AudioFuse X8 IN/OUT

Expand your audio experience

AudioFuse X8 IN & AudioFuse X8 OUT add 8 premium line-level audio channels to your ADAT-compatible interface -accommodating the needs of an evolving studio without the added cost and complexity.

AudioFuse X8 IN
AudioFuse X8 OUT

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Focus on
making music

You're ready to capture that perfect take for an upcoming album, but your interface is maxed out. You're set to record a live band session, but the thought of constantly reconfiguring your cables is daunting.

AudioFuse X8 lets you easily add 8 additional audio channels so you can make the most of a fully-connected studio, without the cost and complexity of a fully-featured interface.

AudioFuse X8's premium ADAT converters ensure every recording is crystal clear. Its compact size and versatile rack options fit perfectly into your existing setup.

Front-panel controls and colorful VU meters make audio adjustment straightforward. Simply put, the AudioFuse X8 means your studio is always ready to handle more, no matter the project.

Plug and play
ADAT expansion

Extend the line level connectivity of your existing audio interface and have all your gear connected at once and ready to record.

AudioFuse X8 allows you to accommodate the evolving needs of your studio with 8 additional channels of line level connectivity. From synths and keyboards to outboard gear, monitor speakers and other audio devices - never miss a beat.

Efficient expansion

AudioFuse X8 enhances the connectivity of your existing audio setup without the unnecessary cost and clutter of a fully-featured audio interface.

Professional audio quality

Supporting 8 channels of premium ADAT conversion up to 96 kHz - AudioFuse X8 utilizes the best components available, ensuring your recordings maintain the highest fidelity.

Versatile installation

Designed as half-sized rack units, AudioFuse X8 comes with removable rack ear for flexible installation either as desktop units or mounted in a standard rack setup.

Durable construction

AudioFuse X8 IN and OUT is built to withstand the rigors of studio and live use with simple front panel controls as well as robust connectors and input/output sockets.

Best in class,
Studio scalability

Whether it's more high-quality inputs or outputs you need, AudioFuse X8 gives you the flexibility to extend the connectivity of your studio, without having to invest in a secondary interface and sound card.

AudioFuse X8 is built from the bottom-up with the highest-grade components - ensuring that whatever you plug it into, you can count on perfect sound.

BNC Word clock

24-bit converters

Robust half 1-U rack chassis

96 kHz sampling rate

Desktop or Rack mount two units together

AudioFuse X8 IN:

8 analog inputs to ADAT expander

Accommodate more instruments and microphone preamps and make the most of external effects processing with 8 high-quality line inputs.

AudioFuse X8 IN features AD converters which are highly regarded in the industry for their exceptional sound quality, low noise and high dynamic range - so you can capture every nuance of a recording.

AudioFuse X8 OUT:

ADAT to 8 analog outputs expander

Support more complex signal routing and live setups, route external FX and control your synths via DC-coupled output with 8 high-quality line outputs.

AudioFuse X8 OUT features converters which are a trusted choice for professional audio applications, offering detailed reproduction across a broad spectrum of sound levels.

The perfect

Plug it in, pair it up and link AudioFuse X8 to a range of compatible interfaces.

Have the flexibility you need with a compact design and modular feature set that lets you add up to 32 additional channels to your set-up with ease.

AudioFuse X8 + AudioFuse Studio/ 16Rig

A match made in heaven, AudioFuse X8 extends the power of AudioFuse Studio and AudioFuse 16Rig. With dual ADAT inputs and outputs - add up to 32 additional channels!

Stack AudioFuse X8 for even greater connectivity

Efficiently integrate all your audio devices with AudioFuse X8 which is both compact and stackable - meaning you can mount two side-by-side in a rack or stack them vertically on a studio desk.

Link to your favorite ADAT-compatible interface

AudioFuse X8 works with all ADAT-compatible interfaces, from Audient® to Focusrite®, Universal Audio® and Behringer®. Find the perfect match with your premium audio hub.

Premium FX

All AudioFuse interfaces come complete with the AudioFuse Creative Suite, an ever-evolving selection of creative plugins curated from our award-winning FX Collection.

Color your sound with vintage studio tools, expand your sonic horizons with contemporary effects, and explore every chapter of synthesis with a wealth of inspiring presets - all in one professional bundle.

Analog Lab Intro

A superb software instrument containing hundreds of amazing presets taken from Arturia’s award-winning V Collection. Analog synths, pianos, organs, and more await.

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Pre 1973

Inspired by the hugely influential British studio sound, the Arturia Pre 1973 is the key to getting that harmonically exciting, solid-state 70s tone.

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Pre V76

The key to getting that “White Album” sound, these reinvented German engineered, tube-driven broadcast preamps were beloved by Abbey Road.

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Filter Mini

Dr Robert Moog’s iconic, smooth ladder filter, accurately recreated and updated with an LFO, envelope follower, and a step sequencer.

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Chorus JUN-6

Chorus JUN-6 resurrects a classic synth effect, with 3 simple modes offering glorious stereo width, subtle analog movement, and perfectly-emulated BBD warmth.

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Comp FET-76

Modelled after the most sought-after compressor ever made, the Class A FET sound our 1176 software recreation seems to make everything sound better.

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Delay TAPE-201

The Arturia Delay TAPE-201 gives you everything you love about the sound of vintage hardware tape delays, but with the reliability and versatility of software.

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Rev PLATE-140

The silky-smooth, resonant tone of vintage plate reverbs have shaped the sound of many iconic vocal performance, given the drums of best-selling tracks their air, and brought whole mixes together with bright, sweet overtones.

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Phaser BI-TRON

Phaser BI-TRON is a double-barrelled modulation powerhouse that lets you weave your own kinetic sound with advanced routing, dual phaser circuits, and beautiful analog character.

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Pre TridA

Music industry gold-dust. Get that ultra-rare Soho preamp sound and musical EQ that added flavor to countless best-selling hits for over half a century.

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Comp DIODE-609

Based on the iconic british stereo compressor and limiter with a distinctly characterful crunchy response - great for drums.

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AudioFuse Range

The new studio reference

The AudioFuse interface range connects your computer to the world of music. Record with the highest quality, monitor with absolute precision and bring all your gear together to create the music you always wanted to.

Discover the collection

High performance recallable preamps

The superb inputs of our interfaces give you the most vibrant, accurate sound around, with practically zero noise even at max gain, and enormous dynamic range. Be true to your music.

Analog signal path

The highest quality components are used in the input and output signal paths of the AudioFuse series, giving you an audiophile-quality experience with no compromise.

Huge versatility

Each AudioFuse interface has its own unique set of features designed to make recording as fun and easy as possible.

Long live

The standard for professional optical audio transmission

From seamless digital integration to expanding your input and output capabilities, ADAT technology is a go-to protocol for high-quality conversion and digital integration.

Seamless integration

ADAT technology provides a direct digital link between your audio devices, ensuring pristine sound quality and minimizing latency.

Designed to expand

ADAT enables significant expansion of your audio setup. ADAT-equipped interfaces enable the addition of inputs and outputs without the need for bulky hardware.

High-quality conversion

Supporting sample rates up to 48 kHz, ADAT ensures professional-quality recordings and playback across all channels. By utilizing S/MUX, you can achieve sample rates up to 96 kHz.

Ease of Use

ADAT simplifies your audio setup by providing direct access to multiple channels through a single optical cable - reducing cable clutter and streamlining your workflow.


Main Features

AudioFuse X8 IN

  • Audio interface expander
  • 8 high quality analog inputs [1/4" TRS]
  • Latest generation AD converters up to 96 kHz
  • ADAT out
  • BNC Word clock in
  • VU meter to monitor your sound in real time
  • Robust half 1-U aluminum rack chassis
  • Removable rack ear included for flexible installation
  • AudioFuse creative suite included to explore and alter your sound

AudioFuse X8 OUT

  • Audio interface expander
  • 8 high quality analog outputs [1/4" TRS]"
  • Latest generation DA converters up to 96 kHz
  • ADAT in
  • BNC Word clock in
  • Robust half 1-U aluminum rack chassis
  • Removable rack ear included for flexible installation
  • AudioFuse creative suite included to explore and alter your sound