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Stage-73 V

Jup-8 V

Jun-6 V

Vocoder V

Emulator II V

AnalogLab V


Tutorial | Stage-73 V

Music producer and songwriter Lena presents Arturia's new updated version of one of the most beloved electric pianos, Stage-73 V2. In this overview, we'll walk you through all of the newly added functions and the instrument's new structure.

Tutorial | Jup-8 V

Let Bryan introduce you to a member of the V Collection: Jup-8 V, a powerful polyphonic software synthesizer. In this video, Bryan will give you an overview of the synths, and take you through its new features.

Tutorial | Analog Lab V

Discover Analog Lab V, a browser of preset sounds from keyboard and synth instruments that shaped music history. Whatch this overview tutorial to learn about its creative features, refreshed and intuitive layout, and how quick you can find the perfect sound to suit your style.

Tutorial | Jun-6 V

Bryan will take you through the Jun-6V, a sweet sounding polyphonic software synthesizer, recreation of a true classic. He will take you through its best features, but also demonstrate its sound possibilities and tricks you can utilise in your production.

Tutorial | Vocoder V

Introducing Vocoder V, a supercharged reimagining of Dr. Bob Moog's timeless 16-Channel Vocoder. In this tutorial, we'll explore its meticulously-modeled features, timeless sound, and modern enhancements that tip it over the edge into sound design supremacy.

Tutorial | Emulator II V

Bryan explores the Emulator II V, a multitimbral sampling machine that brings E-Mu Systems’ seminal digital workhorse back to life in all its nostalgic glory - with a slick modern edge. From loading your own samples to going deeper with modulation, this is all you need to know about Emulator II V.

Downloads & manuals for V-Collection

Arturia Software Center
Platform Name Date Size Version Infos Download
 10.13+ New  ASC 15-Jan-2021 34.3 Mb  
 Win 8.1+ New  ASC 15-Jan-2021 19.2 Mb  
Analog Lab V
Platform Name Date Size Version Infos Download
 10.13+ New  AnalogLabV 26-Jan-2021 2 Gb  
 Win 8.1+ New  AnalogLabV 26-Jan-2021 1.6 Gb  
Manual Date Size Version Infos Download
  New  Analog Lab V EN Manual 08-Dec-2020 6.5 Mb 1.0
ARP2600 V
Platform Name Date Size Version Infos Download
 10.13+ New  Arp2600 26-Jan-2021 224.5 Mb  
 Win 8.1+ New  Arp2600 26-Jan-2021 162.8 Mb  
Manual Date Size Version Infos Download
  New  ARP2600 V JP Manual 04-May-2017 5.3 Mb 3.0.0
  New  ARP2600 V EN Manual 19-May-2016 4.7 Mb 3.0.0
B-3 V
Platform Name Date Size Version Infos Download
 10.13+ New  B-3 26-Jan-2021 401.1 Mb  
 Win 8.1+ New  B-3 26-Jan-2021 322.9 Mb