The art of sound design

MatrixBrute has presets created by the world’s top sound designers. They have created both classic sounds and modern evolving patches never imagined before.

With the high performance of MatrixBrute, these sound designers could take their creativity to the next level, and beyond.

Beyond The Matrix Preset Bank
Old-school to cutting edge.

Sitting in front of the MatrixBrute’s vast array of knobs, buttons, and faders can feel a little bit like you’re at a NASA control console. With Beyond The Matrix, Arturia gives you the skills of an experienced mission controller, so you can sit back and enjoy the ride.

Created by Victor Morello, one of the most experienced MatrixBrute users on the planet, Beyond The Matrix is packed with 32 expertly designed sounds. Victor has been creating iconic sounds for the MatrixBrute since it was on the drawing board, and now you can expand the soundset of this analog beast with his knowledge and experience.

Mixing classic old-school synth sounds with contemporary techno and IDM patches, Beyond The Matrix shows you what’s possible with this modern day legend: pseudo polyphonic sequences, drum sequences, and even a nod to extreme metal. The sound bank also contains some incredibly textural, other-worldly SFX to flesh out your tracks with a little je ne sais quoi. Whatever genre you’re creating with MatrixBrute, this collection will inspire your creativity and imagination.

Let us take you beyond the Matrix.

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Beyond The Matrix

Berlin Split2

This split keyboard patchs has a sequence on the left side of the keyboard and a classic soft lead patch on the right side. Engage key hold and jam endlessly !

Evol Bass

Starts off as a classic analog bass patch, then Envelope 3 is used to modulate both the Delay Time, FX Dry/Wet and FM Amount at the same time. Check out how it opens the sound in a drastic way !


This patch is a great demonstration of the unique Matrix-Arpeggiator feature. The chord is changed while playing and the space and intervals between octaves stays the same. The macro knobs are tweaked in real time and transform the shape of the envelopes and oscillator while playing.

To Bernard

A tribute to the early days of tape music and the pioneers of sound experimentation. Two random LFOs are modulating the pitch, delay time and envelope release while the sequencer runs at a super high rate in random play mode with only a few steps on. As a result, the envelopes are triggered scarcely in a random way. Very interesting to listen to.

Poly Seq

The MatrixBrute has three oscillators, so I asked myself if a three note polyphonic sequence could be produced somewhat : the answer is yes ! LFO 1 is controlling the pitch of VCO 2 by a fifth while the sequencer MOD track adds a pitch offset on VCO 3 that allows to write additional notes on op of the main melody.


Evolving and calm pad that makes the most out of the paraphonic abilities of the MatrixBrute. No external effects or editing, all you hear is from a few chords played using the patch. One of my favorite !