Rev PLATE-140 & Pre 1973



This page will guide you through the quick steps to get your virtual fx up and running.

How to Get Started


Go to the Account Creation page to create your MyArturia account.


Check your email to confirm your account, then go to Register a new Product.


Enter the serial and the unlock code of the first FX you want to register. Repeat this step for your other plugin.


Click on the button below to download and install the Arturia Software Center. Then login with your Arturia account.

the ASC

The Arturia Software Center (ASC) lets you activate, install and update your Arturia software on your devices.


Once the ASC is downloaded and installed, you can activate your Arturia products by clicking on the Activate button.


You are now ready to create.


  I did not receive the mail to validate my account.

  Please check the SPAM folder of your mailbox. If the validation email is not there, then contact our Webmaster using this contact form

  I cannot log into the Arturia Software Center.

  First make sure that your internet connection is active. Then try to log into your Arturia account on our website. If you cannot, either your account is not properly validated (see above) or your password is wrong. Reset your password thanks to the appropriate link. If it still does not work, then contact our Webmaster using this contact form

  How to free an activation from my computer for instance if I want to replace it?

  Launch the ASC and log into it. Click on the gear tab on the left to display the setting. The “deactivate all” button at the bottom of this screen will allow you to remove all the Arturia activations on this computer.

  I want to install and activate my Arturia software on a computer that is not connected to internet.

   Please refer to this page explaining the offline activation process.

Need more help ?

Our support team is happy to help you with questions on how to use Arturia instruments. You can contact them from this page :