Performance Update 7.2

The best just got better.

We’ve improved V Collection 7 with your feedback in mind - awe-inspiring sounds, impeccable performance.

V Collection 7.2 is a free update that boosts speed, improves ease of use and elevates your workflow to new creative heights. Discovering timeless synths has never been this easy - update now and enhance your V Collection experience.

To update,

just launch the ASC and it should update itself to the latest version. You will then be able to update all your software titles.

Faster preset changes

The time it takes to change presets has been dramatically cut. Find the perfect sound faster or instantly recall your favourite patches without interrupting your creative flow.

Improved graphic performance

All instruments in V Collection have had their animations and visuals streamlined. This provides a smoother appearance and ensures less strain on your CPU.

Choose where you install instruments

All instrument resources can be installed/moved to a folder of your choice via Arturia Software Center. Choosing your own custom resource path is useful if you’re working with multiple drives/devices or limited internal storage.

Optimized patch downloads

If you already have an instrument installed, any future patch update files will only include necessary files, meaning that downloads will be smaller. This makes Arturia Software Center updates easier and quicker to install.

Various Bug fixes

We’ve taken your feedback into account and upgraded the overall performance of V Collection 7. It’s now simply more stable, efficient and easy to use.

Downloads & manuals for V-Collection

Arturia Software Center
Platform Name Date Size Version Infos Download
 10.10+ New  ASC 24-Jun-2020 21.9 Mb  
 Win 7+ New  ASC 24-Jun-2020 11.5 Mb  
Analog Lab
Platform Name Date Size Version Infos Download
 10.10+ New  AnalogLab 10-Sep-2020 1.4 Gb  
 Win 7+ New  AnalogLab 10-Sep-2020 1.2 Gb  
 10.10+ New  AnalogLab 28-Aug-2020 1.4 Gb  
 Win 7+ New  AnalogLab 28-Aug-2020 1.2 Gb