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You can get the sounds of Analog Lab in three editions: Analog Lab Play, Analog Lab Pro and V Collection.

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Analog Lab Play
Free-to-use sounds for beginner music making

Analog Lab Play is a free software instrument that gives you instant access to the best synth, keyboard, and instrument presets for your music production workflow.

Analog Lab Play is a musical software that runs on computers only.

Browse this page with your favorite computer and download it!



Analog Lab Play essential sounds

Essential sounds
& the simplest workflow

Nail the sounds you need in a few clicks, explore & customize presets, and create your own dream library. Analog Lab Play brings essential sounds, easy-to-use controls, and a simple layout that makes music production easy, fun, and suited to your style.

Analog Lab Pro
More sounds, creative features, and performance-friendly workflow

Explore & organize your sounds and perform live with a streamlined workflow.

199$/199€ - Buy Now



Analog Lab Pro Perform live

Perform live
with Pro Pack advanced features

With built-in Playlists and Stage mode, the Pro pack adds powerful features to organise your sounds and perform live with a streamlined workflow.

V Collection
Reference instruments for music makers

A premium suite of professional software instruments ranging from modern hybrid synth engines to emulations of the most evocative instruments ever made, enhanced for today’s production workflow.

599$/599€ - Buy Now





Dive Deep
Inside V Collection instruments

Explore and edit each of the 33 instruments in detail; discover the endless sound design capabilities of legendary keyboards and modern synths within the unique ecosystem of Analog Lab, or use them as separate instruments in your DAW.

Discover V Collection