We sat down with Sherelle and fellow musician Loraine James to learn more about their work and be introduced to the innovative powers of Pigments 5.

Sherelle’s rave-inspired and high-tempo sound emerged on the scene after a breakthrough Boiler Room set in 2019. From an acclaimed ‘Fabric presents’ album to popular releases and countless DJ awards, she continues to push the boundaries of 160 beats per minute, interlacing breakbeat, jungle and footwork.

Loraine James has similarly made a name for herself, with support from one the UK’s most renowned Dubstep and Bass labels, Hyperdub, who released her debut album in 2019. With early inspiration from pioneering IDM artists, Squarepusher and Telefon Tel Aviv, her production blends a range of vocal and percussive influences resulting in a uniquely experimental aesthetic.

Breakthrough artist,breakthrough sound

Sherelle’s career began in front of the decks, with gradual exposure leading to a famed Boiler Room London set in 2019. The success of which triggered a meteoric rise in her performance profile, allowing for a full-time focus on music. Beyond this, she co-founded the label Hooversound alongside BEAUTIFUL, a studio access initiative for black and queer artists.

I’ve always resonated with electronic music, that's why I like it, and hearing jungle from an early age, there’s clearly something about the low-end base that really gets me, and I get it.

2019 was also a pivotal year for Loraine James, which saw the release of her acclaimed debut album ‘For You and I’, a selection of which she performed live for 180 Fact. This was followed by a series of releases that continued to build-on a unique genre-splicing approach to sound design.

Uptempo attitude

Sherelle’s DJ persona and production style is unequivocally energetic. Inspired by a background in rave and dancehall, she brings multiple influences to her sets, which pulse and weave between heavy Jungle breaks, 90’s-style Hard-House and chopped vocal Footwork.

After establishing the Hooversound label in 2019, Sherelle began to apply her tastemaker knowledge and passion for high octane underground sounds to a career as a producer. Resulting in a 90’s rave throwback with modern punch in “JUNGLE TEKNAH” alongside a fast techno hit dense with melodic arps in “160 DOWN THE A406”. A style which she carried forward in 2023 with “GETOUTOFMYHEAD”.

From ongoing accolades as a performer to widely recognised early releases, it is clear that Sherelle will continue to shake-up the scene from all sides.

Controlled chaos

For Loraine, her production has followed a path of intricate IDM experimentation. But beyond the conventions of this sound, she adds her own twists and turns that combine elements from Jazz, R&B and Drill.

Loraine’s debut album topped end-of-year lists in Quietus and DJ Mag, receiving widespread critical acclaim with tracks such as “Vowel // Consonant” and “Sensual” revealing the deconstructive and labyrinthine nature of her beat making, as well as a sensibility for elegant vocal layering.

With 6 albums across two monikers, that define a forward-thinking patchwork of underground sounds, Loraine is undoubtedly one to watch.

Sonic experimentation with Pigments 5

We got to be a fly on the wall in the BEAUTIFUL + AIAIAI studios in London as Sherelle and Loraine threw down a 160 bpm arrangement - with Pigments 5 at the heart of the sound design. With Loraine’s technical knowledge and Sherelle’s intuitive play, we get an insight into a unique collaborative dynamic and production style. They share a healthy attitude towards music production, with a focus on getting the ideas down without overthinking things - resulting in a sound that matches the moment. With a fast workflow, and high bpm, the two artists end up with a minimal Jungle beat overlaid with moody 90’s chords.

Sometime you can be stuck on the same loop that your doing for hours and not really doing anything to progress past that.

The versatility of Pigments shines through in this jam, providing a broad palette of basses, leads, keys, pads and sequencer effects that Sherelle and Loraine combine with ingenuity and flare. The sequencer in Pigments 5 is a key feature of the updated synth, that allows you to craft novel melodic phrases and stepped patterns with ease.

(the sequencer) It’s quite a good section to have actually because sometimes you can get stuck with doing the usual

A personal connection

Spending time with Sherelle and Loraine it is clear that their contributions to UK underground music will have a lasting impact. They reflect on the intrinsic joy that comes from working with music and how this feeling is far from reserved for established producers. The software and tools available to us today mean that anyone can create a totally fresh and unheard sound.

I think we’re lucky now that we’ve got software that you know, naturally if your someone that doesn’t have a musical background you could still create something really new and exciting

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