Compact, versatile audio interface.

The AudioFuse is Arturia's pioneering debut in the field of audio interfaces. It combines the highest quality components with unparalleled workflow and an amazing array of advanced features that truly make you the master of your studio.

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The sound

Saving the purity of your sound and the passion it conveys is what AudioFuse is all about.

Whatever sound you need to capture, from the most delicate ambience to the heaviest cacophony, AudioFuse will reveal the beauty in everything.

Pro studio quality was our mantra right from the start with AudioFuse.

Now you can transform your desktop, hotel room, concert—whatever, wherever—into a studio with world-class sound.No compromises, each element of the AudioFuse has been selected to perfectly serve your sound, such as the two proprietary DiscretePRO® microphone preamplifiers and the set of top-notch AD/DA converters.


When creating and recording, you need an interface that lets you focus on the task at hand and keep distractions to a minimum.

With AudioFuse, we didn’t want to settle for merely bringing you the sound quality of a pro studio, we wanted to bring you its workflow too.

That’s why you have detailed metering, talkback for instant communication with talent in the next room, inserts to add professional effects processing to your recording chain, A/B monitor switching, and direct access to the essential features so you can spend more time creating and less time setting up.

The connectivity

Wherever it comes from, whatever it has to travel through, and wherever it needs to go, AudioFuse will guide your sound.

AudioFuse connects with virtually everything: mics, instruments, turntables, studio equipment, Mac, PC, tablets, even iOS and Android phones. It all happens with a round-trip latency as low as 3 milliseconds so you'll feel right in the groove every time.


When you know your equipment is the best of the best, creativity can take care of itself.

When it is all about giving the best of yourself being able to rely on the best technologies becomes crucial. The lowest harmonic distortion, the most linear frequency response, the highest signal-to-noise ratio and the shortest latency, these technical terms may seem far removed from your creative process, but they are essential to delivering your music in the highest quality possible.

The quality

Capture the moment—at home, in the studio, on the road, or wherever creativity strikes.

AudioFuse has a super-solid aluminum chassis you can trust, complete with a hard cover to protect it from damage in your bag—or even just dust on your desktop. The build quality goes far beyond a great-looking exterior, as well. Your unit has to pass rigorous testing before it can be packed and shipped. It even comes with a test specification printout of your exact unit. Meet your new best friend for the studio and stage.



  • Sound On Sound

    On AudioFuse

    “Competition in the world of desktop interfaces is becoming increasingly fierce, but the AudioFuse is perhaps the most versatile such interface yet, with several genuinely unique features. If you need a Swiss Army knife of the audio world, the AudioFuse has more blades than most.”

  • Fact Mag

    On AudioFuse

    “Designed for musicians who need a compact audio interface for recording inside and outside the studio.”

  • Edm Prod

    On AudioFuse

    “This interface is the ultimate all-in-one for the bedroom producer. No more USB hubs, MIDI interfaces or mixers. If you’re looking for this kind of studio solution, you won’t find a better option. Personally, this will be my next purchase.”

  • Audio Fanzine

    On AudioFuse

    “The AudioFuse is an excellent audio interface with multiple qualities, good value for money, and dizzying specifications.”

  • Ask Audio

    On AudioFuse

    “I really like it! AudioFuse has the audio interface design and functionality on the unit I’ve been screaming out for for a long time.”

  • Music Radar

    On AudioFuse

    “AudioFuse offers an impressive range of I/O options.”

  • Doctor Mix

    On AudioFuse

    “AudioFuse is a serious bit of kit, and it really sounds fantastic.”

  • Sound On Sound

    On AudioFuse

    “Audiofuse consciously moves away from the single-knob and break-out cable design of other audio manufacturers and instead opts to provide as much hands-on control as possible.”

Premium FX

All AudioFuse interfaces come complete with the AudioFuse Creative Suite, an ever-evolving selection of creative plugins curated from our award-winning FX Collection.

Color the pristine inputs of AudioFuse Studio with vintage studio tools, expand your sonic horizons with contemporary effects, and explore every chapter of synthesis with a wealth of inspiring presets - all in one professional bundle.

Pre 1973

Inspired by the hugely influential British studio sound, the Arturia Pre 1973 is the key to getting that harmonically exciting, solid-state 70s tone.

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Pre V76

The key to getting that “White Album” sound, these reinvented German engineered, tube-driven broadcast preamps were beloved by Abbey Road.

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Filter Mini

Dr Robert Moog’s iconic, smooth ladder filter, accurately recreated and updated with an LFO, envelope follower, and a step sequencer.

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Chorus JUN-6

Chorus JUN-6 resurrects a classic synth effect, with 3 simple modes offering glorious stereo width, subtle analog movement, and perfectly-emulated BBD warmth.

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Comp FET-76

Modelled after the most sought-after compressor ever made, the Class A FET sound our 1176 software recreation seems to make everything sound better.

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Delay TAPE-201

The Arturia Delay TAPE-201 gives you everything you love about the sound of vintage hardware tape delays, but with the reliability and versatility of software.

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Rev PLATE-140

The silky-smooth, resonant tone of vintage plate reverbs have shaped the sound of many iconic vocal performance, given the drums of best-selling tracks their air, and brought whole mixes together with bright, sweet overtones.

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Analog Lab Intro

A superb software instrument containing hundreds of amazing presets taken from Arturia’s award-winning V Collection. Analog synths, pianos, organs, and more await.

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Phaser BI-TRON

Phaser BI-TRON is a double-barrelled modulation powerhouse that lets you weave your own kinetic sound with advanced routing, dual phaser circuits, and beautiful analog character.

Discover Phaser BI-TRON →

Pre TridA

Music industry gold-dust. Get that ultra-rare Soho preamp sound and musical EQ that added flavor to countless best-selling hits for over half a century.

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AudioFuse Range

The new studio reference

The AudioFuse interface range connects your computer to the world of music. Record with the highest quality, monitor with absolute precision and bring all your gear together to create the music you always wanted to.

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High performance recallable preamps

The superb inputs of our interfaces give you the most vibrant, accurate sound around, with practically zero noise even at max gain, and enormous dynamic range. Be true to your music.

Analog signal path

The highest quality components are used in the input and output signal paths of the AudioFuse series, giving you an audiophile-quality experience with no compromise.

Huge versatility

Each AudioFuse interface has its own unique set of features designed to make recording as fun and easy as possible.


Main Features

2 DiscretePRO microphone preamps

2 RIAA phono preamps

4 analog inputs

  • 2x Mic/Instrument/Line (XLR / 1/4" TRS)
  • 2x Phono/Line (RCA / 1/4" TRS)

4 analog outputs (1/4" TRS)

2 analog inserts (1/4" TRS)

ADAT in/out

S/PDIF in/out

Word clock in/out

24-bit next-generation A-D/D-A converters at up to 192kHz sampling rate

MIDI in/out

Talkback with dedicated built-in microphone (up to 96 kHz Sample Rate)

A/B speaker switching

Direct monitoring

2 independent headphone outputs

Separate master and monitor mix channels

USB interface with PC, Mac, iOS, Android compatibility

3-port USB hub

Aluminum chassis, hard leather-covered top cover

DiscretePRO® Technology