Universal sequencing controllers

Control your desktop synths, your modular rig, your software - the Step range lets you control it all.
Controllers designed to keep all your gear in perfect sync, with instant sequencing, playful arpeggios, playable chord modes, and flexible connectivity to suit any setup, style, or project.

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The Step range consists of controllers that combine intuitive sequencing, flexible arpeggiation, and real-time performance control. Whether you want the familiar feel of a MIDI keyboard, or an instant-access pad controller workflow, the Steps put your hardware and software in perfect sync for unhindered creation.

Choose your controller

From pads to keys, simple sequences to advanced arrangements, every Step controller can play a part in your setup. Choose the Step to suit your needs.

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Step the artists' perspective

Arturia has always had a string connection to artists, so we've decided to show what foes on behind the scenes. Check what world renown musicians and producers have to say about their favorite Arturia products and how they use them.

Artists corner


Anatomy of the Step

The technology that sets the Step range apart, setting the standard for creative sequencing and studio synchronization.

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What’s next? Fuse

Audio interfaces & effects

The final line. The last few miles. Something invisible but essential. By creating the bridge between analog & numeric world, Fuse insures the absolute highest quality whether you are capturing audio or adding colour to your sound.

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