Tutorial | Jup-8 V

Let Bryan introduce you to a member of the V Collection: Jup-8 V, a powerful polyphonic software synthesizer. In this video, Bryan will give you an overview of the synths, and take you through its new features.

Downloads & manuals for Jup-8 V4

Manual Date Size Version Infos Download
  New  Jup-8 V4 FR Manual 26-Jan-2021 14.7 Mb 1.0
  New  Jup-8 V4 ES Manual 26-Jan-2021 14.7 Mb 1.0
  New  Jup-8 V4 DE Manual 25-Jan-2021 14.7 Mb 1.0
  New  Jup-8 V4 JP Manual 21-Jan-2021 15.2 Mb 1.0
  New  Jup-8 V4 EN Manual 08-Dec-2020 14.7 Mb 1.0
Platform Name Date Size Version Infos Download
 10.13+ New  Jupiter-8 26-Jan-2021 179.3 Mb  
 Win 8.1+ New  Jupiter-8 26-Jan-2021 114.7 Mb  

Sound Corner

Outer Worlds (Victor Morello)

Retro and catchy track composed for the Jup-8 V4 announcement video. Additional guitar parts played by Rasmus Kürstein.

Flashback Mania (Florian Le Prise)

Colourful 80’s synth pop tune using only Jus-8 V4 sounds, except for the kick, snare and hi-hat. Very few effects were used in the process - all Factory presets were kept as they are, with just a little bit of reverb and distortion added to enrich the sound.

Doppler (Vangelis Vargas)

Minimal but efficient dance-floor friendly track, in the pure tradition of early electro/techno music from the 90s.

1-30 L11 (Tom Hall)

IDM track showcasing some of the rougher and more experimental sounds, found in Tom Hall’s own factory presets.

Planetary System (Simon Gallifet)

Deep and impacting cinematic / electro track, using modern sounds and a great use of Simon’s own “RandomMelody’s” preset.

Twolegs (Twolegs Toneworks)

Groovy tech house track giving a great impression of the sound of the analog modelled filter

Classic 80s Hits (Dave Polich)

Snippets from four classic hit songs that featured the original machine, using sound that can be found in Dave Polich’s presets.