Arturia unveils FX Collection 2: all-in-one production suite

Introducing FX Collection 2: Audio effects you'll actually use
Arturia unveils revamped FX Collection 2: new plugins, features, and workflow
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On Tuesday June 8th at 6PM CEST, Arturia will be launching FX Collection 2, a vastly expanded version of their suite of professional production plugins. This new version introduces 7 new effects, upgraded emulations, hundreds of new presets, NKS-ready design, and much more - offering an inspiring & authentic audio experience for today’s producers.

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Arturia unveils expanded production suite, FX Collection 2
Your dream studio, re-engineered
FX Collection is an inspiring suite of plugins combining the analog warmth of vintage effects with the creative flexibility of modern audio enhancers, putting exceptional studio-quality sound in the hands of musicians and producers of all styles and abilities.

Spanning everything from classic analog compressors to timeless contemporary reverbs, each effect has been hand-picked, meticulously modeled, and creatively enhanced - giving you everything you need to professionally mix, master, and customize every aspect of your sound.
What’s new in FX Collection 2?
7 new FX plugins - FX Collection 2 has increased in size from 15 to 22 plugins, including Bus FORCE, Comp DIODE-609, Phaser BI-TRON, Chorus JUN-6, and more.
Delay TAPE-201 new preamps - Delay TAPE-201 now has multiple preamp options: no preamp, the original RE-201 preamp, and a newly-modeled Germanium preamp for that signature crunch.
200 new presets - Enjoy freshly-designed presets for almost every plugin in the collection, making it easier than ever to tweak on the fly and find the sonic magic you need.
NKS ready - Every title in FX Collection now works with Native Kontrol Standard for a fluid workflow alongside the rest of your virtual instruments and effects.
Enhanced in-app tutorials - Get familiar with each plugin with newly-integrated tutorials and tips, covering every parameter and component in detail.
Refined preset browser - FX Collection 2 features the same intuitive preset browser as V Collection, offering streamlined browsing, filtering, and saving of your favorite presets.
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An entire boutique studio in your DAW
22 of the finest audio tools, hand-picked for their unique character, engineered to perfection, and respectfully enhanced to surpass traditional studio equipment - delivering exceptional sound in an instant.
Bus FX
  • Bus FORCE - A powerful original parallel processor with 4 distinct modules: Filter, EQ, Compressor, and Saturation. Your new go-to mixing plugin.

  • Comp DIODE-609 - Based on the iconic british Neve™ stereo compressor and limiter with a distinctly characterful crunchy response - great for drums.

  • EQ SITRAL-295 - A classic stereo EQ with gentle musical curves and warm transistor feel, based on the classic ‘70s Siemens™ broadcast console.
  • Chorus DIMENSION-D - Simple 4-mode operation for beautifully smooth stereo chorus in one click, with perfectly-emulated BBD warmth.

  • Phaser BI-TRON - An elusive dual phaser that oozes boutique guitar pedal charm, with two phasing circuits and advanced routing options.

  • Flanger BL-20 - A rare & unique studio gem that goes from faint stereo width to out-of-this-world compound modulation in no time.

  • Chorus JUN-6 - Based on the classic Juno chorus for massive stereo richness, analog warmth, and subtle movement at the touch of a button.
  • Comp FET-76 - The most coveted studio compressor ever made, known as the unit that makes everything sound better. Perfect vocals and instruments every time.

  • Comp TUBE-STA - A reimagining of the legendary vacuum-tube powered Gates® STA-Level, a secret weapon for bass and vocals since the ‘50s.

  • Comp VCA-65 - The ultimate rhythm section compressor, Comp VCA-65 is a hard-hitting solid-state VCA compressor with a modern twist.
  • Delay TAPE-201 - Organic, tape-saturated delay and metallic spring reverb at its finest, this is the echo box to end all echo boxes.

  • Delay MEMORY-BRIGADE - The iconic lo-fi delay known for its beautifully dark tone and swarming feedback, enhanced for today’s ambient needs.

  • Delay ETERNITY - An exciting original delay effect with huge modulation and textural capabilities - an innovative tool for the modern producer.
  • Rev PLATE-140 - A luxurious, rich, smooth plate reverb known for its mix-ready clarity, retrofitted with futuristic features.

  • Rev SPRING-636 - Enhance any sound with a vibrant, slappy, squelchy spring reverb that sounds so real, you’d swear you could kick it yourself.

  • Rev INTENSITY - Lose yourself in a totally new type of reverb. It combines cinematic sound with in-depth modulation and sound shaping.
  • Pre 1973 - The iconic ‘70s Brit sound, a staple in the world’s most renowned studios, perfectly recreated for the modern producer.

  • Pre TridA - One of the most prized, rare, and exclusive channel strips ever made, known for its musical EQ, reborn in your DAW.

  • Pre V76 - The finest vintage tube preamp & a sound that defined ‘60s pop music, known as ‘The White Album Sound’, reborn in exquisite detail.
  • Filter M12 - The legendary Oberheim® Matrix-12 filter, reworked with programmable modulation and advanced controls.

  • Filter MINI - A plugin recreation of Dr Moog’s famous 24dB per octave low-pass ladder filter, updated with exciting new features for the modern music maker.

  • Filter SEM - Taken from Tom Oberheim’s pioneering synth design, this is simply one of the best-loved filters of all time.
Introductory offer
To celebrate this release, Arturia is running a special intro offer:
FX Collection 2 will be available for the exclusive price of $299/299€ (instead of $399/399€).
In line with Arturia's tradition to reward loyalty, Customers who already own Arturia software or hardware are eligible for exclusive discounts and crossgrades, with prices starting from $49/49€.
Intro offers end on June 25th, 2021.
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Founded in Grenoble, France, in 1999, Arturia specialises in the development of music software and hardware for musicians of all abilities.

They are a team of passionate people, dedicated to musicians and the exploration of sound. Their aim is to create tools that encourage musical discovery, nurture inspiration, and savor the creative process - from re-imagined classics to trailblazing innovations.

Operating in 55 countries, they have offices in France, the USA, Mexico, and the UK.

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