Sound Corner

Elektro Side (Jean-Michel Blanchet )

12 Mini V tracks in Cubase SX. No additional samples were used. All the sounds used in this piece are available in a preset bank of the Mini V plug-in. Many thanks to the author, Jean-Michel Blanchet.

Retromatic (Larry Hopkins )

Track made using the Mini V and the ARP 2600 V.

Mini V Demo by Mitsuru Sakaue (Mitsuru Sakaue )

A Mini V demo song inspired by Chick Corea, Jan Hammer, Rick Wakeman and Pink Floyd. Many thanks to the author, Mitsuru Sakaue.

Mglinger 02 (Vincent Guyard et Michel Geiss )

Many thanks to the author, Vincent Guyard et Michel Geiss.

On The Other Hand (Scott Solida, aka The Prayer Capsule )

More about The Prayer Capsule, Scot Solida's solo project : Many thanks to the author, Scott Solida, aka The Prayer Capsule

Still Ill (Fabrizio Massara )

Fabrizio Massara (a.k.a. fab) is a keyboardist/composer/producer. He's a member of Baustelle, alternative pop italian band (two albums released, now signed to Warner Music Italy). He makes (real) love with (virtual) synths when the girls fall asleep... Ma

Artists Corner

Esthetically and sonically it is really good. I have a Voyager (sadly no Model D), and the Mini VÕs sound really surprised me. The soft clipping switch is great; the fact that you can feed the headphone lineout into the ÒexternalÓ input to create the saturating effect that you can get from the real machine. The fact that it is polyphonic is also really cool. What I like most about this plugin is the way it is configured; it stays very true to the original, but also provides tasteful new tools which can be very useful indeed.
Strip Steve
( DJ/ Producer )

Artists Corner

Very useable synths that integrate perfectly into my studio setup. Now I have some very good, instantly accessible sounds right at my fingertips. (About the Mini V)
Jake Wherry
( The Herbalizer )

Artists Corner

From the first time I opened up the Mini V I was blown away by the sound quality. These three soft synths are what I use to start and finish every song that I have written since. I have a collection of vintage synths but the reliability and the infinite ways you can precisely manipulate and control all the parameters in Arturia's products have left them gathering dust.
Ian Pai
( Blue Man Group )

Artists Corner

Arturia Mini-V was one of the first emulation I've used, and it's still present in my nowadays tracks
( DJ/Producer )

Artists Corner

The Arturia Mini V so accurately re-creates the original. Perfected analog synthesis with the ease of being able to save your sounds as a preset. A must have in the world of synthesis.
Alexander Adhami
( Score Composer )