Firmware Update v1.1

The producer's choice, fine-tuned.

Total expressive control, unparalleled value. MiniLab MkII lets you create instant music right out the box - and we want to make sure that you’re getting the most out of it.

This free update makes MiniLab MkII’s interface and workflow more intuitive, tactile and precise than ever - so you can focus on your creative process. Here’s what’s included:

Update your Firmware

Improved control accuracy

Responsive controls are crucial to inspiring music creation. We’ve adjusted MiniLab MkII’s knobs to be more accurate and sensitive to subtle tweaks - capture every detail of your sound.

Enhanced Pitch Bend

The Pitch Bend touch strip is an essential expressive component. We’ve made it even smoother than before, with greater note accuracy, for effortless slides and bends.

Configurable pad backlighting

RGB feedback on MiniLab MkII’s pads has been refined. Pads remain backlit even when not in use, and you can disable individual LEDs without creating new templates.

Octave button feedback

We listened to your feedback and changed the Oct- & Oct+ pad LEDs to be fixed rather than flashing. This makes octaves easier to track and the interface less distracting during your performance or session.


Gojko Marić

Artists Corner

I have found the MiniLab and this was the beginning of a whole new journey for me in the world of Arturia. I was so impressed by the ease I was working with. The MiniLab it still to date my main MIDI controller.
Gojko Marić
( Welicoruss )
Giorgia Angiuli

Artists Corner

It's solid, has a beautiful design, great pads and keybed. It's also really easy for me to travel with it and bring it to my live shows
Giorgia Angiuli
( Composer )