Sound Corner

DEMOVCC1_Mini-Percu-V (Jean-Baptiste Arthus)

Kind of electro-break track using only the Mini-V with some delay (from the Mini-V) for glitchy effect

DEMOVCC2_PsycheAmbiant (Jean-Baptiste Arthus)

Ambiant track mainly made with Jupiter 8 V, ARP 2600 V and Mini-V

DEMOVCC3_BasicHouse (Jean-Baptiste Arthus)

Shameless House using novel ternary lead and 909 drums made with Prophet V, ARP 2600 V and Mini-V

DEMOVCC4_Electronica-acidulee (Jean-Baptiste Arthus)

Punchy Resonating Bass jumping through razor FX under the gaze of a suspicious lead made with SEM V, Jupiter 8 V and ARP 2600 V

DEMOVCC5_Chianbiant (Jean-Baptiste Arthus)

Ultra deep feeling sounds made with Mini-V, Jupiter 8 V and Prophet V