Edgy digital synthesizers

The Freak synthesizers unite digital and analog, wavetable and FM, musicality and randomness, for an adrenaline-fuelled hybrid synth experience like no other. Built to encourage experimentation, reward curiosity, and offer instant outside-the-box musical results, the unique design and sonic palette of the Freak range is out to break the mould.

the ordinary

Unique machines with multiple personalities to suit your style; choose virtual analog, choose wavetable, choose vocoder - with the Freaks, you can choose anything. Surprise yourself with a hybrid sound and a uniquely playful musical experience that’s equal parts unpredictable and addictive.


Hybrid sound

Journey across unexplored sonic terrain, from grainy to crunchy to silky smooth. Change course instantly with multi-mode oscillators, analog filters, and intelligent parameters.


Designed differently

The Freak range is built to make you think differently about your music. From unique expression tools to unpredictable algorithms, you’ll be outside the box in no time.



Unlock cascading modulation and near-endless assignable parameters, deceptively simple controls, and intuitive visual interfaces.

Freak by name, freak by nature. Explore the ultimate limits of your synth and embark on the most radical sound experience. Embrace a wide variety of synthetic sounds, find your own creative madness and push it to the extreme for something never seen before. It’s so freaking good.

the Freak

Where the
story starts

  • JAN 2019


    MicroFreak exploded onto the scene with a truly unique hybrid design. Combining glistening digital and wavetable oscillators with velvety analog filters and wild mod matrix capabilities, it's out to break the rules. Unpredictable by nature and thrilling to play, every time. Add its freaky randomization functions and a unique PCB keybed, and you've got a desktop synth that dares you to think differently.

  • JAN 2020

    MicroFreak firmware

    1 year on, a free firmware update drastically expanded on MicroFreak’s hybrid foundations. New oscillator modes, including Noise and Chord, as well as scale quantization, new presets and more. Even more tricks up the Freak’s sleeve at no additional cost, cementing its position as an ultra-fun, ultra-flexible instrument like no other.

  • SEP 2020

    Vocoder Edition

    The uniquely unpredictable MicroFreak formula, supercharged with a 16-band Vocoder engine. Sing alongside glistening digital textures. Add paraphonic harmonies to external sound sources. Scatter spoken word across sprawling modulated sequences. This limited edition release, complete with gooseneck microphone, was accompanied by a firmware update for MicroFreak users that included the Vocoder engine.


  • DJMag

    On MiniFreak

    “It is difficult to remain indifferent to this stroke of genius by Arturia. This MiniFreak may well be a revolution. ”

  • MusicTech

    On MiniFreak

    “A bantamweight synth that packs a heavyweight punch.”

  • Audio Fanzine

    On MiniFreak

    “It wins the 2022 Quality/Price Award!”

  • Music Radar

    On MiniFreak

    “This is a versatile-sounding hybrid synth that’s a joy to get hands-on with. For all of its versatility too, Arturia has done an excellent job of creating a UI that feels like it has no wrong answers.”

  • Sound On Sound

    On MiniFreak

    “Bigger, Better, Freakier! The MiniFreak really is a great sounding and uniquely versatile synth. ”

  • Mac Pro Video

    On MicroFreak

    “Excellent synth with a digital brain and analog filter. Many oscillator modes”

  • Sonic State

    On MicroFreak

    “A different flavor of sound, it's not like many other things I can think of.”

  • T3

    On MicroFreak

    “Indeed, the Arturia MicroFreak is a very distinct experimental synth for the adventurous, for those who seek sounds outside the norm, creating hooks and leads bordering on the otherworldly, boasting a four-voice paraphonic synth and one that could easily be used in a live set.”

  • Engadget

    On MiniFreak

    “The multi-engine synth core of the MiniFreak is incredibly versatile.”

  • Audio Technology

    On MicroFreak

    “MicroFreak will win the hearts of electronic musicians seeking an all-in-one inspiration machine that dares to be different.”

  • Juno

    On MicroFreak

    “It’s all surprisingly clear and simple to get to grips with considering the fact that there’s so much to play with.”

  • DJTech Tools

    On MicroFreak

    “One of the biggest advantages to owning a digital hardware synth like the MicroFreak is the versatility – you’re able to create a wide range of sounds just from a single unit. Basses or leads, creepy sounds or smooth vibes – it’s in here.”

  • KRHome Studio

    On MicroFreak

    “Endearing and powerful instrument. If the editorial team calls for me to return it, tell them that I went for a trek in Tibet.”

  • MusicTech

    On MicroFreak

    “This is an exceptionally brave new design from Arturia, which has the potential for lots of sonic brilliance.”

  • Interface

    On MicroFreak

    “This is just a synth that should be in every studio. (...) With the Microfreak you can enjoy yourself for a long time. What a genius thing!”

  • Reverb

    On MicroFreak

    “It's a little package with a lot built in, I really enjoyed playing with it.”

  • Electronic Musician

    On MicroFreak

    “With so many synthesis features packed into such a small box, it’s hard not to fall in love with Arturia’s latest hardware offering. (...) MicroFreak should be top of your ‘must-try’ list.”

  • Future Music

    On MicroFreak

    “A modern classic at the time of its presentation, Arturia MicroFreak is a very difficult contender to beat in its price range. If you take into account its sound versatility and its ability to create breakthrough sequences, and all for a price less than € 300, you have to rub your eyes to believe what you're seeing - and listening... Its variety of sound generators and the flexibility of modulation are incredible for a synth of this price. -Arturia wanted to raise very high what a low-priced instrument has to offer The Arturia MicroFreak digital synthesizer represents the intention of those of Grenoble to capture the imagination and the desire of the beginner users of synthesizers, but also of those more demanding and creatively advanced.”

  • Strong Mocha

    On MicroFreak

    “MicroFreak is an amazing little synth monster which can produce magic, weightiness, elegance, strength, and endless variation.”

  • Allfordj

    On MicroFreak

    “The new MicroFreak synthesizer from Arturia is a very unusual instrument which is able to conquer the heart of any musician eager for experiments. It combines the virtually limitless possibilities of digital oscillators and tabular wave synthesis with the warm, charming character of analog filters.”

  • Amazona

    On MicroFreak

    “This little synthesizer nails - in some ways cruelly - all currently existing multi-engine synthesizers to the wall. No other synthesizer currently on the market offers so many different synthesis engines in one instrument. In short: The MicroFreak is an absolute killer synthesizer, convincing on so many levels while allowing you to live out the pure fun of playing.”

  • Gearspace

    On MicroFreak

    “The Microfreak is certainly in the no-brainer category for all synth enthusiasts and electronic music producers, and not only because it packs a lot but most importantly because it brings interesting and refreshing elements to the table. The digital oscillator is fabulous, pressure keyboard and along with the modulation matrix it makes for an exciting synth with lots to offer. This is arguably Arturia’s best — real or virtual — synthesizer to date.”

  • Sonic State

    On MicroFreak

    “If you are looking to expand your tonal palette a little bit, it's definitely something well worth checking out.”

  • Music Radar

    On MicroFreak

    “Packing tons of power and innovative features into an affordable box, Arturia’s new offering is weird, wonderful and downright fun. (...) MicroFreak should be top of your ‘must try’ list.”

  • Electronicbeats

    On MicroFreak

    “The modulation matrix is so powerful in itself, this is like a cherry on the cake but the cake itself is so incredibly well designed, actually, I would go that far and say it's the best synth arturia ever made.”

the artists' perspective

We're humbled to see inspiring artists around the world choosing Arturia products. See how world-renowned names from across the musical spectrum use Arturia in their creative process.


Anatomy of the Freak

The technology that sets the Freak range apart, setting the standard for musical hardware and software.

  • Sound engines : Incorporating numerous digital sound engines, the Freak range offers vastly expanded sonic possibilities, from familiar modes like Wavetable and Karplus Str. to collaboratively-designed algorithms like SawX and Speech mode.

  • Musical randomness : The Freak range is engineered to inject a certain amount of chaos into your creative flow. Calculated musical randomization, fun expressive tools, and intricate interaction between parameters is all part of the Freak's technological singularity.

  • Updatability : The digital architecture of the Freak means that it can easily be expanded and updated throughout its lifespan. From new sound engines to expand preset functionality, these hybrid instruments simply offer more creative value over time.

What’s next?

Universal sequencing controllers

The Step range keeps your software and hardware marching to the same beat, making sequencing easy, accessible, and enjoyable in equal measure.

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