Arturia’s Pricing Policy

Our pricing ethos

This article clarifies our software pricing policy. We’ve always been committed to a fair and transparent policy with an aim to reward customers’ loyalty. This ambition has been part of Arturia’s DNA from the beginning. Our mission has since been to provide the best products for a fair price, every time.

Software pricing policy

New product & introductory offers

Brand new software product launches come with a special intro offer.

Taking loyalty into account

We reward our customers’ loyalty by offering them a better price on new software. When Software products are launched, Arturia’s customers have access to a personalized offer, which is dependent on their purchase history.

Individual instrument and bundle prices

Some products are sold as individual instruments first and can become a part of a bundle at a later point. Whether you’ve already purchased the package or you plan on buying a bundle after purchasing the individual instrument, you will never pay for the same product twice. The sum of your individual instrument and pack will never be higher than the bundle itself.

Price fluctuation

Prices can sometimes go down throughout the years. Still, we aim to strike a fair balance between early adopters who enjoy their product for a longer period of time, and late customers who may get a better deal.

Best price guarantee

During a promotion or a special offer, you might see a ‘Best price guarantee’ tag, which means we will never go below this price. You are guaranteed to buy the product at the best price you will ever get.

All partners are requested to follow Arturia’s pricing policy

Arturia’s partners are committed to respecting this pricing policy agreement. If you have any questions about our partners' pricing, please don't hesitate to contact us.


We’ve agreed to update our software regularly - in some cases for free - and to let you know whenever a new version becomes available. We also make it clear whenever it will not be updated anymore.


You might see specialized sales in our online store throughout the year, such as Black Friday. These sales are time-limited and will only apply to selected products. They are consistent with the statements herein.