John Nathaniel


John Nathaniel is a Montreal-based producer, mixer, and songwriter who’s worked with artists like OneRepublic, Gwen Stefani, and Kygo.

We caught up with John to talk about how he utilizes the dusty, digital charm of SQ80 V within V Collection for his epic, award-winning mixes.

A Classic

We witness John getting lost on the piano playing Beethoven. When he comes back from his momentary trance, he shares:

John then shows us a piece of music he wrote using Arturia’s synths.

The layers that build this epic, suspenseful ride are FILTER Mini, JUN-6 V, Comp FET-76, CMI V, and Pre TridA. To truly understand how these different elements work together, John will guide us through them separately.

like These

The time we live in is truly unique.

The endless possibilities of sound and gear can feel overwhelming, but with a guide that simplifies your workflow to your deal breakers, this journey can be blissful: