20th Anniversary Summer Sale
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A new world of sound exploration awaits - are you ready for lift-off?

Arturia has dedicated 20 years to paving the way to new sonic landscapes. Iconic keyboards, trailblazing effects, cutting-edge synthesizers...we create the tools to help you navigate the uncharted. Essential instruments for your musical journey - your creative survival kit.

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Arturia Software at the occasion of our 20 year anniversary.

Get equipped, get inspired, and take your first step into the unknown - follow the Sound Explorer within.


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Some of the most iconic keyboards and synthesizers ever created, reimagined for your virtual studio toolkit. Relish in the classics or take a pioneering into the future of synthesis - the choice is yours.


New sonic terrain at the frontiers of synthesis exploration

Polychrome Software Synthesizer

Pigments is an instrument 20 years in the making - wavetable, virtual analog and granular engines combined with groundbreaking modulation and FX. Push the boundaries.

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Whatever musical landscape you encounter, Analog Lab can handle it

All-terrain Keyboard Kit

Utilize this multi-faceted tool when you need immediate, intuitive access to thousands of iconic keyboard and synth presets.

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ARP2600 V

Advanced semi-modular architecture from a different world

Sound Design Lifeline

Alien transmissions, robotic chirps, otherworldly sequences - ARP 2600 V is the definition of retro sci-fi sound design.

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B-3 V

From gospel to prog rock, B-3 V blurs the exploratory lines between musical worlds

Essential Tonewheel Organ

Inject a little rotary action for that iconic fiery tonewheel sound, complete with extra onboard effects.

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The perfect West Coast modular soundscape, littered with unpredictable new timbres

Experimental Sound Design Playground

When you're feeling experimental, open up Buchla Easel V and lose yourself on a totally unique modular path.

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Clavinet V

The only companion you'll need on your funk voyage

The Definitive Funk Keyboard

An instantly recognisable sound achieved via physical modeling, onboard effects and a perfectly emulated Twin Reverb amp. No keyboard collection is complete without Clavinet V.

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A retrofuturistic console that was way ahead of its time

Digital Sampling Character

Known for its multi-layered functionality and digital grit. When you need to turn raw sound into something musical, crack open the classic sampling power of CMI V.

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CS-80 V

This is your polyphonic secret weapon - use with caution

Pure polyphonic power

An analog synth behemoth, responsible for some of the most iconic pads, leads and textures ever recorded. CS-80 V is a truly formidable asset to your search for uncharted sounds.

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Dive head-first into a sea of digital texture

Phase Distortion Cult Classic

Enjoy the fizzy sharpness and pulsing frequencies that only phase distortion can provide - a world away from analog warmth, yet just as timeless and exhilarating.

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dx7 V

One of the most coveted, instruments of all time

Fm Made Easy

Explore the crystalline landscape of FM synthesis, the glassy clarity of digital algorithms, and an iconic set of sounds that defined the voice of the '80s.

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farfisa V

A sonic adventure that transcends its '60s character

A classic organ evolved

Farfisa V offers classic organ tones, an array of effects and modulation options for contemporary tweaking, and unique additive features for crafting your own unique palette.

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jup-8 V

The apex of your musical voyage through the Solar System

Planet-sized polyphony

Like its namesake planet, Jup-8 V is simply massive - an undisputed titan of analog polyphony, boasting a mesmerizing palette of swirling pads, celestial leads, and so much more.

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matrix-12 V

The essence of the world's first programmable analog synthesizer

Programmable analog trailblazer

Combining a 27-source modulation matrix with multi-timbral operation and a 15-mode filter, Matrix-12 V is a powerful sonic force of nature.

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mellotron V

Before sampling, there was tape

Legendary Tape Keyboard

In Mellotron V, you'll discover the inspiring world of tape-based keyboard sounds, with its unique and iconic fluttering character retrofitted with modern tweaks - you can even run your own samples through its tape engine.

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Mini V

An essential monosynth for any Sound Explorer's inventory

Technology Meets History

When inspiration hits sub-zero, only 3 analog oscillators will keep you going. Red-hot leads, pumping bass, and the warmest filter known to man.

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modular V

An unbelievably powerful and flexible 9-oscillator giant

The original modular toolkit

In the beginning, there was nothing. Modular V is based on the first commercial modular synthesizer ever - the Big Bang that kick-started the modular universe as we know it.

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ob-xa V

If you're looking for rich, ultra-wide polyphonic power, your search is over

Stereo polysynth gem

From beautiful to aggressive, silky-smooth to fat, OB-Xa V flings the sound of the '80s headlong into the 21st century and beyond.

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piano V

An essential for every creative journey

World-class piano palette

Piano V is no ordinary sample-based piano instrument. Using physical modeling and emulated mic positioning, it accurately replicates the acoustic resonance of a piano, strings and all.

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prophet V

The machine that set the course for polyphonic synthesizers

Combining analog & digital pioneers

The best of both worlds. An exploratory step into the world of digital synthesis. Prophet V combines 2 influential and innovative units into 1 all-encompassing instrument plugin.

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sem V

A synth sidearm that became a legendary machine in its own right

Analog dark horse

Utilize Sem V when you want a vintage sonic palette with a distinct character - the continuously variable 12db filter and voice programmer module are standout traits.

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solina V

A sonic ration to be used sparingly. When you do use it, you'll be spellbound

Timeless string machine

Capturing the essence of the lush retro pads heard on countless recordings from the '70s and beyond, Solina V uses physical modeling and impulse response reverb for new levels of immersion.

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stage-73 V

High-fidelity replications of the definitive electric piano

Epic electric piano

Stage and Suitcase - supercharged with physical modeling, effects, amp emulation and more. Enjoy classic Rhodes sounds on your creative journey with Stage-73 V.

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synclavier V

Deep-dive into this multi-layered labyrinth - who knows what you'll find?

Digital dream machine

Directly modeled on one of the first digital synthesizers from the '80s, Synclavier V combines 12-layer FM algorithms, radical resynthesis, and mind-blowing additive power.

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synthi V

Synthi V is an SFX sandbox - what mark will you leave?

Blank modular canvas

Built for the experimental musician who dares to stray from the path. A bare soundscape, ranging from FM resonance to responsive analog saturation, waiting to be shaped and nurtured

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vox cont. V

An organ sound that's burned bright since the '60s - it's going to get hot

Red-hot transistor hitmaker

Remade and enhanced for your virtual creative process. Vox Continental V is a drawbar organ wild-ride, retrofitted for the modern rockstar.

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wurli V

No musical inventory is complete without an electric piano

Razor-sharp EP emulation

Wurli V uses physical modeling to capture a dynamic sound that goes from smooth to biting, boosted with enhanced parameters, amp emulation, and effects. Primed for classic EP sound in an instant.

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From coveted sound shapers to time-tested finishing touches. Choose from a curated selection of breathtaking effects emulations, inspired by studio legends and cutting-edge innovations. Audio tools you can always rely on.

Filter M12

Filter the perfect atmosphere for your mix to breathe in

Multi-mode Filter Supremo

Filter M12 is an essential all-in-one, comprised of 15 complex filter modes, 3 envelopex, and advanced modulation features.

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Filter mini

Sometimes extreme conditions require extreme, time-tested solutions

The Warmest Filter Known to Man

Filter MINI is the classic, time-tested 24db ladder filter, offering a timeless warm and woolly low-pass ladder response.

click on FX to hear the effect!
$ 49.00 $ 99.00 - Buy Now More info

Filter sem

Prepared for any sonic elements that come its way

Adaptable All-in-one Filter

Filter SEM is a dynamic, adaptable addition to your filter selection. This state variable powerhouse is an undisputed classic with a futuristic twist.

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Pre 1973

When you find yourself in a world of subtle textures and polished mixes

Iconic Preamp Flare

Pre 1973 is the preamp for when you want your guitars and vocals to make a bold, blazing statement. Make your sound shine.

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Pre v76

A reliable quick revive formula for a lifeless track

Finest Vintage Tube Preamp

The Pre V76 all but defined the '60s pop sound, setting the trend for warm analog tone that remains sought-after to this day. An irresistible tube preamp with responsive EQ.

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Pre trida

Transport your sound to a world of dream-like silky texture

Prized Sound-shaper

A reimagining of one of the most coveted channel strips ever made - if your tracks need an immediate EQ revamp, switch Pre TridA on and you'll be good to go.

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comp fet-76

The most famous compressor sound of all time

Make Everything Better

If your tracks feel lost, isolated or unfamiliar, fire up Comp FET-76 and everything will sound better. Transparent fast-attack compression for everything from vocals to drums.

click on FX to hear the effect!
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comp tube-sta

A time-tested secret weapon for stellar tube saturation

Fat Broadcast Sound

Reserve Comp TUBE-STA for when your mix is in need of some classic broadcast warmth and bass-sweetening dynamics.

click on FX to hear the effect!
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comp vca-65

The go-to for gritty drum compression

Deluxe Drum Treatment

Comp VCA-65 is a fundamental tool in your survival kit - save it for when your rhythm section is in need of some solid state punch or tight attack.

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delay eternity

Launch your sound into orbit. This is no ordinary delay

Endless Ambient Voyage

This is an exhilirating addition to your sonic inventory, combining a quadruple delay architecture with exhilirating pitch, distortion, sync and modulation features.

click on FX to hear the effect!
$ 49.00 $ 99.00 - Buy Now More info

delay tape-201

The original space-age echo box

Interstellar Echo Box

Built to send you on a sonic adventure like never before. Beautifully gritty, warbling delays, springy and metallic spaciousness, immersive stereo width.

click on FX to hear the effect!
$ 49.00 $ 99.00 - Buy Now More info

delay memory-brigade

Ground your sound with subtle slapback delay

Earthy BBD Delay Device

Feel the seismic rumble of saturated BBD feedback. Delay MEMORY BRIGADE offers a distinctly lo-fi vintage echo sound that's perfect for exploring subtler ambience.

click on FX to hear the effect!
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rev plate-140

Explore uncharted depths without losing brightness or clarity

Vintage Physical Ambience

Enjoy a metallic quality that remains lush. A vintage sound made contemporary. Use Rev PLATE-140 when you want reverb with character.

click on FX to hear the effect!
$ 49.00 $ 99.00 - Buy Now More info

rev spring-636

The perfect retro tool to add contrasting color to your modern sonic soundscapes

Metallic Retro Atmosphere

Crank up Rev SPRING-636 for when you want tangible, metallic reverb - and get that famed crunchy Germanium response as an added bonus.

click on FX to hear the effect!
$ 49.00 $ 99.00 - Buy Now More info

rev intensity

There's a world of infinite ambience out there, among the stars

Explore Space and Time

Rev INTENSITY is how you'll get there. An entirely new form of spatial sound design, encompassing filter, envelope, modulation, and freeze functions - and much more.

click on FX to hear the effect!
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A world of inspiration awaits...

This is the perfect chance for you to expand your virtual studio toolkit. These are the means of creativity, the devices that’ll help you realise your artistic vision, each one uniquely essential to your exploration of sound.

Go with your curiosity - don’t miss out.