Learn how to DrumBrute like a Boss!

In this series of DrumBrute Tutorials we take a look at the sound, the functions, and the tips and tricks of this powerful and fully analog drum machine.

Ep. 1: Entering Steps
Make your beat, tweak the dynamics

In this first tutorial video we’ll take a look at how to enter steps into the sequence. There are 3 ways to do this. Learn how to set the tempo, add accented notes, and deselect notes from your sequence.

Ep. 2: Live Performance Controls
Add excitement to your performances

Creative use of the Mute and Solo buttons, the filter and roller to create tension and build ups, and connecting external effects by using the individual outputs found on DrumBrute, all to create an exciting live real-time performance.

Ep. 3: Polyrhythm
Rhythmic possibilities to get them dancing

Polyrhythm. It’s something you will find in most music, electronica, house, r’n’b, hip hop, and more. It adds subtleties to the rhythm to keep it interesting. Just a few clicks and you can add an extra dimension to your live and studio performances.

Ep. 4: Adding Feel
Adding the human touch to your beats

Feel and movement of beats is important. So far everything we have created throughout this series has been quantised, meaning that the timing of every step has been completely perfect, which ends up sounding computerised and unnatural. Fear not, DrumBrute offers lots of timing flexibility.

Ep. 5: Metronome
& External Hardware
Keeping time, opening new connectivity ideas

DrumBrute has as metronome which can be set to different timings. But wait, there’s more: as DrumBrute has a separate audio output for the metronome it can be used in interesting and wonderful rhythmic ways.