Pablo Bozzi:Italo Body Music with MiniBrute V

Pablo Bozzi:Italo Body Music with MiniBrute V

Berlin-based DJ and producer Pablo Bozzi has crafted a unique sonic identity known for its no-holds-barred blend of Italo disco, EBM, synthwave and industrial. Emerging from an early life in the Toulouse conservatoire, Bozzi’s musical sensibilities have evolved into a unique underground aesthetic and 80’s-inspired sound that permeates through a range of aliases and co-projects.

We recently sat down with him in the studio to discover more about his career, workflow and inventive use of MiniBrute V: Arturia’s new hard-hitting software emulation.

From harpsichord to synthcore

Bozzi's early exposure to music came through the National Conservatory of Toulouse, where he studied the harpsichord for 10 years. This led indirectly to an interest in electronic music as he began to explore the local scene in Toulouse and teach himself the ins and outs of Ableton-based music production. Bozzi’s early-life curiosity culminated in a sound design degree in Montpellier, where he first came into contact with Arturia softsynths like the Jup-8 V and Pigments.

Berlin and beyond

After completing his degree, Bozzi moved to Berlin, marking a turning point in his life and career. This is where he began to truly develop his signature sound and unleash his unashamedly eclectic taste and 80’s obsession onto the dancefloor. His recent release "Last Moscow Mule" epitomizes this sonic evolution - showcasing a boundary-pushing and dancefloor-ready blend of breaks, Italo basslines and synthwave dreamscapes.

Bozzi’s relocation has also led to several collaborative projects including Soft Crash, Infravision, Imperial Black and more.

My music is inspired a lot by music from the 80s and 90s. Because it's definitely my biggest musical period of inspiration. But then I just try to give it a bit of a modern twist. and to make it sound like something that is mine.

Staying in the flow

In his Berlin studio, Bozzi combines a KeyLab essential controller with a range of hardware synths like the MiniBrute 2, Prophet Rev2 and Korg Wavestate for a hybrid workflow. He appreciates this blend of vintage and modern, which allows for both versatility and creativity in his production process. His approach is characterized by a desire to get ideas down fast and maintain a creative flow, rather than committing to lengthy sound design sessions and patch building.

The thing is for me, I don't really think too much or overthink while making music, so it's more like a really natural process.

MiniBrute V

Bozzi is a dab hand with the original MiniBrute, as well as the MiniBrute 2 which he acquired 4 years ago. He loves the straightforward design and gritty sound it offers; an iconic monosynth machine perfect for hard basses and sequence effects.

We are shown some of MiniBrute V’s factory presets from “Dirty bass” to the rhythmic thrums of “Electro Buzzy B”, which demonstrates MiniBrute V’s simple yet powerful arpeggiator.

We are then introduced to the new FX panel, an advancement on the original hardware which adds a host of new ways to shape the MiniBrute sound. Bozzi utilizes a chorus, echo, reverb and unison effect to transform a lead melody which he uses as the main pad line during his Jam session. We are shown the power of MiniBrute V for driving basslines as Bozzi brings it all together with a euphoric synthwave house track that would please any crowd.

What I really like is you get the sound of the hardware synth and this simplicity as you have everything on the front panel.

A personal connection

Pablo Bozzi’s evolution from the medieval tones of the harpsichord to his distinctly modern take on iconic 80’s sounds illustrates a dynamic career rooted in musical tradition. He is carving out a unique middle-ground between time periods, intertwining the big-room synth sounds of yore with the boundary-pushing breaks and production standards of today. The result? An insatiably nostalgic dancefloor energy that keeps you going all night. A sound that is in growing demand across the European scene, as Bozzi’s performance schedule continues to expand - from Berlin’s Panorama Bar to London’s Colour Factory and beyond.

Music for me is the most natural way of expression...and yeah it's definitely a way to release emotion or feeling.

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