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Discover Analog Lab V, a browser of preset sounds from keyboard and synth instruments that shaped music history. Whatch this overview tutorial to learn about its creative features, refreshed and intuitive layout, and how quick you can find the perfect sound to suit your style.

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Platform Name Date Size Version Infos Download
 10.13+ New  AnalogLabV 26-Jan-2021 2 Gb  
 Win 8.1+ New  AnalogLabV 26-Jan-2021 1.6 Gb  
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  New  Analog Lab V EN Manual 08-Dec-2020 6.5 Mb 1.0

Sound Corner

Strawberry Heaven (Victor Morello)

Trap and grime inspired instrumental. 100 % of this track was made using Analog Lab V, using various presets and drum kits.

Beats n' Bits (Victor Morello)

All the sound were made using presets from Analog Lab. No external effects nor samples were used, and little to no EQ and editing.

Sinfield (Maxime Audfray)

A colorful, funky tune using presets in Analog Lab. No external effects or samples were used in this production.

Into The Polaroid (Lily Jordy)

Eclectic, colourful synth-wave inspired track using 13 instances of the Jun-6V, mixed in Ableton Live 10. No external instruments were used. Some EQ from Live plugins and Arturia preamps, delays and reverbs.

Seaside Escapade (Lily Jordy)

Suspenseful ambient piece using the new Jun-6V presets and 2 Multis from Analog Lab V. All compression, reverb and delay effects are plugins from Arturia.

Groovy Collection (Michael Geyre)

Typical 70’s mood music, using the dream team of that period (Mini V3 for the bass and solos, Prophet V3 for pads, Stage-73 V2 for tinkling chords and solos) and the drums are made using an external plugin.

Rhoderies (Michael Geyre)

Jazzy trio showcasing the Stage-73 V2, running through Arturia’s Dimension-D Chorus, with the Mini-V3 for the bass part and an external drum plugin for the drums section.

The Task (Basile Griselle)

Spooky vibes made with a few different multis in Analog Lab V, SEM V2 brass, Flutey Bell from the Synclavier, and ARP 2600 for some blissful multis pads and keys. No external samples or audio effects were used.

Vintage Wave (JM Blanchet)

A sound journey through the 80's with the exclusive use of Analog Lab V. 12 instances of AL V were used on this track, among which some iconic synthesizers of the 80's: Emulator II V, DX7 V, Jun-6 V, Jup-8 V4, Synclavier V, Vocoder V and CMI V.