MiniBrute V

Ferocious analog softsynth

MiniBrute V not only recreates the distinctive analog grit of its hardware predecessor but elevates it with modern flexibility, expanded polyphony and a built-in FX rack - add the brute spirit to your production.

Mono might
poly power

MiniBrute V mirrors the revolutionary spirit of its forebear and amplifies it in the digital domain - bringing unmatched warmth and grit to today's music makers.

We've ensured that MiniBrute V doesn't just emulate; it innovates, providing a sonic experience that goes above and beyond its hardware counterpart. From state-of-the-art circuit modeling and innovative digital enhancements to adjustable polyphony and iconic features like the Steiner-Parker filter - it's all there.

Raw analog power

Harness the Brute force of the original MiniBrute with added polyphony. MiniBrute V offers the same uncompromising analog sound, now capable of complex chord voicings and layered textures that go beyond its monosynth DNA.

Intuitive interface

Feel the immediacy and depth of analog synthesis through MiniBrute V’s streamlined signal path, making it incredibly easy to play and program - ensuring all users from beginners to pros can unleash their creativity without barriers.

Built-in FX

Twist and transform MiniBrute V’s analog energy with an all-in-one FX rack. It features 4 FX slots and 17 FX types to further shape and enhance your sound. From subtle reverb to stacked distortion, go from clean to downright mean.

World class presets

MiniBrute V’s factory library has been designed by esteemed synthesists and analog pros alike, staying faithful to the original while pushing the envelope of what’s possible - from high voltage basses and leads to soaring pads and metallic effects. 


Discover the diverse and hard-hitting sounds of MiniBrute V.

A modern reference for bass and lead synthesis, and much more - MiniBrute V extends the legacy of its analog forebear with enhanced detail and expressive capabilities.

Analog Aurora


Emotional cinematic ambient track, showcasing a selection of Minibrute V presets that one would not especially expect from the original character of the Minibrute.

Subsonic Hustle

Maxime Desormieres

Modern & dynamic trap beat, made using Minibrute V factory presets.

Midnight Labyrinth

Simon Gallifet

Slow arpeggiated dark cinematic synthwave, made with Minibrute V presets.

Resonant Theory


Fast paced acid drum&bass track. All sounds except drums are coming from Minibrute V.



Dynamic future bass track, using multiple Minibrute V instances for the synth sounds.

Brute Raider


Growly cinematic industrial track with an EBM vibe, using several minibrute presets.

an analog revival

With the aim of bringing back the fun and immediate hands-on experience of synthesis - MiniBrute arrived.

Released in 2012, when analog innovation was in a lull, MiniBrute set out to reinvigorate and revolutionize the scene with its small, affordable analog architecture that could be used by beginners and pros alike.

Co-designed and engineered by craftsman synth legend Yves Usson, MiniBrute included unique hardware and features that were previously only available on more expensive units and modular designs, such as the classic Steiner-Parker filter and metalizer.

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A move into hardware

“By 2012 Arturia had done several Software recreations of classic analog synthesizers. We were starting to understand their design, what made each of them unique, what was relevant to the time. We truly loved these machines.

At the same time the offering for new analog synthesizer had dried out considerably. Many companies from the 70's had sadly disappeared. Some of their founders, Robert Moog, Dave Smith, John Bowen, were back in the game; but they only offered expensive solutions.

With MiniBrute, we wanted to see if we could create an analog synthesizer that could be affordable, easy to use, and sounding unique. This is the bet we made, deciding to go all-in, pushing for even more singularity by limiting the number of keys to 25 and picking the Steiner-Parker filter. MiniBrute V has been developed in honour of this ambitious move into hardware, and we are delighted to see its raw and ready sound live on.” ~ Frédéric Brun

The revival of raw synthesis

The 2010s saw a resurgence in the popularity of analog synthesizers, and many models from this era were celebrated for their raw and gritty sound characteristics. This period marked a return to the roots of hardware-based synthesis, with artists embracing the imperfections and unique textures of analog circuitry.

It was also a time when lo-fi, indie, and experimental music was growing in popularity alongside new frontiers in underground electronic production. Therefore, synthesizers that could produce raw, unpredictable, and slightly unstable tones were highly sought after.

This is where MiniBrute came in, kick-starting a trend of affordable analog synthesis. A new kid on the block that aimed to democratize hard-hitting synth sounds and bring previously out-of-reach sound design to a new generation of music makers.

Original controls
beautifully realised

Retaining the beloved layout of the original, MiniBrute V offers new ways to interact with its roaring sound, providing a familiar experience while adding powerful new features. The result? A synth that covers sizable sonic ground, with easy-access sound design and extensive FX options.

Pure VCO power

Mix up to 4 different waveshapes and a sub-oscillator for added punch, alongside signal enhancers such as the Ultrasaw and Metalizer.


Known for its bold, aggressive sound, the Steiner-Parker filter maintains a relatively strong signal even at high resonance settings allowing for a wide tonal range.

Brute factor

Go from smooth and gentle distortion to barely controllable, crazy feedback, with this iconic signal overdrive.

Envelope sliders

Harking back to classic synth models from the 1970s and 1980s, MiniBrute’s envelope sliders have been faithfully recreated - precise and easy to use as ever.

Adjustable polyphony

Standing out among its single-VCO counterparts, MiniBrute V takes the monosynth power and ups the ante with 8-voices to play with - for lush chords and harmonics.


Another new feature not available in hardware is Unison. Engage to create huge mono sounds and add a detune effect.

A closer

Zoom in on the quick-fire workflow of MiniBrute V’s interface, from familiar controls to retrofitted features.

The effects

Take the sound of MiniBrute in an utterly new direction or add subtle spatialisation with a fully featured effects panel - ensuring that MiniBrute V not only replicates but transcends its hardware roots.

Mold, modulate and shape the MiniBrute V sound with 4 effects slots and up to 17 powerful effects to choose from - from expansive reverb, to precise EQ and impactful chorus.


Dive into a vast library of presets, where each selection brings you closer to the coveted analog sound of the original MiniBrute, and beyond. With over 150 presets to choose from, find your sound and tweak it to perfection.


Brutest Brutal

Hard overdriven mono sound. Mod wheel introduces a sidechain feel. Aftertouch introduces vibrato. Macro timbre lets the beast out of its cage. Best played in the lower octaves.

Abyssal Horn

Cinematic bass sound with a lot of reverb. Great for dubstep and bass music. Time macro lets you adjust the filter movement. Aftertouch opens filter.

Dover Body Bass

Use the Time Macro to control the decay and release on both envelopes. Switch the arpeggiator off and play your own sequence.


Dirty Harry

A dirty legato lead that makes use of the notch filter of the MiniBrute V. Mod wheel introduces vibrato. Time increases the release. Brightness adds noise and adjusts the cutoff frequency.

Brute Saw

Keys playing epic dotted EDM melody with automated macros. Undermixed 909 buss comes for a moment.

Copywriter Lead

Overdistorted reverb-lead. Acts well as industrial texture in the lower registers. Timbre controls the distortion amount. Use Brightness to sweep the pre-distortion notch filter.


Dark Atmos

Long and pretty dark atmosphere. Add metalizer with Brightness and push the resonance with Timbre to make it scream. Movement controls the Chorus amount.

Astral Legend

Atmospheric ambient pad, great for soundtracks, with vibrato control on aftertouch. Time affects the amount of reverberation, and movement affects the modulation speed of the step filter.


Lo-Fi pad with soft random pitch and filter movement. Brightness Macro adds metalizer.


Glass Doors

One hallway. 99 Glass doors. Which one to choose? Works well with an arp. Mod wheel controls vibrato and brightness tames the high frequencies.

Kiki Keys

Simple brute keys. Turn Brightness to set the metalizer's sharpness. Mod wheel adds a subtle Lo-Fi vibrato if increased a little bit.

Astral Ranger

Lo-Fi keys sound inspired by guitar tone with brightness control on aftertouch. Movement affects the detuning by adding pitch modulation. Time changes the space and length of the sound.

The features
you need

  • In-App Tutorials

    Integrated in-app tutorials guide you through every aspect of the instrument, from individual parameters to tips from our sound designers, so you can focus on the creative stuff. It shouldn't be this easy, but it is!

  • ASC

    Arturia Software Center lets you download, organize, and update all of your Arturia software titles in one place, as well as manage all of your licenses across multiple devices. Keep it simple.

  • DAW ready

    Our virtual instruments and plugins are designed to fit right into your setup without hassle. Whatever your style, you can explore sound while enjoying full compatibility with major DAWS, on both Windows and MacOS.

  • Preset browser

    Instantly find the sound that’s in your head with intelligent & streamlined preset browsing. Search with keywords, explore by instrument type, musical style, and more - you can even save your favorites to quickly recall later.

  • Resizable GUI

    Whether you want the full visual immersion of our classic instrument emulations, or to save precious screen real estate, the interfaces for all of your Arturia virtual instruments can be resized to a scale that suits you.

  • Perfect integration

    Instruments come seamlessly mapped for the Arturia KeyLab range - but they’ll place nice with other MIDI controllers too. Instant sound tweaking macros, easy DAW integration, and standalone operation.

TAE® Powered

The exclusive analog modeling technology that makes our emulations indistinguishable from the originals.

By accurately mimicking the characteristics of analog oscillators, filters, and soft clipping, we can provide astonishing component-accurate detail and authentic analog charm in equal measure.

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Main Features

Enhanced software emulation of the Arturia MiniBrute

8 voices of adjustable polyphony

Steiner-Parker Multimode Filter

Voltage Controlled Oscillator with Sub-Osc

LFO1 with 6 waveforms and bi-polar modulation destinations

LFO2 with 3 vibrato modes

Brute Factor™ delivering saturation and rich harmonics

Ultrasaw generating shimmering sawtooth waveforms

Metalizer bringing extreme triangle harmonics

Two ADSR Envelope Generators

168 presets


  • 4 Modes of Arpeggiation
  • 4 Octave Range Control
  • 8 Time Divisions
  • Swing Control

25-note virtual keyboard

Built-in tutorials

Platform specifications


  • Win 10+ (64bit)
  • 4 GB RAM
  • 4 cores CPU, 3.4 GHz (4.0 GHz Turbo-boost)
  • 3GB free hard disk space
  • OpenGL 2.0 compatible GPU
  • ARM processors not supported on Windows

Required configuration

  • Works in Standalone, VST, AAX, Audio Unit, NKS (64-bit DAWs only).


  • Mac OS 11+
  • 4 GB RAM
  • 4 cores CPU, 3.4 GHz (4.0 GHz Turbo-boost) or M1 CPU
  • 3GB free hard disk space
  • OpenGL 2.0 compatible GPU

Work with ASC

  • An elegant and simple solution to help you install, activate, and update your Arturia software instruments.

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