Tutorial | Vocoder V
What shapes PolyBrute's sound

Music producer and songwriter Lena presents Arturia's new updated version of one of the most beloved electric pianos, Stage-73 V2. In this overview, we'll walk you through all of the newly added functions and the instrument's new structure.

Downloads & manuals for Vocoder V

Sound Corner

Burnt Ship (Tom Hall)

A glitchy electro track. Presets used are: Gliform, Glitch Head, Noise Pad Two, Tammy, Burnt Ship.

Jump Master (Ed Ten_Eyck)

A retro pop song, with the main lead and bass sounds produced using the Vocoder V.

Generator (Jean-baptiste Arthus)

Every part of this electro track has been produced with the Vocoder V, except for the kick at 0:41.

Leave Home (Maxime Dangles)

A dancefloor track inspired by Anthony Rother’s work. Presets used: Robotix (bass), Strive (SFX), Clarkz (lead), Eazly (lead), Arturium (vocal), Arturype (vocal), Glidoz (pad).

Deepchord (Simon Gallifet)

A deep techno-inspired track. Presets used: Dub Ascension Part I, Polluted Worlds, Supernatural Angel Part2, Vocoder Low-Fi Organ, Binary Neutron Star System, Come closer.

Synth Or Sizer (Solidtrax)

French lyrics from Netherlands producers, what could go wrong? Everything has been produced with the Vocoder V including the breakbeat sample.