bluetooth audio streaming, understand the benefits of the most complete monitoring section on an audio interface, check out the audio performances of Arturia's Discrete Pro preamps, and more! We will also review AudioFuse Creative Suite bundle offered with all AudioFuse interfaces.

Unleash Pigments modulations
Unleash Pigments modulations

Thursday 2nd, April
Join our product specialist Jakub to learn how to create dynamic, evolving sounds. The workshop will focus on using Pigments modulation system to animate sound.

KeyStep Pro: Walkthrough and Performance
KeyStep Pro: Walkthrough and Performance

Tuesday 31st, March
Sébastien is the designer of KeyStep Pro, and in this first workshop he will go through the features of the instrument, what makes it unique, and how it could integrate in your setup. There will be a video presentation, some (hopefully) musical illustrations and some time for questions from participants at the end.

Machina Bristonica Bristol, UK
Machina Bristonica

March 21st
Knobs, faders, analog and digital sounds. Head down to Bristol, UK, for another exciting show featuring demonstrators and artists.

Winter Music Conference Miami, USA
Winter Music Conference

March 16th - 19th
Under the umbrella of Miami Music Week, the Winter Music Conference [WMC] will return to Miami Beach next March with even more updates and insightful programming that will bring together a new generation of industry professionals and music consumers for a week of unforgettable experiences.

New March Preset Packs
Granular Lead, Granular Drums, Blush Response Signature & Savage Trap

In this month’s preset pack update, we’ve got something very special in store for you. Not only will you find 2 exciting new granular sets from your favorite sound designers, but we’ve also got some menacing Trap sounds, and a signature series from industrial hero Blush Response. Let’s dive in!

How To Record Drums (2, 4, 8 Mics)

In this tutorial, engineer and producer Emre Ramazanoglu records a singer/songwriter session using the AudioFuse Studio interface. Acoustic guitar, vocals, and acoustic piano are layered, then mixed using the tools from the AudioFuse Creative Suite effects bundle.

West Midlands Synth Event Birmingham, UK
West Midlands Synth Event

March 7th
Arturia hits the West Midlands with some of the latest synthesizers and controllers from the Franch musical instrument manufacturers. Get hands-on with the gear and get sound production tips from the demonstrators.

Synth Expo and Control Voltage Portland, USA
Synth Expo and Control Voltage

March 7th
Come see the newest and hottest Arturia products and meet our staff members! The Los Angeles Synth Expo is a free for all interactive marketplace of synthesizers – pictures from previous expos we organized in NYC, Austin and Toronto can be found here. Hundreds of sonic devices, at your fingertips, in the headphones.

KeyStep Pro Spanish Tour Málaga, Sevilla, Madrid, Barcelona
KeyStep Pro Spanish Tour

February 25th
Come discover keyStep Pro, the sequencer Arturia just announced at NAMM show. If you're living in Málaga, Sevilla, Madrid or Barcelona it's your chance to know in and out the sequencer that might become the new center of your studio. KeyStep Pro gives keyboard players incredible sequencing and performance power in an affordable, versatile controller. Be one of the first to have your hands on the solution all live electronic artists have been waiting for! During the events more Arturia instruments will be presented: MiniBrute 2, AudioFuse Studio...and you'll even have the chance to win a MicroFreak! We are waiting for you!

Synth Day Rimini Rimimni, Italy
Synth Day Rimini

February 1st
Join the next Synth Day in Rimini (Italy) with the synth guru Enrico Cosimi who will be showcasing the MatrixBrute, MicroFreak and DrumBrute!

London Music Conference London, UK
London Music Conference

Jan 30th - Feb 1st
Visit the Arturia display at London Music Conference, with the controller and synthesizer range on display. See the latest products in action and learn some top tips from the demonstrators.

NAMM 2020 Los Angeles
NAMM 2020

January 16th to 19th
The NAMM Show is the global crossroads of the music, sound and event technology products industries with more than 115,000 registrants from 139 countries and regions commanding $11+ billion in buying power.

Modular Commune Vol. 14 Beijing, China
Modular Commune Vol. 14

Nov 28th
Arturia is proud to be partnering with the Modular Commune, a series of events about modular synth and other electronic instruments. The organizers want to introduce the concept and technology of modular synth to a greater crowd, improve modular synth owners’ skills of using them through these events.

Shaping the sound of Berlin
Shaping the sound of Berlin

We met up with 3 awesome Berlin music-makers, finding out how they use our MatrixBrute to truly explore their creativity. Watch now.

TAT CULT LAB Kazan, Russia

Nov 18th
The first musical laboratory in Tatarstan for young composers, arrangers, sound producers, beatmakers, musicians and poets. The theme of the laboratory this year is the search for identity in the era of globalization.

Bucharest Modular Meet Romania
Bucharest Modular Meet

Nov 10th
In collaboration with DualTRX, DJ Superstore will be hosting for the second time the 2019 Bucharest Modular meet. Come and test different modular and synthesizer gear, experience live sessions, bring your gear and exchange ideas in this yearly event. A special surprise from Arturia Awaits you!

New Pigments Preset Pack
Synthwave 2085

In Synthwave 2085, you’ll find stellar selection of bass, leads, pads, and sequences that you’ll lose yourself in, as well as a few fun effects and percussive elements to spice up your tracks.

New V Collection Preset Pack
Kavinsky Tribute

The mysterious synthwave legend has had a huge influence on the genre, and talented synth sound designer Simon Gallifet has worked his magic to capture the essence of Kavinsky’s sonic signature.

New DX7 V Preset Pack
Shofuku Cartridge 1 & 2

Nori Ubakata has been an in-demand sound designer for decades. He’s created hundreds of sounds for Arturia, and was an important figure in shaping the sound of the original DX7. Now his “Shofuku” expansion cartridges have been imported to our DX7 V software instrument. Explore the revamped sounds of 1984!

Step Black Edition
Step Black Edition

Back by popular demand, the “Black Edition” BeatStep, KeyStep, and BeatStep Pro are now available again for a limited time

Inside DX7 V with Nori Ubukata
The ‘84 FM Masters

In the early days of FM synthesis, only a few synth masters were talented enough to crack the code of the DX-7 and create patches that were simultaneously innovative, inspiring, and sounded fantastic. Nori Ubukata was one of those people.

IMSTA Festa Germany Hamburg
IMSTA Festa Germany

Oct 26th, 11AM - 8PM
Join IMSTA and SAE Institute as they host IMSTA FESTA, a celebration of music technology packed with Panels, Workshops & Master Classes, Song Critiques, Demonstrations and more. IMSTA FESTA is a FREE event open to everyone in the music making community; professional and semi-professional musicians, songwriters, music producers, and audio engineers, as well as music students and educators.

AES New York New York
AES New York

Oct 16th - 19th
Meet the Arturia team at AES showing the new AudioFuse audio interface range. Meet the designers and see what makes these interfaces the next generation. Listen, Learn, and Connect at the AES New York 147th International Pro Audio Convention.

Synthfest Slovakia Slovakia
Synthfest Slovakia

Oct 19th
The theme of this year's 2019 is a line-up of contemporary active music synthesizers in a broader framework, from classical syntheses, through modern and experimental styles, to trendy retro synthetic sound.

Soundium: Enabled Lithuania
Soundium: Enabled

Oct 12th
Arturia product specialist, Jakub Manaj, will host Arturia demo space where attendees will be able to test Arturia's software and hardware. Jakub will also demonstrate Arturia live performance setup - a budget friendly setup for stage.

Music China Shanghai
Music China

October 10th-13th
With China becoming the second-largest consumer market in the world, its business opportunities are multifold. Over 110,000 visitors from more than 81 countries and regions crowded into Music China 2018 to source for the latest market’s favorites.

Arturia Workshop Belarus
Arturia Workshop

Oct 10th
For the first time in Belarus and in collaboration with , Arturia's product specialist Jakub Manaj will be holding an event at DJ Shop Minsk. Gears like MicroFreak, Drumbrute Impact, Beatstep Pro, MicroLab, Pigments, V-Collection 7 and more will be on the frontline of this event. Come meet with us and ask us your questions!

Arturia STORY Seoul
Arturia STORY

Oct 8th, 6:30PM - 8:30PM
We invite Korean musicians and Aturia users to synthesizer, audio and sound design seminars with the founder Frederic Brun. Fun synthesizer stories, audio recordings, and sound designs from the founders. Various gifts and souvenirs are also available! Don't miss the wonderful “ARTURIA STORY” shared with the best synthesizers and keyboardist experts in Korea!

SynthFest UK 2019 Sheffield
SynthFest UK 2019

Oct 5th
Synthesizer fanatics from all over the UK gather at SynthFest so see the latest and most interesting sound making machines available today. Arturia will be there, come and see the machines in action and get hands-on with these powerful beasts.

New V Collection Sound Packs
Floyd Tribute II

A follow-up to one of our most popular sound banks! In this tribute to rock legends Pink Floyd, you’ll find 32 iconic, incredibly accurate synth, key, and organ patches from Animals, The Wall, and Dark Side of the Moon!

Trance Delight

Straight from the heart of pioneering 90s Trance, this pack of 32 sounds gives you all the biting tone you’d expect from razor-sharp digital and FM synths. Strings, polyphonic keys, bass patches, cool effects and atmospheres, and even a few percussive elements.

New Pigments Preset Packs
Future Bass

128 big, emotive Future Bass sounds! Heavy-hitting but dreamlike bass sounds, sequences, pads, and effects, as well as loads of awesome melodic lead and poly synth sounds are at your disposal.

New MicroFreak Presets
Naughty Bass

Charge up your MicroFreak with 32 dedicated bass sounds. A superb mix of tones and types, but all with that big fat low-end you crave. Make the most of the aggressive digital oscillator and toasty analog filter dream team!

Scandinavian Music Expo Göteborg
Scandinavian Music Expo

14 September 2019
Scandinavian Music Expo has since 2015 attract DJs, music producers and devoted fans of music every year. Of course will a selection of Arturia's newest products be shown here this year.

NAMM Musikmesse Russia Moscow
NAMM Musikmesse Russia

12-14 September 2019
Welcome to NAMM Musikmesse Russia, the only international music event, combining an engaging business and festival program and a professional demonstration platform with a wide range of musical products from the world’s leading brands.

StudioSzene 2019 Germany
StudioSzene 2019

6 & 7 September 2019
Want to caprute your recording at the highest possible quality? At StudioSzene you will see AudioFuse, AudioFuse Studio, and AudioFuse 8Pre – with their pristine mic preamps, top-spec features, and a bundle of powerful included software.

Larry Hopkins meets V Collection
"V Collection just works on everything."

For 4 decades, sound engineer, layback mixer, synth programmer, musician, and all-around awesome dude Larry Hopkins has been involved in some of the biggest films and TV series ever made. Lost, Breaking Bad, Ratatouille, Finding Nemo, he even helped spec the synth chip for the Sega Saturn! We met up with Larry to chat about his work, and his new signature sound bank.

New Pigments Preset Packs
Modern House

Full of fresh essentials, this powerpack of presets will transform Pigments into a house-making machine. 128 presets that’ll keep your tracks fresh and your listeners enticed.

New MicroFreak Presets
Tech Loop

Time to get nasty! MicroFreak’s unique ability to rapidly modulate its oscillator opens up new sound design possibilities, and the 32 new sounds in the Tech Loop preset pack do exactly that.

New V Collection Sound Packs
Larry Hopkins Signature

A love letter to DX7 V, Hopkins has created 100 presets that show serious mastery of this FM icon, developed since the 80s, and now here for you to explore.

Daft Tribute

Launch yourself into early Daft Punk sounds with thissound bank, packed with awesome hybrid funk/electro sequences, keyboard and synth sounds.

LA Synth Expo USA
LA Synth Expo

28 & 29 September 2019
The Los Angeles Synth Expo is a free for all interactive marketplace of synthesizers – pictures from previous expos we organized in NYC, Austin and Toronto can be found here.


7 September 2019
Join Imsta and SAE Institute New York, as we host IMSTA FESTA, a celebration of music technology packed with Panels, Workshops & Master Classes, Song Critiques, Demonstrations and more. Hosting industry experts in an environment where music-makers can network, interact and learn with each other face-to-face, this annual one-day event is not to be missed. IMSTA FESTA is a FREE event open to everyone in the music making community; professional and semi-professional musicians, songwriters, music producers, and audio engineers, as well as music students and educators.

Knobcon Number Eight USA
Knobcon Number Eight

7 & 8 September 2019
Knobcon, the world's only synthesizer convention, returns to the Hyatt Regency Schaumburg for the eighth incarnation of this three-day event featuring exhibitors, live performances, workshops and more.


In episode 4 of our Pigments tutorials, Guy shows you how the powerful effects section of the software synth works. With dozens of studio quality effects built-in, and infinite ways to modulate and route them, Pigments does effects like nothing else.


Did you know our awesome little controller/sequencer got a great new upgrade? New abilities, tighter workflow, and even more fun to use. Best of all, the upgrade is free! Check out the new changes, update yours today, and - if you don’t own a KeyStep yet - why not treat yourself? There’s never been a better time.

Picnic Afisha Saint Petersburg
Picnic Afisha

03 August 2019
Afishi Picnic is the main music festival in Moscow and an ideal miniature city.

IMSTA Atlanta Atlanta
IMSTA Atlanta

27 July 2019
IMSTA FESTA is a FREE event open to everyone in the music making community; professional and semi-professional musicians, songwriters, music producers, and audio engineers, as well as music students and educators.

Present Perfect Festival Saint Petersburg
Present Perfect Festival

26 July 2019
For the second year in a row, its principal location is the Sevkabel Port: a large cultural space where the post-industrial vibe is augmented with the best possible view of the Gulf of Finland, and a well-equipped cozy waterfront.

Hideya Kojima (ORESAMA)
Making dance hits with V Collection

Hideya Kojima is a popular Japanese artist and producer whose music foundations are deeply rooted in funk and disco music. Discover how #VCollection allowed him to use iconic instruments he was dreaming to play with, and how he uses it in his creative process.

New V Collection Sound Packs
New V Collection Sound Packs

Moroder Tribute: 32 presets covering some of the most famous sounds of electronic music pioneer Giorgio Moroder.

Analog Explorations: The musical side of Synthi V captured in 64 patches, refined, tweaked, and ready to rock.

New MicroFreak Presets
New MicroFreak Presets

Smooth when you want them to be, but textured when it counts. These 32 presets demonstrate the amazing Pad sounds that MicroFreak can master.

New Pigments Preset Packs
New Pigments Preset Packs

Tactile Strike: give your music a little more “dong” and “clang” with 64 contemporary, dynamic, and exciting mallet and bell sounds.

Synth Voices: a collection of 64 bizarre but super-usable “computer voice” choirs, pads, basses, leads, ands sequences.

Sondr meets V Collection
"V Collection just works on everything."

Producers for Lenny Kravitz, Ella Eyre, Lana Del Rey, or even Felix Jaehn, modern dance duo SONDR took some time off stage to chat with us about their music creation process. And guess what?! It includes our V Collection instruments. Check out the interview.

Brighton Modular Meet Brighton
Brighton Modular Meet

July 19-21st
A celebration of synths! MicroFreak will make an appearance, as will the rest of the analog Brute family. Learn how all these synths connect with each other and how to create some truly unique sounds.

A Journey to Inspiration
A Journey to Inspiration

Big artists aren’t immune to “writer’s block”, and in this series of mini-interviews, we sit down with our favorite acts to chat about how they find inspiration. This week: techno producer Kenny Larkin.

100% Arturia
100% Arturia

A MIDI controller for melody, drum machine for rhythm, synth for texture. Watch LA based musicians having fun jamming with Arturia products: MatrixBrute, DrumBrute Impact and KeyLab MkII.

GearFest 2019 Fort Wayne
GearFest 2019

June 21-22
With two days of the hottest new gear, mind-blowing workshops, and performances by some of the best in the business, Sweetwater's GearFest is a music-maker's paradise. Thousands of dollars of gear giveaways, camping, and GearFest-exclusive gear deals and it's all absolutely FREE! Spend the weekend with 15,000 fellow musicians and register for this year's GearFest.

SynthFest France Nantes
SynthFest France

June 07th to 09th
A promising and special 6th edition, which puts down for the last time its flight cases and synths at the DIX in Nantes, before investing a bigger place. A prestigious edition with the support of Jean-Michel Jarre. A theme centered on modular synthesizers.

Synth Expo New York
Synth Expo in NY

June 8-9th
The Deli and Delicious Audio are proud to announce the 6th edition of the Brooklyn Synth Expo and the 9th edition of the Brooklyn StompBox Exhibit (both happening in the same room at the same time!

Gottwood Gottwood

June 06-10th
The mystical little party hidden in the middle of the woods. Gottwood is an independent, boutique, and very intimate underground electronic festival. Inside the festival, Ruffy’s Lab will be hosting synth clinics, packed with numerous electronic toys, including Arturia gear, and an open invite to play them.

Connessioni Milano

27th May
Join the Connessioni - A Modular Journey - event this Saturday in Milan and you'll have the chance to win a V Collection 7!

IMSTA FESTA London London

May 25th
IMSTA FESTA is a FREE event open to everyone in the music making community; professional and semi-professional musicians, songwriters, music producers, and audio engineers, as well as music students and educators.

Synth Attack Vol. 4! Warsaw
Synth Attack Vol. 4!

23-24th May
Synth Attack is a series of workshops on electronic music production organized by the School of Modern Music and Audiotech.

Bamanya Brian Afrorack
Bamanya Brian Afrorack

Musician Bamanya Brian has recently build a totally DIY modular synth rig, from locally sourced parts and circuits in Uganda, East Africa. He’s been using the Arturia BeatStep Pro to sequence this scratch-built since marvel, and we caught up with him to chat about his passion for modular.

Rusted Keys & Plutonic Fields
Rusted Keys & Plutonic Fields

Thanks to the power of Pigments’ wavetable hybrid synthesis, you can hear a totally fresh take on classic keyboard sounds with a gritty, relic feel. These two banks adds up to 128 imaginary instruments and audio curios guaranteed to inspire your creativity.


This is the real deal. 800 red hot, cutting edge sounds that take 12 of our software synths to exciting new places. Included for free with V Collection 7, and available as an add-on for users of Analog Lab 3 or 4, Synthopedia lets you play the sound of tomorrow’s hits, today.

Beyond The Matrix Vol 2
Beyond The Matrix Vol 2

Fresh from the imagination key MatrixBrute sound designer Victor Morello comes an exciting new batch of presets. 32 patches of super-usable sequences, effects, lead, and bass sounds, all highly expressive, letting you really dig deep and enjoy the creative process.

Helsinki Synthetic Helsinki
Helsinki Synthetic

May 18th
Helsinki Synthetic is a non-profit event for everyone interested in synthesizers, electronic music and meeting likeminded people.

MicroFreak Performance
MicroFreak Performance Video

A synthesizer like no other, MicroFreak is a peculiar, exceptional instrument that rewards the curious musician. It blends wavetable and digital oscillators with analog filters. It features a unique poly-aftertouch flat keyboard. It adds controlled randomness to sequences. This isn’t a revolution, it’s a mutiny.

Producing-Day Heilbronn, Germany

May 15th
The Musikhaus-Heilbronn will be hosting different brands to show their products. Arturia will be there with their product-specialists giving an overview of the gear, giving tips and tricks and showing what is possible.

Arturia Day ATHENA
Arturia Day

May 15th
Arturia product presentation and demo day, with the headliner being MicroFreak . It’s a good opportunity for everyone to learn about the newest addition to the Arturia family, as well as to see all products in action. The event will take place at Delta College’s presentation room and it will be open to all audiences.

SuperBooth 2019 Berlin
SuperBooth 2019

May 9th to 11th
SUPERBOOTH is the first and the largest European trade fair for electronic musical instruments, giving you the opportunity to experience the latest innovations and rare instruments.

Synth Day & Night Rome
Synth Day & Night

May 4th and 5th
Synth fanatics all gather at Synth Day & Night in Rome, with the headliner being MicroFreak. It’s a good opportunity to see all Arturia synths in action – try make some exciting sounds on the MiniBrute 2 and MiniBrute 2S, and learn some interesting tricks you can do with sound design on the MicroFreak.

Synthi V
Synthi V

The quirky patch-pin modular synth made famous by the likes of Roxy Music and Hawkwind reborn in software with exciting new tricks up its sleeve.

B-3 V
B-3 V

Our recreation of Hammond’s legendary organ has received a total sound engine overhaul, making it the most authentic, vibrant electric organ virtual instrument ever.

Mellotron V
Mellotron V

The classic, otherworldly warble of the Mellotron has been the cornerstone of prog and rock sounds for decades. Now play back your own samples!


The phase distortion cult-classic that became a favorite of Madonna, Vince Clarke, and Van Halen has a new lease of life and awesome upgrades.

Synthi V Tutorial 1
Synthi V Tutorial 1

Guy from Arturia goes over the basics of Synthi V, a software reincarnation of the iconic “silver machine” analog synth. This video covers the basics of the instrument, like its layout, features, options, and even a few of the presets so you can start getting to grips with this great synth.

Mellotron V Tutorial 1
Mellotron V Tutorial 1

In this overview video, Guy reveals some of the most important aspects of Mellotron V in a quick, concise way. Covering its interface, its options, performance controls, and even running through a few of the presets. Start exploring Mellotron V now.

CZ V Tutorial 1
CZ V Tutorial 1

In this overview video, Guy runs through some of the key parameters of CZ V, gives you the low-down on its layout, and runs through some sounds to give you an idea of what this exciting new virtual instrument from Arturia is capable of.

Analog Lab 4
Get inspired, Create, perform

Analog Lab is the ultimate “all-in-one” software instrument, combining the best keyboard and synth sounds of all time in one place, with thousands of presets, inspiring functionality, and a dedicated live mode. See it, hear it, want it.

Arturia Pigments ile ses tasarımı Istanbul
Arturia Pigments ile ses tasarımı

April 13th
Arturia Turkey distributor Compel Music is going to hold an event in collabration with instructors Göktuğ Çiftçi & Mehmet Akar of İstanbul Sonar House Electronic Music School. Duo will introduce Arturia’s new soft synthesizer Pigments, share tips & tricks and will create new sounds via software.

Kyiv Music Days 2019 Kiev
Kyiv Music Days 2019

April 12-14th
Arturia will be presenting KeyLab Essential, MiniBrute 2/2S, DrumBrute & DrumBrute Impact and other popular gears for musicians and producers at a specialized forum of the concert industry in Ukraine “Kyiv Music Days” with the assistance of

Beca Pleamar MAR DE PLATA
Beca Pleamar

March 25th to April 08th
These intensive workshops of musical production with technology and synthesis (initial and advanced) and synthesizers, sequencers and electronic drums aim to provide a broad and concise panorama focused on the understanding of electronic musical instruments and the processing, mixing and recording devices.

Ernesto Romeo & Pablo Gil MAR DE PLATA
Ernesto Romeo & Pablo Gil

April 5th to 07th
These intensive workshops of musical production with technology and synthesis (initial and advanced) and synthesizers, sequencers and electronic drums aim to provide a broad and concise panorama focused on the understanding of electronic musical instruments and the processing, mixing and recording devices.

Session Musikhaus-Messe Frankfurt am Main
Session Musikhaus-Messe

April 06th
The Session instore event with over 50 exhibitors showing news and their gear. Extended opening hours and the chance to talk to the specialists give you the possibility to try out the Arturia gear. We will also have the MicroFreak there to test!

3 Compressors Tutorials
3 Compressors Tutorials

Want to get to grips with our new trio of awesome compressors? In this short series, we'll cover each compressor's history, their parameters, and unique sound-shaping abilities.

Synthplex Burbank

March 28th to 31st
Synthplex is the place to try synthesizers, modules, pedals, and electronic music machines. Arturia will be there with our range or controllers and synthesizers. See the demonstrations and meet the Arturia team.

Machina Bristronica Bristol
Machina Bristronica

March 30th
A festival of Knobs, Buttons and Discussions over 4 warehouse rooms in the heart of Bristol.

MicroFreak Workshop Rome
MicroFreak Workshop

March 29th
Get freaky with MicroFreak in Italy. In partnership with Your Music, MidiWare will be demonstrating Arturia’s latest synth to show off its powerful performance and sound design capabilities.

Piano Day London
Piano Day

March 29th
An evening of piano, beatboxing and electronics... Joining the line-up at this years event is electronic producer Luke Abbott with Jack Wyllie of Portico Quartet. Reeps One will bring the beatboxing for a very unique piano performance and Float artist Andrea Belfi will perform tracks by Moondog with his trio hobocombo.

Signāls // Sintēze Riga
Signāls // Sintēze

March 23th
The signal in collaboration with T Studio offers a unique exhibition "Synthesis", which will present music, dj equipment and studio equipment.

Dancefair Netherlands

March 16th-17th
Arturia will be present at another great Dancefair show with our collection of synths including the new MicroFreak, AudioFuse interfaces, and drum machines and controller keyboards to show you a full music making experience.

Synth Reactor. Treppendorf
Synth Reactor

Between March 14 and 17,
get ready to immerse yourself in the world of synthesizers, from modular to virtual, and be guided by our team and a carefully-curated selection from the top YouTubers in the world.

IMSTA FESTA L.A. Los Angeles

March 16th
IMSTA FESTA is a FREE event open to everyone in the music making community; professional and semi-professional musicians, songwriters, music producers, and audio engineers, as well as music students and educators.

SXSW 2019 Austin
SXSW 2019

March 15th & 16th
The SXSW Music Festival invites artists, industry professionals, and fans from all over the world to Austin, Texas for a week every March to attend performances by iconic artists, make professional connections, elevate their musical careers, and discover the next wave of musical talent.

Pigments now on Splice
Pigments now on Splice

Our latest software synth is now available to “rent to own” through our friends at Splice. Now you can enjoy Pigments right now, with low monthly installments, pause any time, and own it forever after your final payment. No nonsense, no interest, and no inflated prices. If you’ve been thinking about it, now is it the perfect time to start exploring this superb synth

Wall Of Fame
Pigments: Wall Of Fame

We get messages and emails every day from reviewers, artists, studios, and hobbyists all around the world telling us how much they love Pigments. Like any proud parent, we thought we’d make a little “virtual trophy cabinet” to collect our favorites. Take a look!

Tutorial 3: Filters
Tutorial 3: Filters

In the latest episode of our simple, easy to follow tutorials, Guy goes over the different modes, sounds, and configurations of the twin filters found in Pigments. Whether you like smooth analog tone-shaping, aggressive cuts, or self-oscillating resonance, Pigments has you covered.

Risa Taniguchi on DrumBrute Impact
Risa Taniguchi on DrumBrute Impact

We saw that rising electronic music star Risa Taniguchi had started using DrumBrute Impact in her techno-infused sets. We jumped at the chance to ask her about her music, and how she’s been using our pint-sized, monstrous drum machine to drive her new tracks.


February 23rd
A celebration of music technology packed with Panels, Workshops & Master Classes, Song Critiques, Demonstrations and more. IMSTA FESTA is a FREE event open to everyone in the music making community; professional and semi-professional musicians, songwriters, music producers, and audio engineers, as well as music students and educators.

Tutorial 5 : Advanced Sequencing
Tutorial 5 : Advanced Sequencing

MiniBrute 2S features a powerful sequencer that not only lets you program note pitch and length, but also synth automations. In this video tutorial, Seb Rochard goes into detail on some of the unique ways MiniBrute 2S can animate your sound.

MoogAudio Clinic Montreal
MoogAudio Clinic

February 20th
Join us and discover the "Arturia World". This clinic will be fully focused on their products. Full in depth review and we will be answering to all your questions!

Des Machines à L'instrument France
Des Machines à L'instrument

February 16th and 19th
The Regional Radiation Conservatory and the Rueil Malmaison Mediatheque offer this year a second edition of "Machines to the Instrument".

New sound banks
New sound banks

This month, we’ve added 2 more great new sound banks to the Analog Lab Sound Store, an awesome way to expand your sonic palette with fresh, original patches.

Samuli Kemppi on MatrixBrute
Samuli Kemppi on MatrixBrute

We met up with Finnish Techno producer at his studio to chat about synths, how he creates his tracks, and transitioned back from solely using software to introducing hardware synths like MatrixBrute back into his creative process.

Years and Years
Years and Years

UK synth-pop act Years & Years have been smashing it recently. With 2 huge selling albums, loads of hit songs, the guys have now kicked off a year-long world tour. We found a moment in their crazy schedule to chat with synth and beat production pro Emre Türkmen about how he goes about creating beats, using DrumBrute Impact in the studio.

A Journey to Inspiration
A Journey to Inspiration

In the latest edition of our “Art of Inspiration” series, we hear from one of our electronic idols on how she finds that creative spark. A superbly useful collection of advice from big-name artists, we hope you find this week’s thoughts from Emika both inspiring and motivating.


Pigments just got better. Just a month after its release, our heroic software team have upgraded Pigments to version 1.1. Here’s a few of the new features you’ll find in the update:
Poly Aftertouch • Added a 6dB LPF and HPF slope mode to the Multimode Filter • New master tune control • Turing and Binary random sources with reset trigger sources • Velocity and Keyboard curve editor in Keyboard tab • 15 new presets from Andrew Huang

Behind the instrument
Behind the instrument

Want to know more about what went into the creation of Pigments? Check out this video interview with some of the key members of the Arturia team who brought this amazing instrument to life.

Journees Portes Ouvertes Paris
Journees Portes Ouvertes

Vous voulez vous offrir ou investir dans un synthetiseur, une boite a rythmes, un clavier maitre ou une suite logicielle d'instruments? Philippe Brodu sera present pour vous conseiller.

Tutorial 02: the synth engines
Tutorial 02: the synth engines

Follow Bryan as we dive into the exciting twin-synth engine that forms the basis of Pigments' sound. We'll cover the triple-voice virtual analog engine, as well as the superbly powerful wavetable engine. Learn what every parameter does with useful sound demos, and easily master your new instrument.

New soundbanks
New soundbanks

Analog Lab has new sounds made from our legendary software instruments in stock. Discover our brand new soundbanks : Bass Music Powerpack, EDM Powerpack, and Switched-on tribute.

Jörg Hüttner Interview
Jörg Hüttner Interview

We sat down with the man behind the electronic soundscapes of “Girl on a Train”, “Fifty Shades of Grey”, “Independence Day: Resurgence”, and “Cries from Syria” to discuss his past, his future, his Arturia gear, and how to deal with writer’s block. Check it out!

MusicRadar Best In Tech
MusicRadar Best In Tech

Arturia hardware and software won 3 times in MusicRadar's yearly "Best In Tech" awards. V Collection 6, DrumBrute Impact, and KeyLab MkII all got places on the podium!

Made for the Future
Made for the Future

Whether you want to relive the famous, iconic sounds of these legendary instruments or create something totally new and exciting, V Collection 6 has you covered. Check out these videos, and let your imagination run wild.

Starcadian Sound Bank
Starcadian Sound Bank

A long-time lover of our V Collection software bundle, Starcadian’s music is a cinematic, genre-hopping mix of lush retro, neon-soaked synths, snappy drum machines, and dream-like textures. We had the pleasure of catching up with the mysterious man behind the mask to chat about his inspiration, the gear he uses, and his plans for the future.

Arturia Meeting Buenos Aires
Arturia Meeting

November 29th
Ernesto Romeo & Sylvain Missemer presents DrumBrute Impact / MicroBrute 2s / RackBrute

Workshop ProMusic Chile
Workshop ProMusic

November 26th
Av. Salvador 2536, SANTIAGO DE CHILE 16:00 Santiago - Chile

NAMM 2019 Los Angeles
NAMM 2019 - booth#11920

January 24th to 27th
The NAMM Show is the global crossroads of the music, sound and event technology products industries with more than 115,000 registrants from 139 countries and regions commanding $11+ billion in buying power.

Festival of Modular 2018 Tokyo
Tokyo Festival of Modular 2018

November 17th to 18th
Introducing the latest modular synthesizer and its attractiveness and possibilities, aim for revitalization of Japanese electro music scene.

Festival of Sound Edinburgh
Edinburgh Festival of Sound

November 16th to 17th
A showcase of cutting-edge audio technology, installations, workshops, talks, interactivity, and more for people interested in all things audio!

AEMCON Burbank

November 15th to 18th
Presented by Alberta Electronic Music and Studio Bell, home of National Music Centre, AEMCON is a one of kind experience for music producers, DJs, industry professionals, and fans of electronic music.

SF Music Expo San Francisco
SF Music Expo

November 10th
For the fifth time a day of workshops covering songwriting, recording, mixing and mastering, inspiring business discussions covering artist branding and revenues, local artist showcase and an expo of the latest music technology.

L.A. Synth Expo Los Angeles
L.A. Synth Expo

November 3rd-4th
Hosted at a large warehouse blocks away from Echo Park and co-organized with LA’s premier synth, pedal and pro audio store Vintage King.

IMSTA Berlin

October 28th 2018
Do not miss the opportunity to interact with professionals from the music industry, product specialists from participating companies and other musicians in a relaxed atmosphere and learn from each other.

Gakki Music Fair Tokyo
Gakki Music Fair

October 19th-21st
Arturia's new KeyLab MkII controller keyboard, MiniBrute 2 synthesizer range, and DrumBrute Impact: come and see them on display and learn how to use them from the product demonstrators.

We Are Robots London
We Are Robots

October 12th-14th
We Are Robots returns to London, and this year Arturia will be demonstrating the new releases for 2018, including DrumBrute Impact, KeyLab MkII, and the analog MiniBrute 2 range.

Music China Show Shanghai
Music China Show

We will be at the number one Asian show from October 10th to 13th. Get hands on our instruments at our Chinese distributor booth (No. C72 in Hall W5).
2345 Longyang Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai 201204, PR China

Free update for all owners of Synclavier V, V Collections 5 & 6

The new version includes hundreds of new presets to play and personalize; a sample library of vintage New England Digital sounds; revamped timeline with host BPM sync; and extra destinations in the Modulations tab!

V Collection 6.2 Free Update
Free update to all owners of V Collection 6.

The latest update to Arturia’s V Collection sees the French software and hardware creators take the next step in terms of features, stability, and integration.