Analog Lab Intro

Instant classic sound

Analog Lab Intro is an easy-to-use plugin featuring 500 fine-tuned presets from our award-winning V Collection instruments - combining unparalleled iconic sound with a simple interface that’s smart, enjoyable, and inspiring.

Analog Lab Intro

Impressive sound library

Soulful organs, razor-sharp synth bass, warm analog pads - why should you have to choose?

Install Analog Lab Intro and you’ll be making music instantly.


Analog Lab Intro gives you access to the most iconic synth and keyboard sounds of all time, taken from our 28 expertly-crafted V Collection instrument emulations. From analog synthesizers to revolutionary digital workstations, these are the sounds that made history.


Its curated library features 500 of the best vintage & modern presets, designed to breathe new life into your mix with the much-loved sounds of faithfully-remade classics. Analog Lab Intro’s presets are designed by world-class producers, keyboardists, and sound designers.

Whether you’re a producer, performer, sound designer, or vintage synth fan, you’ll find inspiration at every turn.

Easy to use

With Analog Lab Intro, you’ll find the sounds you need in no time.

The intuitive browser lets you search for sounds from any angle. Perhaps you’re going for a particular genre; or maybe you know exactly which classic instrument will do the trick; or maybe you want to explore presets from your favorite sound designer. Whatever your approach, Analog Lab Intro makes it easier than ever.

Once you’ve found the perfect preset, tag it as a favorite so you can instantly recall it next time. Better still, create your own personalized playlists so you can get back into the creative zone quicker than ever.

Simple controls, advanced sounds

Analog Lab Intro makes tonal customization a breeze.

Want to take your classic or cutting-edge presets to another level? The user-friendly interface allows you to start having fun immediately without needing to understand the ins and outs of synthesis.

The knobs, sliders, and functions of each legendary instrument have been distilled into a simple selection of controls that let you tweak quickly, intelligently, and creatively.

Versatile features

Analog Lab Intro is more than a sound library - it’s your all-purpose keyboard toolkit.