Audios Samples

Sound Corner

It Continues (Laurent Collat )

Track made with 12 instances of the Prophet V. Additionnal drums have been programmed with an E-mu morpheus.

Pfunk 5 (Christian Laffitte )

"I have chosen to create a track from the period in which the Prophet 5 and VS rained supreme synth: the 80's. The bass sounds are deep, the highs very airy and atmospheric. It was easy to achieve the 80's funk disco style of the time using the Prophet V.

Prophetable (Franck Blaszczyk )

Drum'n'Bass. Track made with Prophet V only, except for the drums.

Prophetik SoundTrack (Franck Blaszczyk )

Demo track made with Prophet V only, except for the drums. Pad sounds programmed with Prophet Hybrid. Sequenced with Cubase SX.

Trance Demo (Yohannes Regnier )

A Trance track by Yohannes Regnier - Silicon Sound - using the Prophet V (Except the hi-hat cymbals and the snare drum samples).

Stranger in a Strange Land (Houston Haynes)

The Prophet Has Spoken (Fabulous Fab )

Track made with Prophet V only, including drums. 16 instances of the Prophet V have been used in Ableton Live 5.0, one reverb from Live and one or two compressors. The final mix has been made with the Sony-Oxford limiter in Protools 7.0 M Powered.

Trip Proph Track (Franck Blaszczyk )

Electronic Trip Hop. Track made with Prophet V only, except for the drums.

Club Scene (Houston Haynes)

Artists and Prophet V3

Trent Reznor

Artists Corner

When I got my hands on it I was blown away...
Trent Reznor
( Nine Inch Nails )
Tony Colman

Artists Corner

In 1981 when I was a student at Middlesex Uni, the studio technician asked me what he should spend his budget of £20K on. I said, “get a Prophet 10.” I cut the keys to the studio and I learned it inside out at night while the lights were out! The Arturia Prophet V is a creepily close realization of the original. The spine tingling cross modulations are all there, and it's brilliant to rediscover the sound and feel of the original.
Tony Colman
( London Elektricity )
Lyle Mays

Artists Corner

With the possibilities offered in hybrid mode, this is infinitely more than just two classic synths bundled together. A real winner in my book.
Lyle Mays
( Jazz composer )