Vocoder V

El electrificador de voz definitivo

Voces que suenan a sintetizadores, sintetizadores que suenan a voces… El procesador de voz de 16 bandas original que Bob Moog creó en 1979 generaba todo tipo de sonidos: desde voces robóticas hasta texturas armonizadas suntuosas. Vocoder V añade un sinte analógico integrado, un sampler dedicado y efectos punteros.

To vocode,
or not to vocode?

Vocoder V is not your standard vocoder. It’s not your standard synthesizer either. This is your new voice-transforming playground. Unlike the traditional vocoder, it combines carrier and modulator - synth and voice analyzer - into one powerful unit.

If you’d prefer not to sing, there’s even a dedicated sampler built in so you can process whatever sounds you want to. Part voice analyzer, part vintage analog synth, part cutting-edge sampler - this might just be the missing piece of your sonic puzzle.

Turn your vocal stems into analog FM basslines; Turn your drum loops into a synth chord sequences; Turn ambient samples into harmonic drones; Anything is possible.

An essential sound

Vocoder V takes you back to the origins of a sound that’s defined countless artists and classic albums alike, from Daft Punk’s robot vocals to the infectious ‘Mr Blue Sky’.

More than just a voice

Go beyond robot vocals to create vowel-like synth sounds, resynthesized samples, or resonant drums from an alien world. Vocoder V exceeds every sonic expectation.

Analog perfection

Using our exclusive TAE® technology, every component of the classic 16-channel vocoder has been re-engineered in detail to sound & behave just like the original.

Retro, retrofitted

Vocoder V comes accompanied with a built-in synthesizer module, sample player, and creative enhancements, providing an end-to-end vocoding & resynthesis toolkit.

that robot rock

Vocoder V is out to give this classic a whole new voice.

Vocals that sound like a synth, a synth that sounds like vocals - Dr. Bob Moog’s original 1979 16-band magic voice box is responsible for some of the most far-out sounds in music history, from robotic speech to rich harmonized textures.

More info

The vocoder was originally invented as a way of analyzing and synthesizing the human voice, used to conserve bandwidth and encrypt radio transmissions - it was even used in the military. It wasn’t until the ‘70s that some bright spark saw its musical potential.

In the hands of synth & electric pioneers like Dr. Bob Moog and Harold Bode, the vocoder became an irresistible tool used in every style from disco to death metal. Early iterations of their vocoder were simply referred to as the ‘Bode’ after Bode’s own 7702 Vocoder design. This eventually evolved into the famous 16-Channel Vocoder that we’ve grown to love - and it remains a fascinating machine to this day.

From Giorgio Moroder to Daft Punk to Wendy Carlos, its vocal-morphing, synth-warping, gritty texture-weaving abilities can be heard on countless albums and soundtracks. It’s even raised a few hairs with appearances on some of John Carpenter’s iconic soundtracks. ...and with Vocoder V, it’s your turn.


The original 16-Band Vocoder required an external synthesizer to process your vocal signal. With Vocoder V, it comes included as standard.

Its built-in dedicated synthesizer carrier section behaves like a fully-fledged synth by itself, giving you everything you need to make the fun, futuristic robot noises that you know and love. Enjoy the warm polyphonic chord sequences, wild frequency-modulated basslines, or noisy blizzard ambiences that you’d expect from a classic analog synth - but uniquely molded into the shape of your vocals or samples. This synth can talk!








01. Hold

Toggle whether all notes are sustained when played

02. Oscillator 1

Triangle, saw, square, and noise waveforms, with versatile shape control and Sync button

03. Oscillator 2

Triangle, saw, square, and noise waveforms, with shape control, fine tune control, and Fixed button which removes pitch control from the keyboard

04. Envelope controls

A basic attack/release envelope to shape the onset and timing of your synth notes

05. Ensemble

Dial in your preferred amount of rich analog-style chorus for amazing stereo depth

06. Expression controls

Bend and Mod wheels let you tweak your vocoder performance dynamics, with options for pitch bend range and glide (portamento)

07. Chord mode

Transform every note into a full chord, with 12 voicings to choose from including a custom one

Vocoder V’s carrier section - A vocal part transformed with the modulator section, making creative use of FM, oscillator shape, and the ensemble control.

With a familiar dual-oscillator analog layout, complete with envelope and shaping controls, you suddenly have double the amount of control over your vocoder’s sound in a single interface - not to mention heaps of warm analog character to play with.

new voice

Vocoder V’s patchbay-centered interface will transport your voice wherever you want it to go.

The modulator section is stunning authentic reimagining of the original, letting you sculpt the response of your voice input in detail before it moves along the chain.

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Processed drum loops & voices - Hear Vocoder V’s carrier controls shifting and modulating slowly in two contrasting contexts - you can process any sound!

Maybe you’re looking to zap your vocals with sci-fi brightness. Or perhaps you want to support your topline with distinctly electronic harmonies.

The 16-band blueprint is designed to accurately detect every complex nuance of your voice, from breathy expressions to subtle sibilances - nothing goes undetected. Connect your mic or audio input, get patching, and effortlessly stitch your vocal sound together one frequency at a time.







01. Voice & synth levels

Strike your own balance between carrier and modulator volume.

02. Times

Adjust the attack and release time for all bands.

03. Frequency levels

Individually control the level of each frequency band to adjust the finer sonic details.

04. Bands

Shift continuously up or down the entire range of frequencies to emphasize lower or upper frequencies. Then narrows or expands all bands frequency ranges, from narrow and precise to broad and rich.

05. Patch bay

16 bands of analysis & synthesis frequencies, from 50 to 5080Hz, awaiting your patchwork magic, complete with sample & hold and patch bay bypass.

06. High Freq & noise controls

Set the behavior of the high frequency signal; off, switched (with hiss signal), or direct (always active), and balance the level of vocoded signal (buzz) and noise content (hiss).


Go beyond

Like we do with all of our instrument emulations, we took this timeless transformer of vocals and tweaked it to meet the needs of the modern producer - open the Advanced Panel to unlock expanded sonic potential.


This panel is the gateway to the inner-workings of Vocoder V’s voice input detection.

The immediate visual interface gives you real-time feedback on the detected input, with gain & threshold settings to keep everything under control.

Voice controls

Vocal loops with pitch tracking - An incoming vocal signal’s pitch is tracked and accurately followed with the modulator (synth) section, with no additional note input required.

Not keen on using a mic? You don’t have to be a singer to enjoy a vocoder. Vocoder V comes with an integrated sampler that you can control intuitively with your keyboard or MIDI input without singing a single note.

Choose from a library of included samples, from snappy vocal stems to ambient field recordings. Of course, you can’t have a sampler without being able to load up your own samples too - edit, stretch, and process whatever noise you like with Vocoder V.


Vocoded sample playback - Samples triggered in Keyboard & Cycle modes, creating glitchy sequences and uniquely rhythmic phrases.

The sample player features two modes: Keyboard and Cycle.

In Keyboard mode

You can trigger up to 12 different samples, seamlessly switching between them. Craft intricate glitchy vocal loops, broken beats, or fractured ambiences that ooze analog vibes.

In Cycle mode

Your samples are triggered in sequence, in an order of your choosing. Any time a note is played, a sample is played, regardless of pitch - great for creating random phrases and textures without thinking about your note choice.

You’ve got your voice. You’ve got your sampler. You’ve got your synth engine. Now it’s time to stir things up a little.

Vocoder V’s modulation features venture further into cutting-edge territory, with up to 30 possible destinations, elevating its sound far beyond vintage. Not only that, but they’re super easy to program, with envelope follower, LFO, and assignable controls that can each be tweaked or bypassed in an instant.


LFO, Envelope Follower, and Mod wheel in action - Here’s a demonstration of how drastically you can transform the response of the vocoder and synth sections with Vocoder V’s in-depth modulation features.

With up to 30 destinations to play with, and 3 ways to play with them, this is a crucial step in your sound shaping production line. Modulate vocoder mix, flanger rate, FM amount, and everything in between - it’s in your hands.

Envelope follower

Modulate up to 2 destinations simultaneously with an attack/release envelope for modulation that responds to every hit, stab, or chord.


6 waveforms to choose from, with per-voice polyphony and retrig, letting you weave movement and randomization in and out as you please.


6 slots, 5 sources, 30 destinations. Turn Vocoder V into an expressive performance powerhouse that follows every aspect of your musical input.

Vocoder V’s sounds are already fun, inspiring, and mix-ready from the beginning. But that doesn’t mean you can’t take it one more step further.

3 FX slots let you crush, color, or polish your sound one more time before dropping it into your arrangement. Send your metallic vocals spinning with a classic analog-style phaser, or grind your vowel pads into digital oblivion with a flexible bitcrusher. Series or parallel, you’ve got 11 FX algorithms at your disposal - add the finishing touch to your new voice.


Vocoder V’s Effects - A vocoded sequence colored with flanger, reverb, tape echo, distortion, and stereo pan, going from sci-fi sweetness to gritty industrial in no time.

  • Reverb

  • Flanger

  • Compressor

  • Parametric EQ

  • Delay

  • Phaser

  • Bitcrusher

  • Stereo Pan

  • Chorus

  • Overdrive

  • Multimode Filter

Hear it
in action

Experience Vocoder V’s sound out in the wild, with compositions from music makers of all styles. Where will Vocoder V take you?

Burnt Ship

Tom Hall

A glitchy electro track. Presets used are: Gliform, Glitch Head, Noise Pad Two, Tammy, Burnt Ship.


Simon Gallifet

A deep techno-inspired track. Presets used: Dub Ascension Part I, Polluted Worlds, Supernatural Angel Part2, Vocoder Low-Fi Organ, Binary Neutron Star System, Come closer.


Jean-baptiste Arthus

Every part of this electro track has been produced with the Vocoder V, except for the kick at 0:41.

Jump Master

Ed Ten_Eyck

A retro pop song, with the main lead and bass sounds produced using the Vocoder V.

Leave Home

Maxime Dangles

A dancefloor track inspired by Anthony Rother’s work. Presets used: Robotix (bass), Strive (SFX), Clarkz (lead), Eazly (lead), Arturium (vocal), Arturype (vocal), Glidoz (pad).

Synth Or Sizer


French lyrics from Netherlands producers, what could go wrong? Everything has been produced with the Vocoder V including the breakbeat sample.


El Choop

Airy techno track in which all sounds, except the drums, were made using presets from El Choop, that can be found in the instrument.


Thibault Morel

Vocalized kind of garage track, presets used : Bouss, Paddle, Grobb, Labelo, Buvette.

Included in
V collection

Legendary Keyboards Reinvented

This instrument is also part of the V Collection -your complete dream line-up of the legendary synths, organs, pianos and more that made keyboard history. They’re modeled with the most advanced technologies for authentic realism, and enhanced with new creative options. Whether you use it as DAW plugins in the studio or standalone at gigs, V Collection puts the greatest keys of all time at your fingertips for instant inspiration.

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Las características

  • Tutoriales integrados en la app

    Los tutoriales integrados en la app te guían en todos los aspectos del instrumento, desde parámetros individuales hasta consejos de nuestros diseñadores de sonido, para que te puedas centrar en la parte creativa. Cuesta creer que resulte tan fácil, pero así es.

  • ASC

    Arturia Software Center te permite descargar, organizar y actualizar todo tu software de Arturia desde el mismo sitio, además de gestionar tus licencias en varios dispositivos. Así de sencillo.

  • Listos para tu DAW

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  • Explorador de presets

    Encuentra al instante el sonido que tienes en mente gracias a la exploración inteligente y optimizada de presets. Busca con palabras clave, explora por tipo de instrumento, estilo musical, etc… Hasta puedes guardar tus presets favoritos para acceder rápidamente a ellos más adelante.

  • Interfaz gráfica redimensionable

    Tanto si buscas las inmersión visual completa de nuestras emulaciones de instrumentos clásicos como si prefieres ocupar el menor espacio en pantalla, las interfaces de todos tus instrumentos virtuales Arturia se pueden redimensionar a la escala que mejor te vaya.

  • Integración perfecta

    Los instrumentos vienen preasignados de forma natural para la gama de controladores Arturia KeyLab, aunque también funcionarán estupendamente con otros controladores MIDI. Macros para alterar los sonidos al instante, integración sencilla con tu DAW y funcionamiento autónomo.

TAE® Powered

The exclusive analog modeling technology that makes our emulations indistinguishable from the originals.

By accurately mimicking the characteristics of analog oscillators, filters, and soft clipping, we can provide astonishing component-accurate detail and authentic analog charm in equal measure.

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Preset library

Hit the ground running with a selection of presets created by world-class sound designers. From classic analog vibes to outside-the-box sound design, you’ll find your Vocoder V niche in no time.


NY London_Mash


Groove Brother


Ethereal Steps

Inv Chorus

Drone Bird


1 2 3 4

Beat On My Mind

All I Ever Wanted

World Flow

Operateurs Harmonieux

Come Closer


Main Features

16 channel Vocoder virtual-analog modeling

Integrated synth section:

  • Dual-oscillator with FM
  • Waveshaping capabilities
  • Hard sync and fixed frequencies options
  • Chord and glide features
  • Stereo enhancing “ensemble” function

External voice input with pitch tracking feature

Integrated sample player engine:

  • Cycle and keyboard play modes to play back up to 12 samples
  • 700+ included factory samples
  • Time-stretching to sync loops in bars to DAW bpm

Vocoder bands rerouting from patch bay

Advanced modulation capabilities (envelope follower, LFO and controls assignment)

11 integrated effect types (Reverb Phaser, Flanger, Chorus, Overdrive, Delay, …)

Advanced Brightness, Timbre, Time and Movement macro controls

Over 250 factory presets

Platform specifications


  • Win 10+ (64bit)
  • 4 GB RAM
  • Procesador de 4 núcleos a 3,4 GHz (4,0 GHz en modo Turbo)
  • 3 GB de espacio libre en disco
  • Gráfica compatible con OpenGL 2.0
  • No funciona con procesadores ARM en Windows

Configuración mínima

  • Funciona de forma autónoma y como VST, AAX, Audio Unit y NKS (únicamente en DAW de 64-bits).


  • Mac OS 11+
  • 4 GB RAM
  • Procesador de 4 núcleos, 3,4 GHz (4,0 GHz en modo Turbo) o procesador M1
  • 3 GB de espacio libre en disco
  • Gráfica compatible con OpenGL 2.0

Funciona con ASC

  • Una solución elegante y sencilla para instalar, activar y actualizar tus instrumentos virtuales de Arturia.

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