Sound Corner

Crystal Duophonic (Victor Morello)

Duophonic Access (Victor Morello)

All you hear comes from one instance of MiniBrute 2s. VCO 1 is used both as a bassline and kick drum sound, while VCO 2 pitch is fixed. The sequence is then transposed in real time to generate melodic movement. External effects used : Filter Delay from Ableton.

Glitch Brkbt (Victor Morello)

Quick jam with one heavily patched instance of MiniBrute 2s, showing the more experimental side of the instrument's sound palette. Filter audio rate FM, envelope time modulation, brute factor... The added drum loop comes from Ableton.

Obsessions (Victor Morello)

This melodic electro piece was created using 15 Tracks of MiniBrute 2s. No external samples nor instrument were used. External effects used : Reverb, EQ and Filter Delay from Ableton.


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Jörg Hüttner

Artists Corner

Amazing how flexible this box is both in sound and obviously its sequencer capabilities. I especially love that I’m not tied to just 16 steps, which makes the MiniBrute2S also very useful outside of usual 4/4 signatures, which is important for film/tv/media. Being able to combine this with my eurorack modular via its patchbay is just the icing on the cake and I love the “Brute Factor” knobs’ sound and impact.
Jörg Hüttner
( Composer )