Redefining strings

An evolved hybrid soundtrack for the modern age.

Uniting quality string libraries with state-of-the-art synthesis, Augmented Strings Intro is your quickest route to the fresh string sound you’ve always wanted. Go beyond conventional libraries, virtual instruments, and familiar orchestral timbres, and elevate your string sounds to inspiring new heights. Whether you’re a composer, producer, sound designer, or anything in between, effortlessly control an enhanced hybrid ensemble that’ll set your production alight.

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Morphing: sound between the lines

Discover entirely new string timbres on an entirely new scale.

The Morph control is the key that unlocks a world of musical expression with a single touch. On one side, a complete recorded library of solo & ensemble string samples. On the other, 4 ultra-powerful synth engines. In the sonic space between these two elements, Augmented STRINGS Intro forges a near-limitless range of fresh and invigorating sounds that are yours to discover.


Augmented Strings Intro’s built-in sample library has been recorded and curated to be every bit as delicate, urgent, and expressive as conducting your own personal ensemble.

22 musicians performed as soloists and as an ensemble, with over 60 articulations across double bass, cello, viola, and violin. The recordings were captured in detail with world-class microphones and preamps in various positions, ensuring that every sample resonates with lifelike space, detail, and energy. Whether you need an evocative single instrument melody, a huge tremolo sustain, or anything in between, this library ticks the boxes.


Discover sounds from 4 synth engines, from subtle textural embellishment to in-your-face soundscapes: Virtual Analog, Granular, Wavetable, and Harmonic.

Inspired by state-of-the-art synthesis architecture from the minds behind Pigments and V Collection, this is more than a list of synth presets. From the retro to the futuristic, these sounds are responsive and tactile, providing everything from destructive sub-bass to digital pads brimming with harmonic detail, designed to enhance and modernize your string textures.

Multi-Samples Layering

Virtual Analog




Simple and intuitive

Transform an intimate solo violin into sprawling theatrical density with a few clicks.

Augmented Strings Intro is built around a streamlined interface, designed to give you the exact sound you seek in as little time as possible. Reach out, interact with its quick-fire controls, and savor an instant, intuitive sonic response that’ll become your new go-to.

String presets that deliver

Summon the perfect mix-ready string sound at the touch of a button.

For when you need immediate results to complete a project or overcome a creative hurdle, Augmented STRINGS Intro’s preset library contains hundreds of expertly-crafted presets spanning realistic strings, dense synths, hybrid textures, and everything in between.




Artists corner

A sound for every style

Augmented STRINGS Intro blends classic with contemporary, real with surreal, for a string palette that covers every style you’ll ever need. Quickly search based on sonic characteristics and hone in on the sound that’ll lock in with your project, whatever your style.


Sometimes only the real thing will do. Choose from a select range of beautifully recorded solo & ensemble samples, delicately embellished, and inject authentic acoustic sound into your mix.


Impactful, dramatic, and emotive; these are sounds that tell a story, build suspense, and shake the foundations when needed. Craft engaging underscores and soundscapes worthy of award-winners.


Elevate choruses, add intimate depth to ballads, and go full disco staccato with strings that shine throughout. Create upbeat melodies, pumping pads, and topline enhancers galore.


Add regal swagger and lush string textures to offset your 808s and neon synth lines for bold, powerful, attention-grabbing beats that stand out from the crowd.


Whether it’s the long sustained string patches of ‘80s and ‘90s house, or the stadium-sized pads of modern EDM you’re after, explore a colorful array of ecstatic string presets that are dancefloor-ready.


Sprinkle true orchestral essence or explore warped atmospheric tones rooted in acoustic strings by combining layered engines with dynamic FX. An essential ambient toolkit.


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