ARTURIA announces the availability of Modular V


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ARTURIA announces the release of Modular V
Grenoble, FRANCE – Asheville, USA - Musikmesse, Francfort - March 5th 2003

The new Arturia’s Modular V is a faithful reproduction of the most legendary modular synthesizer of all time created by Bob Mg in the early 60's.

Bob Mg says, “Arturia's Modular V is a high quality computer emulation of the analog modular synthesizer technology that we originally introduced. Traditional front panel controls and switches are clearly and accurately displayed, while virtual patch cords can be plugged in or removed with the click of the mouse. The basic audio generating and modifying functions are instantly available, and so are envelope generators, LFO's, and other traditional control functions. The Modular V offers important contemporary features like MIDI, easy loading and saving of patches, and polyphonic tone generation. With the Modular V installed in your computer, you can develop a wide range of modular synth effects, and then program or play them as you wish. I am delighted that Arturia's Modular V is adding a new dimension to an instrument tradition that has a special meaning to so many musicians."

The Modular V is based on a new set of algorithms created by Arturia’s sound engineers and gathered under the name TAE ® (TAE stands for True Analog Emulation; see end of document). It brings a superior quality of sound when reproducing analog circuits. In particular, TAE avoids any sort of aliasing; it also emulates the typical instability of hardware oscillators and brings the warm sound of the vintage synthesizers.

In addition to the replication of all the functions of the original, the Modular V comes loaded with more than 400 presets made by a selection of the most famous sound designers.

Modular V
can be used:
  • As stand-alone software
  • As a virtual instrument
With the ability to work 32 bits / 96 kHz, you can now begin to make music on your computer the way you would do with a real hardware synthesizer.

Platforms specifcations:
  • Windows: Windows 95 / 98 / ME / 2000 / XP
  • Mac OS classic: Mac OS 9.x
  • Mac OS X: Mac OS X.2 or higher
Required minimum configuration:
  • PC / Windows: 128 Mbytes RAM - 500 MHz processor
  • Mac OS 9: 128 Mbytes RAM - 500 MHz processor
  • Mac OS X: 128 Mbytes RAM - 500 MHz processor

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