Performance Update 7.2

The best just got better.

We’ve improved V Collection 7 with your feedback in mind - awe-inspiring sounds, impeccable performance.

V Collection 7.2 is a free update that boosts speed, improves ease of use and elevates your workflow to new creative heights. Discovering timeless synths has never been this easy - update now and enhance your V Collection experience.

To update,

just launch the ASC and it should update itself to the latest version. You will then be able to update all your software titles.

Faster preset changes

The time it takes to change presets has been dramatically cut. Find the perfect sound faster or instantly recall your favourite patches without interrupting your creative flow.

Improved graphic performance

All instruments in V Collection have had their animations and visuals streamlined. This provides a smoother appearance and ensures less strain on your CPU.

Choose where you install instruments

All instrument resources can be installed/moved to a folder of your choice via Arturia Software Center. Choosing your own custom resource path is useful if you’re working with multiple drives/devices or limited internal storage.

Optimized patch downloads

If you already have an instrument installed, any future patch update files will only include necessary files, meaning that downloads will be smaller. This makes Arturia Software Center updates easier and quicker to install.

Various Bug fixes

We’ve taken your feedback into account and upgraded the overall performance of V Collection 7. It’s now simply more stable, efficient and easy to use.

What do you see ?

For the team at Arturia, V Collection 7 is landmark. Countless hours of research, development, coding, sound designing, playing, and refining.

Naturally, it feels like a big deal for us, but this is only part of the story; another chapter in music history. It’s an exciting, inspiring, and constantly changing tale, and one that you’re part of. History’s greatest musicians and the iconic instruments they used started the story, we gave their legacy new life and fresh potential, and the pen is now in your hands. The next chapter is yours to write.

It’s your turn.

History’s finest keyboards at your fingertips

How did we decide which synths and keyboards to recreate? Simple, we asked the experts: you.

We regularly ask our users and the wider music production community what iconic instruments they would like us reimagine, and then we work our magic. When you purchase V Collection 7, you’ll be given the keys to your own personal synth and keyboard museum. In it, you’ll find 24 jaw-dropping legends that defined music history, and - in your hands - will shape the sound of tomorrow.

Awesome analog synths

Electricity harnessed into music. We mapped every circuit and analysed every component to bring you unrivalled analog sound.

Synthi V

A patch-pin modular sensation, the quirky British “silver machine” put a new spin on modular synthesis. New for V Collection 7, it has been reborn with expanded modulations, powerful effects, an updated sequencer, with the ability to group pins for total control.

Buchla Easel V

Don Buchla’s leftfield analog synth from 1973, the Music Easel was perfect for exploring alternative sound design, creating ambient, widescreen textures, and unfamiliar sequences. Arturia’s reimagining also features “Gravity”, a physics-based synth.

Mini V

Probably the most famous synth in history, this monosynth is legendary for its fat, warm basses and leads. We partnered with Bob Moog himself to bring this legend to a new generation of musicians, with new features that were impossible in the 70s.

Matrix-12 V

An analog polysynth legend, the Matrix-12 featured the big brassy Oberheim® sound, powered by unparalleled matrix modulation and 15-mode filters. We’ve expanded it with even more mod sources and a 27 x 47 matrix.

Prophet V

Combining the analog Prophet 5 with the digital Prophet VS, this reimagined synth gives you the iconic poly-subtractive synth sound that defined the 70s and 80s. We’ve even added a hybrid mode to combine the best of both instruments.

CS-80 V

Two synths in one, the original was famous for rich complex sonic textures. Toto, Vangelis, ELO, and Stevie Wonder, and now it’s your turn. Our update features modulation, multi-timbral voicing, an arpeggiator, effects and preset morphing.


The sound designer’s secret weapon, our reborn Tom Oberheim classic brings that analog vital tone to your setup. We’ve also updated it with 8 voices of unique polyphony, as well as a new modulation matrix, noise, sub-oscillator, arpeggiator and portamento.

Jup-8 V

Fat, yet airy and crystal clear, this classic polysynth was adored by the likes of Prince, Duran Duran, Moby, and Depeche Mode. We’ve brought extra love by adding complex LFO combinations, modulatable dynamic effects, and an advanced step sequencer.

ARP 2600 V

From clear bright leads to the voice of R2D2. Its semi-modular design featured connections you could override with patch cords, great for learning and exploring synthesis. Our version has tons of enhancements: polyphony, tracking generator modules, a sequencer, and effects.

Modular V

The Modular system started the entire electronic music revolution. We collaborated with Bob Moog to update this behemoth with programmable presets, polyphony, nine VCOs, three VCFs and rare original modules like the Bode 1620 frequency shifter.

Powerful digital instruments

Breakthroughs of binary and code from the pioneering days of digital technology, reborn, remastered, and yours to explore.


The budget synth that became a legend in its own right. The instrument that brought the digital synth revolution to the masses with its razor sharp phase distortion sound. Now beefed up as software, with added modulations and awesome effects!


If you’ve ever listened to the radio, watched a film, or owned any 80s records, you’ll have heard the DX-7. We simplified the way you program it, and expanded it with a mod matrix, custom envelopes, waveforms, a 2nd LFO, effects, and more.

Synclavier V

We partnered with original designer Cameron Jones to faithfully rebuild his brainchild synth in software. The elite digital synthesizer that powered some of the biggest hits and film soundtracks of the early ‘80s is now yours to control, with expanded features and resynthesis.


The mother of all samplers, and a groundbreaking additive synth, the Fairlight original redefined pop music. Our recreation gives you 10 multitimbral, polyphonic slots to design your sound, real-time waveform shaping, effects, sequencer, and even a brand new “Spectral” synth.

Famous pianos and keyboards

Physical works of art, honed from steel, wood, reeds, motors, and magnetic tape, all recreated as software for your pleasure.

Mellotron V

The original instrument redefined what keyboard players could do, unlocking the doors to orchestral and choral sounds at the touch of a key. Our reborn Mellotron features all original tapes, as well as the ability to play your own samples with authentic tape emulation.

B-3 V

The king of electronic organs, the rich sounding B-3 has been a staple of jazz, gospel, hard rock and reggae for over a half century. Our faithful homage includes a rotary speaker, as well as drawbar modulation for new animated and syncopated effects.

Stage-73 V

A legend of the stage and studio, this software instrument is modelled on the legendary Fender Rhodes. We recreated the tone of both Stage and Suitcase models right down to the tines, pickups and circuitry. We also included a tube amp model and classic effects, too.

Piano V

A collection of world-class pianos and quirky, rare instruments brought to life through physical modelling. We measured the precise tonal response of every component, so you can enjoy and personalize living, breathing pianos, rendered in software. No samples here!

Solina V

An early proto-synth, organ hybrid, the Solina created lush string and orchestral sounds electronically. Our revamped version gives you access to both mono and stereo versions, new effects, custom options, and new voices inspired by the Polymoog!

Clavinet V

One of the most loved, influential electric keyboards of all time, this funky, energetic tone is now available in a physically modelled software instrument, complete with customizable setup, and classic amp and effects combos.

Farfisa V

A driven transistor organ was the backbone of any 60s hits, and it has been bubbling away in upbeat genres ever since. We added some cool synth functionality to this classic too, like user-definable waveforms, trem sync, envelopes and effects.

Wurli V

Bright and tight, the original instrument wash much-loved by funk and rock players for its punch and clarity. Our recreation is a perfect physical model, remade in software. We’ve added lots of tone-shaping options, guitar amp, rotary speaker and effects boxes.

VOX Continental V

The transistor drawbar organ was quickly adopted by the “British Invasion” and West Coast hit factories. Our reimagining also includes the later Jennings J70 engine alternative, and adds full drawbars, extra waveforms, rotary cabinet, and effects.

Analog Lab
Your creative hub

Last, but by no means least, the final instrument of V Collection 7 isn’t a classic synth, an organ, piano, sampler, or tape machine. It’s all of them combined.

With V Collection 7, Analog Lab 4 gives you instant access to over 8000 preset V Collection sounds in one place, with quick-access controls, smart tag-based browsing, and loads of inspiring features.

  • Live mode “Concert” panel to prepare your set and sounds
  • Stage view for peace of mind when playing live
  • 10 integrated effects to color your sounds
  • Search anything: tags, instruments, sound designers, styles
  • Find similar presets with machine learning algorithms
  • Amazing support for Arturia and generic MIDI controllers
  • Discover new presets in the Sound Store
  • “Multi” sounds that can combine 2 instruments
  • Streamlined mapping for all instruments and presets

Combining superb controller keyboard integration, lightning-fast sound browsing, powerful combo sounds, and quick access to every sound’s most important parameters, Analog Lab will become your go-to keyboard plug-in.

Classic instruments, new features

Every single instrument contained in V Collection 7 hasn’t just been recreated, it has been reimagined.

While being careful to stay true to the original, unique sound of each keyboard, each instrument benefits from new features and enhancements that are only possible through software. Want to turn that classic monosynth into a polysynth? No problem. Wish there were more oscillator voices, or an extra LFO to play with? We’ve added them. Want to load your own samples? Go for it. Would that organ sound better through a nice guitar amp and some effects? We’ve included that too. V Collection 7 gives you the tonal flavor and richness of analog sound with all the benefits of modern, digital technology.

You’ll often hear die-hard synth fans discussing killer features that they wish their favorite instruments had. We are the fans, and we made it happen.

How did we do it?

Now, that’s the kind of question we love to answer. Behind every one of the instruments in V Collection 7, there’s an interesting story, and every one is different.

The short answer is that it’s taken years of painstaking research, analysis, modelling, and testing to get here, but now you can enjoy the fruits of our labor. Rather than simply sampling different synth and keyboard sounds and letting you replay them, we have modelled every component of each instrument to create a living, breathing virtual version in your computer. The peculiarities and nuances of circuitry, crosstalk and noise, the resonant properties of wood and metal; we cracked the code.

We do this using two modelling technologies, exclusive to Arturia.


Our True Analog Emulation technology is our ever-evolving system of exploring, mapping, and digitally recreating analog circuitry in software. This method lets us perfectly recreate the behaviour of synth components and electronics, breathing new life into the long discontinued legends of yesteryear.


A system of physical modelling that we have developed over the years to accurately recreate acoustic instruments. Using Phi®, we record, analyse, and code the way resonant materials react in software. This lets us accurately build truly “virtual” instruments in your computer, with unique, real tone.

Preset heaven

Every instrument in V Collection 7 features the same intuitive preset browser. It lets you find the type of sound you’re looking for in a flash, and makes discovering new sounds a joy.

Search by name, select a few “style” tags, or browse categories. Favorite the sounds you love to quickly find them later. Enter comments, set up playlists. There’s never been a more intuitive way to manage your library of designer and personal presets. Sounds cool, huh? That’s not even the best bit.

  • images/products/hansens_house/cover.jpg

    Hansen's House
    Electronic building bricks

    Hansen’s House is a collection of incredibly usable, fun, and ...

    Hansen's House Electronic building bricks

    Hansen’s House is a collection of incredibly usable, fun, and inspiring sounds created by Twolegs Toneworks mastermind Torben ...

    Bass Lead Pad SFX Strings
  • images/products/dark_ambient/cover.jpg

    Dark Ambient
    Echoes of the Unknown

    For the dark at heart: the Dark Ambient preset bank will take ...

    Dark Ambient Echoes of the Unknown

    For the dark at heart: the Dark Ambient preset bank will take your music to unsettling new places, where you can draw the ...

    bass fm keys pad percussive sequence sfx
  • images/products/iconic_vibration/cover.jpg

    Iconic Vibration
    The building blocks of the legend

    The sounds that created the legend: Matrix-12 V's Iconic ...

    Iconic Vibration The building blocks of the legend

    The sounds that created the legend: Matrix-12 V's Iconic Vibration preset pack puts the fat, warbling tones of Oberheim's ...

    bass brass lead organ pad strings keys
  • images/products/addictive_additives/cover.jpg

    Addictive Additives
    Explore future sounds

    In the late 70s, the Synclavier - one of the world’s first ...

    Addictive Additives Explore future sounds

    In the late 70s, the Synclavier - one of the world’s first digital instruments - kick-started the digital revolution that ...

    bass brass keys lead pad sfx strings
  • images/products/air_tribute/cover.jpg

    Air Tribute
    Going on a Moon Safari

    In 1998, French electronic music pioneers Air released their ...

    Air Tribute Going on a Moon Safari

    In 1998, French electronic music pioneers Air released their debut album to critical acclaim, and its songs and sounds soon ...

    bass keys brass lead processed sequence sfx standard strings
  • images/products/floyd_tribute/cover.jpg

    Floyd Tribute
    Psychedelic by definition, progressive by necessity

    As a lighthouse of progressive and psychedelic rock, Pink Floyd ...

    Floyd Tribute Psychedelic by definition, progressive by necessity

    As a lighthouse of progressive and psychedelic rock, Pink Floyd is considered as one of the most influential bands. Getting rid ...

    bass brass lead pad sequence sfx strings
  • images/products/depeche_wave_tribute/cover.jpg

    Depeche Wave Tribute
    The New Wave Backbone

    Pioneers of electronic pop, Depeche Mode and Vince Clarke’s ...

    Depeche Wave Tribute The New Wave Backbone

    Pioneers of electronic pop, Depeche Mode and Vince Clarke’s dark, cool sounds packed out clubs and discos around the world, ...

    bass keys lead percussion sequence SFX
  • images/products/starcadians_signature/cover.jpg

    Starcadian’s Signature
    Movies for your ears

    Straight from the imagination of synthwave legend Starcadian ...

    Starcadian’s Signature Movies for your ears

    Straight from the imagination of synthwave legend Starcadian comes this incredible sound bank for Analog ...

    bass brass keys lead pad percussion sequence sfx standard

All the V Collection 7 instruments also have access to the Arturia Sound Store, where you can find a constantly updating selection of free and premium sound banks to add to your sonic palette. From genre-themed banks to “signature” packs made by big name artists, to our ever-popular tributes to our favorite musicians and bands. It’s all here, ready for you to explore.

Whether you’re playing hits from yesteryear or creating tomorrow’s music, Analog Lab brings you all the sounds you need in one elegant package.

Resizable GUI

The user interfaces for all your Arturia instruments are now resizable, making it easy to work with any High Resolution screen, UHD or Retina.

You can decide whether you want to fill the screen with awesome graphic reproductions of classic instrument goodness, scale the window down when you’re working in a DAW and screen real estate is at a premium, or even zoom for detailed work.

Perfect integration

We’ve made it as easy as possible to use and enjoy the instruments in V Collection 7. However you play, perform, or create, we’ve got you covered.

They intuitively map with the Arturia KeyLab range, and play nicely with other MIDI controllers too. You can use them in standalone mode, and in your preferred DAW. You can even play notes using your computer’s keyboard when you’re on the go!