The art of sound design

Pigments offers hundreds of master-crafted preset sounds for you to explore, enjoy, and personalize.

To give you the best range of sounds to represent the awesome power of Pigments, we scoured the globe for the most adventurous, experimental, and down-right cool sound designers around. Trailer sound design masters to sample pack geniuses, highly respected recording artists to pioneering modular synthesists. They’ve all been busy making totally unique, massively exciting sounds just for you.

On this page, you can read - in their own words - what our sound designers thought about Pigments, its workflow, how they approached their sound design, and a little bit about their favorite patch.

I always start with “init” sounds with any synthesizer I get my hands on to see what it can do. I checked out Pigments’ wavetables first to see which ones I liked best. Then I started to play with different modulation sources to scan the wavetables. From there it gave me an idea what type of sound I might go for. I always focus on making sounds very useful in productions and not to “show off” features. Sounds are tools for my compositions.


“In 2005 I started working full time for NI, initially as sound designer, later as head of sound design and senior product manager for Komplete. Since leaving NI at the end of 2016, I’ve been working on several exciting projects due for release in the next couple of years. I’ve also been working on trailer sound design, and my sounds can be heard in more than 300 movie trailers.”

Tobias Menguser