Sound Corner

Six Pack (Theo Niessink)

All sounds except drums and vocals are from Farfisa V.

The Farfisa Song (Sylvain Missemer)

Liberation Jam (Theo Niessink)

Keyboard sounds are from Farfisa V, B-3 V, and Stage-73 V.

Reggae 2 (Sylvain Missemer)

Rock 2 (Sylvain Missemer)

Funky Psychedelic (Victor Morello)

Preset used : Double Shot

Sascha Funke

Artists Corner

I am a big fan of organ sounds and i think the Farfisa is the best sounding virtual organ plugin on the market.
Sascha Funke
( DJ / Producer )
David Hofman

Artists Corner

The Farfisa V is great recreation. The Arturia presets give me a great starting point that goes way beyond its original purpose.
David Hofman
( Mixing Engineer / Producer )