ARTURIA announces the release of Storm 2.0


ARTURIA announces the release of Storm 2.0
Grenoble, FRANCE – August, 8, 2002 – Arturia has released the version 2.0 of its successful virtual studio, Storm Music Studio. In this major update, users will benefit from such features as:

  • The Hall : this brand-new set of interactive features gives Storm 2.0 users the ability to collaborate online with other users of the program. The initial version of this feature offers file sharing on a peer-to-peer basis, chat rooms, news, and an assortment of tips and tutorials.
  • The Composition Wizard : This feature contains song templates suited to different musical styles (Danse, House, Hip Hop, Reggae, Jazz / Funk) plus more tips and tutorials.
  • Storm 2.0 sees the of addition the Shadow module, an eight-note polyphonic, analog-modeling synthesizer with two oscillators, pulse-width modulation, and a multimode filter. Storm now includes Vocoder and Compressor. Altogether, 23 instruments & effects are now available.
  • The synthesis and effects algorithms have been thoroughly improved. All modules now offer graphically consistent interfaces and fully redesigned onscreen ergonomics, to help recognition and ease of use.
  • Ability to launch and synchronize two Storm studios together on the same computer, thanks to the ReWire protocol (ReWirer Device & Mixer). This is very useful to increase the number of modules running together, or for live performances.
  • Support for the latest OS versions: Mac OS X and Windows XP.
  • Improved sample libraries :
    • Ability to import several samples simultaneously into the studio by drag & drop operations.
    • Improvements in EZtrack (ability to choose the audio source with one click).
    • Bug fixes in H3O+ (problems reading samples and loading patterns).
    • Improvements for audio exportation.
  • Storm can be used as a stand-alone program (VST instrument), or in combination with other
    hardware & software.
  • Storm 2.0 requires a Pentium II/300 MHz with Windows 95/98/2000/ME/XP and a
    minimum of 64 MB RAM, and also runs on Mac OS 9.x (G3/64 MB RAM) and Mac OS X (G3/128
    MB RAM).
  • Compatibility:
    • with Cubase (tm) and LogicAudio (tm) / VST & ReWire
    • with AbletonLive (tm), Rebirth (tm), Reason (tm) and CakeWalk Sonar (tm) / Rewire
  • Unlimited undo for all functions.
  • Free update and free shipping directly at home for Storm 1.5 users.
    (international standards)


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