A new firmware version is available for MicroBrute!
Download the latest firmware file below and install it using the Arturia MIDI Control Center.

Downloads & manuals for MicroBrute

Manual Date Size Version Infos Download
  New  MicroBrute EN Manual 09-May-2019 23.2 Mb 1.1.0
  New  MicroBrute FR Manual 09-May-2019 28.4 Mb 1.1.0
  New  MicroBrute Japanese Manual 23-Aug-2013 17.2 Mb 1.0
  New  MicroBrute Spanish Manual 23-Aug-2013 3.8 Mb 1.0

Midi Control Center

Platform Name Date Size Version Infos Download
 10.10+ New  Midi Control Center 14-Jan-2021 37.4 Mb  
 Win 7+ New  Midi Control Center 14-Jan-2021 28.2 Mb