Sound Corner

Chillax (Jean-Baptiste Arthus)

All keyboard sounds are from Solina V. The backing track is the “Diamond Strings” preset. The lead is the "Fat in the Middle" preset by Erik Norlander.

Song for Jill (Theo Niessink)

SDG (Boele Gerkes)

Pachelbel's Canon (Theo Niessink)

All sounds are from Solina V.

Creepy Carrousel (Theo Niessink)

All sounds except banjo and drums are from Solina V.

Demo (Pierce Warnecke )

Artists and Solina V2

Richard Simpson

Artists Corner

The Solina in particular blows my mind. It’s lush and authentic, I’ve used the real thing on numerous records and this is the only emulation that I’d use.
Richard Simpson
( Coldplay )
Kevin Baird

Artists Corner

For someone who has spent most of their life playing live with real analogue instruments I've always found it so hard to replicate the warmth and fullness with software. Solina bridges that gap so perfectly I imagine my instruments will be gathering dust in my studio now!
Kevin Baird
( Two Doors Cinema Club )