The art of sound design

"Whenever I sit down with a new synth, I always spend time searching for the sweet spots. Every synth has them, so it’s a lot of fun to explore and narrow in on these areas where the synth really excels. I try and play in to the strengths of any synth, so with the SQ-80V I quickly discovered what it was that made the synth shine. Then, it was a case of creating sounds that both demonstrated this unique quality, while also being highly playable and inspiring."

"The SQ-80V was extremely easy to use, but had its own very unique character. To get these delicate, lo-fi sounds with software synths usually requires running high quality synths through some extreme processing to get that gritty, grainy sound. SQ-80V comes with that sound straight out the box, making it a really simple way of creating beautiful, lo-fi audio with ease."

Tom Wolfe