La Casa Organica Shaping the sound
of Mexico

La Casa Organica Shaping the sound
of Mexico

Sometimes inspiration can be found in unexpected places. One such example is the curious convergence of nature and architecture in the designs of Javier Senosiain. We asked 2 artists to share their inspirations in 2 of his most famous locations: La Casa Orgánica, and El Parque Quetzalcoatl.

Javier Senosiain is the first known Mexican architect to design organic architecture in Mexico.

He seeks harmony between our natural habitat and the modern world. Senosiain’s work is characterized by a reconciliation with nature, curved structures, and most importantly work that is kinder to the environment. What better place to talk about inspiration?


Leslie García aka Microhm is an artist and producer of electronic music originary from Tijuana. She develops electronic art, science and technology projects and also works making experimental electronic music production. She spent some years producing and developing software and hardware instruments, now focusing on creating music.

I think Arturia’s MicroFreak is a very special synthesizer, the best of two worlds converging. Although most synthesizer developers have opted for the world of modularity or analog, in this synth we can find a series of digital oscillators that are complemented by analog effects. Also, having this patching matrix allows you to develop a very expressive sound, play and explore on the same device.

She explores the process of fusion between art and technology, using techniques such as the production of virtual tools, development of electronic prototypes, audio production, generative visual codes, hardware development and biological interfaces.

For me, the exploration of electronic music has to do with the ability to convert something as abstract as electrical energy into emotions, in the way that it can touch and transform others through sound.

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Alyosha Barreiro

Alyosha is a musician, sound artist, and electronic music artist. He has been searching for a special sound for years. Twelve years ago he found and received all this legacy of ancient Mexican and pre-Hispanic music, and decided to include it in his sound spectrum.

As an artist, sound exploration is very important to me. That means not becoming a copy every time I play. It is arriving at a place where the music guides you and you do not impose what you want to do each time. It is very interesting because you have very pleasant experiences and the concert becomes a live concert.

Alyosha combines Arturia's hardware, with ancient instruments and prehispanic, such as ocarinas, drums, flutes, so that it acquires that depth that we find in his music.

When I teach, they often ask me where to invest the money. There is a lot of equipment and everything seems to be so good. I always suggest the V Collection, its emulations are amazing. On the other hand, starting to buy analog instruments is very rich. Arturia has it very clear, it's gear you can take out of the box and start playing, but they grow with you.

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