A Grand Reimagining

Open the lid on a totally modernized piano VST experience.

From the authentic to the impossible, unlock premium piano sounds for cinematic score & library composition, immersive game soundscapes, and slick modern DAW production with an intuitive & inspiring piano experience that transcends virtual instruments.

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Morphing: a full piano continuum

It starts with a grand piano; where it ends is up to you.

A detailed library of authentic & abstract piano samples. A built-in synthesis engine with 4 powerful modes. Numerous forms of modulation, expression, and FX. Augmented GRAND PIANO’s central Morph control lets you seamlessly move between all of these aspects with a single sweep.


The rich sound of a Steinway Model D, the most famous grand piano of all time, expertly recorded in a host of weird & wonderful ways; with felt damping, with ping pong balls, with a vintage tape machine, and more. A practical piano sample library with an experimental edge.


Add sub depth to your piano bass, intensify your piano chords with in-your-face noisy textures, or gnarl your soft melodies with dissonant harmonic reflections. Augmented GRAND PIANO features 4 modes of synthesis: Virtual Analog, Granular, Wavetable, and Harmonic.

Multi-Samples Layering

Virtual Analog




Sound sculpting simplicity

Discover inspiring, refreshing piano sounds in seconds.

Augmented GRAND PIANO is designed to be simple to use, giving you maximum control over your sound with minimal hassle. Interact with a handful of intuitive controls and enjoy ever-evolving sounds that you’ll keep coming back to.

Deeper sound design

Detailed control over your piano sounds - when you need it.

Underneath its simple layout and quick controls, Augmented GRAND PIANO offers all the flexibility and customization you need to truly make it your own. From sound layers to intricate modulation, it’s all right here.

It all starts with Augmented GRAND PIANO’s sound engines. Two layers, each containing two engines, for a total of 4 fully-customizable sound sources. With these 4 sound sources, you can assign up to 2 sample engines and 2 synthesis engines, then adjust details like filter cutoff and envelope times.

Inject movement and variety into your sound with click-and-drag modulation routing in seconds. Assign multiple LFOs, functions generators, keyboard controls, and more, with almost every element of Augmented GRAND PIANO available as a modulation destination.

If you’re not a piano player, or you simply want to experiment with precise metronomic motion in your sound, the built-in 16-step polymetric Arpeggiator has the answers. Turn soft open-lid chords into dancing melodies, processed hammers into percussive elements, or a single note into a pulsing synth-esque motif.

Dial in your own flavors of crunch, sound-sculpting, or total transformation with 2 stereo FX slots per layer, and add the final spatial and time-based touches with Delay and Reverb on the master bus at the end of the chain.

The brains behind Augmented GRAND PIANO’s central macro controls. See your assigned parameters and adjustments in real-time, and make detailed changes to ensure that your sound responds just how you want it to.

Like you’ve never heard it before

These aren’t just high-quality samples. Augmented GRAND PIANO’s library features detailed recordings of a late ‘80s Steinway Model D, widely considered to be the greatest grand piano of all time.

And that’s only the beginning. The library features familiar & authentic articulations suited to both classical & contemporary music, but it also contains a variety of unique outside-the-box recordings. Piano played with ping pong balls, with a bow, with paper in between the strings. We also went one step further by processing these sounds through tape machines, pedals, studio gear, and more.

Even before morphing, modulation, or FX, Augmented GRAND PIANO ranges from authentic piano to sounds that simply aren’t possible with the traditional instrument.

A perfect production piano library

Evocative & professional piano sound in seconds.

Augmented GRAND PIANO comes loaded with over 300 mix-ready sounds, sorted by style, timbre, and sound designer. Unlock the inspiring piano sounds you’ve always wanted, from emotive film score tones to otherworldly video game ambience, razor-sharp synth-infused sounds to delicate modern ballad textures.

Grand Piano



Artists corner


Hear it in action

Before experiencing Augmented GRAND PIANO for yourself, check out these fully-produced demos, courtesy of the sound designers and artists behind its library of inspiring sounds.


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