Audio Interfaces & Effects

The final line. The last few miles. Something invisible but essential. By creating the bridge between analog & numeric world, Fuse insures the absolute highest quality whether you are capturing audio or adding color to your sound.

Intelligent & versatile
audio interfaces & FX

Capture every detail and nuance of your sound with the Fuse range’s pristine preamps, future-proofed design, and accessible workflow; recreate your dream studio with a specially-engineered selection of iconic and essential audio FX, bringing coveted analog color and your own sonic flavors to the surface.


Advanced technology

Class-leading Discrete Pro® preamps, supreme converters, and advanced TAE® effects modelling give you the best possible sound and experience.


Huge flexibility

Create audio effortlessly with quick connectivity, simple compatibility with various formats and systems, and fluid designs to keep you inspired.


Innovative features

From connecting your setup, to capturing your own audio & MIDI, to perfecting your mix, the Fuses represent end-to-end audio creation.

The Fuse range turns the audio interface into an all-encompassing recording solution, striking a balance between sonic excellence, future proofed connectivity, and absolute creative freedom. Combined with an array of state-of-the-art FX emulations and algorithms, the Fuse range unites every aspect of your setup to perfectly serve any mix.

Master the effects

Essential plugins that you'll always go back to, from emulations of the classic effects of your dreams, to state-of-the-art sound design algorithms. Capture the magic of time-honored gear that defined modern music, or supercharge your sound with innovative audio tools for the contemporary producer.

FX Collection

Creative historic Software Effects

The result of decades of dedicated research, analysis, and modelling, these 15 superb effects will totally transform the way you record and mix your music. Combining history’s finest outboard effects, console components, and pedals with fresh, contemporary features and abilities, FX Collection is an essential tool for the modern producer.

Discover Fx Collection

the Fuses

From plug-and-play solo guitar recording to advanced studio hardware hubs, there's a Fuse for every occasion; find yours below.

Where the
story starts

  • JANUARY 2015


    Sound excellence is a crucial element of an enjoyable, productive creative process. In 2015, we introduced the AudioFuse, fusing the superior sound of high-end analog studio consoles with modern flexibility and essential connectivity - setting a new standard for recording interfaces.

  • JANUARY 2019

    AudioFuse range, 8Pre, Studio

    In 2019, we expanded the Fuse range to cater to the increasing demands of the modern producer. AudioFuse 8Pre doubles up as both an interface and ADAT expander, with 8 analog audio channels, with USB-C connectivity, a perfect live ensemble recording solution. AudioFuse Studio is the one that does it all; 18-in/20-out, stunning analog preamps, and unrivalled connectivity. Designed to handle any project.

  • FEBRUARY 2020

    FX Collection

    A convergence of engineering expertise and passion for sound, FX Collection united all of our music production & audio enhancement plugins in a single inspiring suite. From timeless analog classics to mind-bending modern reverbs, this continuously evolving collection lets musicians, producers, and engineers shape their sound with world-class studio tools right in their DAW.

  • SEPTEMBER 2021


    Leading on from the innovations of the AudioFuses, the MiniFuse series combined class-leading audio quality with compact, affordable packages designed to simply make music happen. Enhanced with smart connectivity and pro-grade software to kickstart your music-making flow, the MiniFuses make recording effortless - for everyone.


  • Audio Fanzine

    On AudioFuse 8Pre

    “With its excellent audio performance, its bundle and inserts, the AudioFuse 8Pre measures up greatly against the competition.”

  • Future Music

    On AudioFuse Studio

    “Useful features, flexible signal routing and quality preamps. One of the most future-proof we've seen in a while with options for all your studio needs; even ones you didn't think you had.”

  • Ask Audio

    On Modulations

    “The interface is intuitive and simple so the learning curve is pretty much nonexistent allowing you to concentrate applying modulation to your sounds.”

  • Sound On Sound

    On FX Collection 4

    “I tried it and it was top of my list! Only a few controls, great sound and kind on the CPU, Rev 140 sounds beautiful and does one job that needs doing on nearly every mix. I've since found Arturia plug-ins are excellent in general, so get some demos and give them a try.”

  • Attack Magazine

    On FX Collection 4

    “If you’re in the market for an effects package, FX Collection should be at the top of your shopping list. It has most everything you could need and sounds just incredible. FX Collection has just about everything you need in one gorgeous effects package.”

  • Gearspace

    On Filter MS-20

    “A very fun, very powerful/flexible filter.”

  • Create Digital Music

    On Filter MS-20

    “Having this to pop into software signal chains is brilliant”

  • WeRaveYou

    On Rev LX-24

    “Best Plugin Sales for Music Producers: April 2023”

  • Synth And Software

    On Delays

    “This bundle lives up to its name, big time. You will use these delays—a lot”

  • Recording

    On AudioFuse 8Pre

    “AudioFuse 8Pre stands out from the competition for its clean, clear workflow, all at a ridiculously affordable price for what you’re getting.”

  • Pro Tools Expert

    On Delays

    “Start with one of the presets and let you imagination run wild.”

  • XLR8R

    On Preamps

    “Are they (as they have been so boldly named) in fact 3 Pre-amps and 3 Filters you would actually use? After a few days living with them, my personal answer is an emphatic yes. Add to this a price point which sits at a fraction of all of their hardware and software competitors, and both packages enter the realm of "buy on sight." Arturia has really captured these signature sounds beautifully.”

  • Age Of Audio

    On Compressors

    “I have compared the new Arturia plug-ins with other competitors, and I can certainly say that this emulation is more complete, focusing on innovation and sound accuracy. (...) These plugins are perfect for all the situations…All compressors sound convincing, better than other competitors, CPU consumption is relatively low. These products are definitely recommended for those looking for plugins that give character to the sound.”

  • Audio Fanzine

    On Compressors

    “These compressors sound great, they marry very well with each other and additional features. Both sound, ergonomic and didactic are of rare relevance”

  • Pro Tools Expert

    On Preamps

    “This is a really good use of them modeling technology (...) It's a very brave, yet catchy title, however, these could well be 3 Preamps you use all the time. They are easy to use, light on CPU load and they sound great.”

  • Resident Advisor

    On Filters

    “When you take into account the advanced mod matrix and the fact that the filters can be routed four different ways, the amount of sound design potential available here is undoubtedly impressive.”

  • Ask Audio

    On Filters

    “Anyone working with electronic music will appreciate their ability to create filter patterns - pulsing and rhythmic sweeps and even ducking effects - and left static they are a great way to shape any sound, even in more conventional styles of production. See if, like me, you agree these really are filters that you will actually use.”

  • Sound On Sound

    On AudioFuse

    “Competition in the world of desktop interfaces is becoming increasingly fierce, but the AudioFuse is perhaps the most versatile such interface yet, with several genuinely unique features. If you need a Swiss Army knife of the audio world, the AudioFuse has more blades than most.”

  • Fact Mag

    On AudioFuse

    “Designed for musicians who need a compact audio interface for recording inside and outside the studio.”

  • Amazona

    On AudioFuse 16Rig

    “I can only give the Arturia AudioFuse 16Rig the Amazona.de top rating of "Best Buy"”

  • Gearspace

    On AudioFuse 16Rig

    “It’s a powerhouse of a thing, and really delivers a massive amount of facility.”

  • MusicTech

    On AudioFuse 16Rig

    “Synth heads and hybrid mixing fanatics will be licking their lips at all this goodness.”

  • Synth Anatomy

    On AudioFuse 16Rig

    “With the AudioFuse 16Rig, Arturia has released a true flagship audio interface on the market. Packed with features that leave almost no wish unfulfilled. ”

  • Sonic State

    On AudioFuse 16Rig

    “The AudioFuse 16Rig is a quality audio interface with a lot of nice touches that take into account how you might want to use and connect this in a studio setup, but with plenty of possibilities to integrate this into a multi-output live setup”

  • Music Radar

    On FX Collection 4

    “A massive set of creative effects, classic mix plugins and essential production tools that deserves as much praise as the Arturia big guns”

the artists' perspective

Arturia has always had a string connection to artists, so we've decided to show what foes on behind the scenes. Check what world renown musicians and producers have to say about their favorite Arturia products and how they use them.


Anatomy of the Fuse

The technology that sets the Fuse range apart, setting the standard for audio creation and music production.

  • Proprietary preamps : Sonic excellence is at the heart of the Fuses. From the DiscretePRO® design to the affordable MiniFuse\'s best-in-class sound quality, every Fuse preamp offers low noise, massive dynamic range, and a supreme frequency response - simply the best sound.

  • Design reliability : Not only are the Fuses constructed with rugged materials and top-tier components; every Fuse is subject to hundreds of quality and durability tests before being released into the wild. Rest assured that every Fuse is built to last.

  • TAE® : True Analog Emulation allows our software effects to reproduce the coveted sound of vintage studio equipment with unparalleled accuracy, from the detailed soft-clipping behavior of classic circuitry to the nuances of analog filters.

What’s next?

Integrated Software Instruments and MIDI Controllers

Is there only one reality? Let’s imagine a parallel world full of the most iconic sounds from the past & present. A world so wide that possibilities are unlimited. Listen, replicate, create. Unlock the doors of music creation and start exploring your new playground.

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