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EDU Program

Students’ educational development lies at the heart of Arturia’s mission.

By providing instructors with high quality equipment, we come closer to raising the standards of musical education. Students will enhance their music education experience by practicing on electronic instruments and software that sound closets to the original ones!

Eligibility: Arturia’s educational discounts are only institutional. Individual students and teachers discounts are currently unavailable.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us for more information and pricing.

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“For the last 17 years, we have followed Arturia’s progress and growth in different projects. Since we also met with some of you guys, it was crazy how much we can relate to your philosophy"

"Every workstation is equipped with a MiniLab MK2"

"At Fastlane, students get an insight to the music producer’s life"


SAE [Mexico]

“Arturia is a very important tool for me because it is very graphic in its design. This helps me effectively illustrate the theoretical part to students."

Arturia is proud to have a robust partnership with SAE, a prestigious private institute that operates in 30 countries. SAE offers courses in various subjects including audio, games, film, music business and more

SAE Institute is the world's leading educator in creative media industries.


Pittsburgh [Pennsylvanie]

“Arturia worked pretty well in filling the gap in the marketplace. The staff absolutely love the products and so do the students!”

Pittsburgh Public School gives students access to quality music equipment, and worked with Arturia to provide the best sounding solutions

Every high school student gets to create and perform on a MiniLab in their music course

No matter how young, the students find the Arturia equipment inspiring and easy to use.