KeyStep 37

Creative idea generator

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A keyboard
fit for a Pro

The accessible KeyStep formula, expanded.

Take a premium 37-note slim-key keyboard; velocity-sensitive slim-keys with aftertouch, colour-coded LED feedback on triggered notes, 3 octaves of musical legroom in a compact form factor.

Add a wealth of creative chord, scale and MIDI functions and an expanded interface with tactile new controls. The result? Our most inspiring controller yet.

in the journey

Every aspect of KeyStep 37 enables you to truly savor the creative process, turning every improvised note or idea into a happy accident.

Enjoy spontaneous MIDI CC control over the parameters of your desktop synths, animate your favorite VST instruments with strummed chord patterns, and sketch freely with your modular setup while staying perfectly in key. Enjoy the unexpected.

Chord mode

Transform a single-note melody into a chord sequence at the touch of a button. Use the 4 new controls to choose from 12 chord voicings, including a user-defined chord, for distinct harmonic flavours.

Chord Mode Single Note


Energize your voicings with time-based strum effects, select the number of notes per chord and adjust velocity sensitivity - the harder you hit, the more notes you’ll hear.

Chord Mode Strum


MIDI CC control

Use the expanded control panel to interact with your MIDI hardware and software in real-time. Tweak up to 16 assignable MIDI CC parameters across 4 switchable colour-coded banks.

Easily assign your own CC values to each bank using the panel itself, or via the free MIDI Control Center software. Personalise the way KeyStep 37 communicates with your desktop synths, modular gear and VST instruments.

MIDI CC Control


Scale mode

However you choose to explore with KeyStep 37, you’ll never go out of key.

Activate scale mode to quantize any notes you play to a scale of your choice. Choose from chromatic (default), major, minor, blues, or a user-defined scale. Use with the sequencer or arpeggiator to freely sketch, compose or improvise ideas in perfect harmony.



Creativity simplified

The power to transform your musical ideas into reality - right at your fingertips.

01 Arpeggiator

Bring movement to your melodies and animate your chord patterns with 8 arp modes, including 3 vibrant new random modes, switchable in an instant. Use the hold function to allow your arpeggios to play freely while you tweak and refine. Embellish with extra notes and layer up to 4 octaves above or below for a lively, dynamic sound.

As with the sequencer, you can adjust swing, gate time and tempo subdivision while your arpeggios are playing. Finally, the LED strip above the keyboard also displays triggered arpeggios in real-time, so you’ll never lose your place.



02 Sequencer

A sequencer that listens, learns and responds to your style of playing. Experiment with intuitive step-sequencing or live recording, complete with ties and rests, and hear them back instantly. Append your sequence with extra notes, or replace/overdub notes at any point.

There’s 64 steps at your disposal, with 8-note polyphony per step. Save up to 8 sequences and switch between them on the fly. Change swing, gate time and tempo subdivision, even during playback. Your sequenced notes are shown on the colourful LED strip above the keyboard - sequencing has never been this easy.





What's in the box

Box content

  • KeyStep 37 unit
  • Anti-ground loop adapter
  • USB cable

Instrument dimensions

  • size : 21.7 x 5.78 x 1.38 inches (550 x 147 x 35mm)
  • weight : 3.5 lbs. (1.6 Kg)

Main Features

  • Slimkey keybed with velocity and aftertouch
  • RGB LEDs on each key for instant feedback on your sequence, arp, scale
  • Arpeggiator mode : Up, Down, Inclusive, Exclusive, Random, Walk, Pattern and Order
  • Sequencer mode : 8 polyphonic step-sequences with Rest, Tie, and Legato note entry
  • Rate control and tap tempo : REC, PLAY, and STOP buttons for performance control over the sequencer and arpeggiator
  • Sustain HOLD button
  • Sustain pedal jack
  • Advanced Chord mode with pre-defined or user Chords and strumming capability
  • SHIFT button selection : MIDI Channel selection, Gate length, Swing, Sequence Edit, Scale quantization, CC Bank selection
  • DC power jack for standalone operation
  • USB MIDI and MIDI in/out ports
  • Sync i/o ports
  • Sync source switch : Internal, USB, MIDI, Clock
  • CV/Gate outputs with configurable pitch, gate and Modulation formats.
  • Capacitive pitch bend and mod wheel strips
  • Each sequence can have 64 steps with 8 notes of polyphony